Cruel and Unusual Norway

There are a couple of notable things about this news story from Norway. The first is that the Norwegian authorities have (so far) behaved in a non-dhimmi fashion about all this. The “no special treatment for Muslim prisoners” policy is refreshingly different — compare the state of Wyoming, for example — and should stand as a model for the rest of the West

The other significant fact is that “[m]ore than a third of all prisoners in Norwegian prisons are Muslims”. The last statistical data I have, from 2004, show that Muslims comprise 1.6% of Norway’s population. But there has been a surge of immigration in the last few years, and the latest estimates put the number at about 3%. That means that Muslims are being incarcerated at a rate at least ten times higher than their numbers would otherwise indicate.

And yet the authorities have no problem with Multiculturalism. Immigration enriches society, and brings the host country all the benefits of diversity — especially among the prison population. The presence of large numbers of Muslims in prison is undoubtedly caused by racism and Islamophobia on the part of persons of Norwegian background.

But, unlike Muslim prisoners in the USA or the UK, Norwegian inmates have to put up with pork products in their food. According to Aftenbladet:

Prison served pork to Muslim prisoners

Solveig Horne of the Progress Party says no to special diets in prison. She thinks the reporting of Trondheim prison to the police for serving pork to Muslims should be dismissed.

A Muslim prisoner at Trondheim prison has reported the prison for discrimination, after Muslim prisoners were served pork without being told.

Muslims reacted strongly when they discovered they had eaten pork, which is forbidden for Muslims.

Pork in the sauce

“We were given fish in bread-crumbs. While we ate, someone discovered small pieces of pork in the sauce that was inside the fish. Many here pray and practice their religion more than me, and several of them were furious when they found out they had eaten pork,” says the 39 year old Salma to Adresseavisen. He has reported the prison on behalf of himself and the other Muslim prisoners.

No to special diets

– – – – – – – –

MP, Solveig Horne, who is a member of the Justice Committee, says on the party’s home page that special diets behind bars should be refused.

“There are already limited resources in the prison unit. We shouldn’t use time, money and energy on making room for special diets for some prisoners, based on religious convictions, culture, or taste buds, for that matter,” she says.

Horne thinks that certain Muslims, who want to live in accordance with the Koran, are more concerned with food in prison than with not committing the criminal acts that send them there.

Halal-meat for everyone

Abid Raja of the Left-Wing Party (Venstre), thinks the most practical thing would be for the prisons to serve only halal-meat.

“Norwegians have no problems eating halal-meat. If they want pork, they can have this as an addition,” he says to

He points out that pig is shameful for many Muslims, and that eating pork for some Muslims feels like abuse.

More than a third of all prisoners in Norwegian prisons are Muslims. There are no prisons in Norway that offer halal-meat to prisoners.

Pork several times

The Muslim prisoners have been served pork several times. Following the first episode, a couple of months ago, they complained and received an apology from the kitchen. A few weeks later it happened again, and in November again, the story repeated itself.

All prisoners have a right to dinner in prison, which caters for Muslims, vegetarians and those with allergies.

“I can confirm that a prisoner in Trondheim prison has reported the prison for discrimination and breach of human rights. As long as the parties have not yet been questioned, I can’t comment any further on the matter,” says the criminal duty-officer, Geir Olav Granbo of South Trøndelag police district.

“It’s a meaningless use of resources to prioritize such a case. It should be immediately dismissed,” says Horne.

Hear, hear, Ms. Horne!

My favorite quote: “Horne thinks that certain Muslims, who want to live in accordance with the Koran, are more concerned with food in prison than with not committing the criminal acts that send them there.”

Hat tip: KGS.

15 thoughts on “Cruel and Unusual Norway

  1. Pork/pig is for Muslims what garlic is for vampires. There is no better way to keep them away or tame them. Which means there’s a remedy for any demon. It is funny how such a powerful diabolic force which otherwise is a threat to humanity can be tamed with some slices of ham. Mahommed equipped his followers with extraordinary mental tools for victory, but with an equally strong (for enemies) Achilles’ heel. If someone really wants to stop Muslim immigration, forget about complicated administrative measures: just strategically place some pig heads in the mosques.

  2. Hey, those crazy-assed Muzzies, ya just gotta love ’em. They are so concerned about being “pure” that they are willing, even eager, (even to the point of fanatacism) to avoid all sorts of culinary delights.
    My Momma, God rest her soul, used to make DYNAMITE pork chops! Although I am not an artist like she was, lately I have been playing with this simple recipe:

    1. Take several pork chops, rinse them thoroughly in cold water.

    2. Roll the chops in “New Orleans style Fish Fry” powder made by Louisiana Fish Fry Products. (Yes, I know that porks chops are NOT fish, but stay with me here…..)

    3. Fry in olive oil (I like Colavita) until they start to brown.

    4. Serve with your choice of vegatables, rice, baked potato, beer, etc.

    This recipe is idiotically simple, quick to make, and tastes great! If the Mussulmen don’t like it, F@#& ’em.

    Na zdrowje, GoV’ers!

  3. Of course, we know that there is absolutely no logical reason why pork should be considered “unclean.” The Islamic prohibition against eating pork is just another hyper-ritualized Muslim cult behavior to keep the Mussulmen brainwashed by reinforcing the us-versus-them mentality built in to Islam by the thug-“prophet.”

  4. Loved the vampire analogy. Now I must try a little experiment. Find a muslim and hold a slice of bacon in front of him/her. I wonder if they will hiss or not. Begone you vile jihadhampir!! LOL

  5. Infinitesimal particles of porkitude can be planted in everything from furniture to perfumes. We can porkisize our cities and public life.

    Maybe even petrol in our cars could easily get greased with something porky we could spread in our streets
    through our antijihadi exhaust pipes.

    “Ahmed, you look very tired today. Did you breathe in a lot of the stink from those unbelievers cars?”

    Or a light slap on the face of an arrogant muslim with a hand greased in fat
    in front of him?

    Muslims are comedians, only comical measures can work with them. Then imagine the effect of conspiracy rumors among them. They
    will do the rest of the job for us – free of cost.

  6. Czechmade,

    Infinitesimal particles of porkitude can be planted in everything from furniture to perfumes. We can porkisize our cities and public life.

    There is a reason why pork products — jamon, chorizo, etc — hold such a prominent place among the Spanish tapas. It’s a legacy from the days of La Reconquista. Yes indeed, they porkified their society. That’s how its done. Quite right.

    They also introduced public slaughter (matanza) and the throwing of Muhammad effigies from high windows.

    And yes, we are going to have a lot of fun with them when the day comes.

  7. A real WMD not yet discovered by G.W.Bush is ammonia based pork urine.

    It penetrates the building – the walls, plaster, bricks and the ground itself – with a severe stench that keeps emitting like the wrath of a jihadi from his hiding hole.

    A mosque should be torn down and never rebuilt on such a place.

    Muslims use the word halal for their expansion. We could use the word haram for recovering our lands – warning the muslims everywhere – applying mockingly pretended sensitivity programs :

    Haram stickers warning. Hey muslim, this place is much worse than the hand of a woman. Once you enter you become takfiri!

    (A Takfiri (from the Arabic word تكفيري) is a Muslim who practices Takfir, which is to accuse other Muslims of apostasy.

    The term Takfir derives from the word kafir (impiety) and is described as when “…one who is, or claims to be, a Muslim is declared impure.”[1] Those to whom Takfir is applied are considered excommunicated in the eyes of the Muslim community. According to Islamic or Sharia law, they can no longer benefit from the protection of the law, and as such are condemned to death.)

  8. If these people were truly that pious would they have committed their crimes in the first place?
    Let them eat pork. And of course, cake..

  9. I am so reminded of something my mother told me. She was the president of a chapter of the Maine Women’s Club. As such, she attended the state wide meeting one year.
    To give you a little bit of history, my mother never slept in a bed by herself for her entire life until my father died. As a child she always shared a bed with a younger sister and then got married and shared a bed with my father.
    So, there she was at the state wide meeting of the Women’s Clubs of Maine and the keynote speaker was a man that wanted to increase funding to Maine prisons.
    As my mother smoked, she met up with the man outside the lecture hall and engaged him in discussion. She asked him what the increased funding would be used for. He told her that the prisons were overcrowded and that fights erupted on a regular basis due to several prisoners having to share the same cell.
    My mother’s reply; “THEN CHAIN THEM TO THE WALLS.”
    My mother is long dead but, I will never forget her veracity, especially considering that the family that lived across the street from her didn’t have indoor plumbing. They went out to the privy to do their business in 1990! Both husband and wife worked minimum wage jobs. The very idea that the taxpayers of the State of Maine should build more prison facilities, and tax her neighbors for it, in order to comfort the prisoners just made her sick.
    My Mom was quite a pip!

  10. “If these people were truly that pious would they have committed their crimes in the first place?”

    Well, that’s the Christian way of looking at it. However, it’s been said that Islam is the only one of the major religions without some ecumenical form of the Golden Rule which makes a farce of all these supposed religious outreach programs where Muslims make all sorts of demands with absolutely no reciprocity.

    Indeed, does it even qualify as a religion instead of a totalitarian ideology with spiritual trappings, the better to penetrate the enemy’s strongholds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Do the Koran and Mohammed’s example not justify and outright encourage all manner of crimes against infidels that do not become crimes for a Muslim unless they are carried out against a fellow Muslim? And even there, since Muslims are the biggest killers of other Muslims on the planet, clearly there’s a great deal of wiggle room.

    This double standard excusing even murder by Muslims is striking. Infidels get threatened with death for drawing lame cartoons or naming a teddy bear Mohammed, but Muslims who blow up infidel women and children or even other Muslims are not only not denounced by Muslim leaders in any meaningful way but said to be in the express lane for their bordello heaven.

    It is a mistake thinking of Islam as a religion resembling the others. Its most devout followers pursue a supremacist jihad and even venal crimes seem to earn jihadi credit, judging by the brisk proselytizing and conversion to Islam going on in Western prisons.

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