A Mass Grave of Serbs

Our Flemish correspondent VH referred us to a report by Lodewijk Nasser, a noted contributor to the Dutch language blog “Het Vrije Volk” (as translated by VH):

Mass Grave of Serbians has been found in Albania

The article mentions a discovery of a mass grave of Serbs in Burelj, in Albania. As I reported before, there had reputedly been a vast trade in organs. The victims, who, needless to say, did not survive, were buried in this grave.

According to Serbian war-prosecutors, [former] “Prime Minister” Ramush Haradinaj of Kosovo-Albania, was deeply involved in this lucrative trade. The Yugoslavia Tribunals, however, acquitted him of charges of war crimes.

And the English-language report from Serbianna:

Mass grave of Serbs found in Albania

A mass grave with bodies of Serbs has been found in a village of Burelj in Albania says the sources close to the war crimes prosecution office in Belgrade.

“The location of the mass grave has been marked in a part of the UN report from March 2004 that still has not been officially forwarded to Serbia prosecution for war crimes,” says a source from the prosecution office.

Serbian war crimes prosecution office requested the UN report several times but the requests were ignored. The prosecution has found that the top Kosovo Albanian separatist leadership ran a kidnapping network via tunnels and border crossings at Cafa, Prshit and Vrbnica to the psychiatric hospital in Burelj that was registered as Prison 320.

– – – – – – – –

Kosovo Serbs were brought to this facility from several other concentration camps in Albania such as Tropoja, Kuks, Bajram Curi and Koljsh. The body parts and organs were then extracted in the psychiatric hospital. When the person whose organs were taken out died, the body was then buried in the grave that was just found.

Serbian war crimes prosecution says that it has evidence that the organ extraction network was run by a former Kosovo Albanian so-called prime minister Ramush Haradinaj who was pronounced innocent at the war crimes trial in the Hague.

Additional documents exist linking Haradinaj with the current Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha but no specific description of the link has been provided to the media. Albanian authorities rejected cooperation requests made by Serbia.

The Council of Europe envoy Dick Marty is set to go Albanian capital Tirana in January to investigate the organ trade.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Baron. I saw this too, and I hope more people become aware of the crimes of the Albanians. I’m sick of them being whitewashed.

  2. All Albanians are responsible for this crime and they must all pay reparations to Serbia. From this moment onwards Albanian blood is cursed, the guilt will last a thousand years.

  3. I live in a town pestered with kosovo albanian immigrants. They’re behind all crimes here, robbery, assault, murder, rape, you name it. At the moment they’re busy terrorizing us citizens with fireworks 24/7. I f***ing hate kosovo albamians!

  4. This is not true, not a single dead Serb is found in Albanian Soil

    We Albanians want good relation with Serbs. Please while you mention Albanians, specify which Albanians (Albanians from Albania, from Kosovo or from Macedonia)..

    Of course Albania supports Kosovo independence, in the political way

  5. I must say to Natalie and Homophobic Horse that you seem to me like Sick people or disordered! I`m Albanian, I`m Roman Catholic, I`m European! But i`m disgusted from your manners of discussing!

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