Libertas Runs for Office

Nay!The Lisbon Treaty, which aims to weld the nations of the EU into a more perfect union, requires the ratification of all member states in order to be implemented. Ireland was the spoiler — it held a referendum on the treaty on last June, but the Irish people foolishly voted the wrong way.

The nerve of them!

The EU, however, insists that the Irish keep on voting until they give the correct answer. Only then will they be allowed to stop. Once the Lisbon Treaty is cemented into place, Utopia will have been attained. Any further voting at that point would be superfluous. The ballot box will become a quaint archaism.

So Ireland must try again. According to The Telegraph:

Ireland to Hold a Second Referendum on the Lisbon European Union Treaty

Michael Martin, the Irish Foreign Minister, stressed that Ireland would get concessions in return for bowing to EU pressure hold a re-run referendum after Irish rejected the treaty in June.

“Work remains to be completed with our European partners over the coming months and any second referendum is conditional on satisfactory conclusion of that work,” he said.

Mr Martin spoke ahead of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday. He said he expected promises that Ireland will keep a permanent European commissioner along with legal guarantees on military neutrality, social and ethical issues.

It seems the Irish will co-operate with Brussels, provided that the price is right. But have they found a way to guarantee a favorable result to the EU this time?

The opposition to the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland hasn’t given up. In fact, they’ve gone on the offensive. Libertas, the organization which spearheaded the “No” vote, has expanded its operations across the entire EU. In a proactive move, the group is preparing to field candidates for the European Parliament.

Here’s a press release from Libertas that arrived in my inbox today:

Libertas launches new website and launches campaign for 2009 European Parliament elections

Brussels, 11 December — Libertas will contest the European elections in 2009 on a Pan-European basis, its chairman Declan Ganley announced today.

Speaking to a packed Press Conference at Libertas’ newly opened European Headquarters in Brussels, Mr. Ganley said that Libertas would field candidates across the European Union on a common pro-European platform of democracy, accountability and transparency.

– – – – – – – –

Mr. Ganley stated that Europeans have reached a crossroads: “If people want a strong and healthy Europe that is democratic and answerable to them, they should vote for a Libertas candidate. If they do not want Europe to succeed or if they are happy with the current undemocratic practises, then they should vote for an incumbent party. For those who weren’t given a vote on the Lisbon Treaty, this will be their referendum”.

Libertas will run candidates in every country where the candidates are of a high standard, committed to the Libertas’s pro-European stance and its platform of democracy, accountability and transparency aimed at bring European back to the people.

A detailed policy document will be published in the coming months, and candidates’ names will be unveiled over a similar time frame.

The Libertas announcement coincides with the European summit where the Irish government will announce a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

According to Mr. Ganley: “The Irish government and the powerful elite in Brussels are showing utter contempt for the democratic decision of the Irish people in rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. Not one sentence will change in a “new version”. Some non-legally binding texts will be added in an attempt to fool the people. They tried this with the French, they tried with the Dutch, they are trying with the Irish. It’s time to put a stop to this bullying.”

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Visit the new Libertas website at

Contact Information:

Phone: +32 (0)2 743 8000

Hat tips: Tuan Jim and islam o’phobe.

6 thoughts on “Libertas Runs for Office

  1. “The EU, however, insists that the Irish keep on voting until they give the correct answer.”

    Welcome to the “Democracy” of the near future. It is like watching a bad magician. A slight of hand that everyone can see.

  2. Voting gulag, voting designed as punishment – not an act of a free responsible man. Franz Kafka used to be a realistic tourist guide to “Eastern block”, now also to Brussels.

    There was an office building in Moscow where they worked on files moving through the offices like water in central heating 100% disconnected from outside world. Now they try to turn this building into a city superstate. Funny sketch…

    They could try to design also food, sleep, travell, sex and work as punishment…that might be really funny.

  3. The EU was friendly enough to force its population to use environmentally friendly light bulbs as of 2012. And no one is protesting, save one newspaper commenter, since it’s all for “the common good”, i.e. the environment.

    However, it’s not the fact that we need to conserve energy that bothers me here. What enrages me beyond anything else is the fact that a group of lazy bastards in the bowels of the EU city within Brussels has decided that I may no longer use a certain lightbulb. Well, damn them, because I want to choose which bulb I want.

    What’s next? That ladies may only buy their underwear manufactured from Egyptian cotton? That it must be blue with yellow stars? That it may only be washed once a week to conserve energy?

    And, as usual, the EU has been successful into lulling its citizens into a collective slumber: no one has stood up so far, everyone agrees with this proposal (acutally it’s already more than that), nodding their heads, collectively murmuring, “But it’s all for the environment!” How disgusting.

    Well, I will not sleep. I am wide awake. And I will continue to make myself unpopular and a nuisance.

  4. Make no mistake about Libertas: it is NOT a pro-liberty organisation. While they are rightly so opposed objecting against the WAY teh Lisbon treason is forced down European throats, they are very much pro EU.

    And they do not try to hide that fact; they openly state that they see no future without an EU and a pan-European president. They are NOT EU-sceptic; they are only denounced as such by the EU because they are blocking the undemocratic progress of the Treaty.

    But at the same time they are welcomed, as they bring a lot of EU-sceptics into the EU, blinded by the current state of affairs. But in the end Libertas will help Eurabia, and then the NWO to come into existence.

    Personally I feel UKIP is a much more honest organisation. But they are politicians too…

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