A Canadian Coup

Our regular tipster JD sends the latest political news from Canada:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government proposed a cut on federal spending on political parties in the last few days. Opposition parties all teamed up to give it a thumbs down. These opposition parties are now forming a coalition government and want to have the head of this coalition become the PM by appointment of the Governor General (whose husband has Quebec separatist sympathies). This coalition party would then be the “majority.”

This is nothing less than an attempt at a coup d’état — Canadian style.

See the National Post for all details. (Don’t waste time with the Toronto Star or Toronto Sun. The bias of these rags is so leftist you can’t get an honest report.)

Coalition plans will please Canadians, according to John McCallum (Liberal spokesman).

The federal Liberals and the NDP struck a deal Sunday night on being partners in a coalition government. The two parties would lead a coalition government for a term of two-and-a-half years, with the support of the Bloc Quebecois. Liberal and NDP MPs were briefed Monday on the terms of the arrangement.

The Liberal coalition could make Canada a colony of Quebec:
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The Prime Minister’s dastardly plan to hobble the opposition by ending their access to taxpayer subsidies has blown up in his face, much as it always does when evil geniuses try to take over the world. Outside agents in the form of Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent emerged unexpectedly and managed to galvanize a pair of listless opposition caucuses, which have now convinced themselves voters didn’t really want to re-elect Mr. Harper’s Conservatives to a stronger mandate in October; what they wanted was a wildly unstable coalition headed by a Liberal leader and stuffed with New Democrats, the whole unwieldy mess beholden to Gilles Duceppe’s [PQ — Bloc Quebecois] separatists for its survival.


Whether Governor General Michaelle Jean will swallow this is an arresting question. The opposition has every right to defeat the government and try to replace it, but a grouping so unstable, and so beneficial to the cause of the separatists, can hardly be said to be in the interests of the country. Ms. Jean’s position is additionally fraught by past allegations her husband harbours separatist sympathies, putting her in a position of particular discomfort. Not to mention that the politicians seeking her approval now were rejected by voters less than two months ago.

What do the Liberals want?

Here’s how we got to the brink of another federal election, or perhaps a change of government without an election: The Conservatives were too clever by half and the opposition parties were too disingenuous by a factor of six.

Had I been in the Tories’ shoes, I likely would have decided to do the same thing — i. e., use the need to pare back federal spending as an excuse to end taxpayer subsidies to political parties. No doubt, it seemed like a good idea at the time: Deal a crippling financial blow to your opponents, but tart it up as part of a larger effort to keep Ottawa from running a deficit. What the Tories underestimated, though, was the absolute and utter shamelessness of the Liberals — and to a lesser extent the NDP — not to mention the willingness of most media to bite uncritically on the opposition version of events.

The Tories expected the opposition to be angry — the Liberals and NDP, after all, rely on taxpayers for around two-thirds of their funding — but they never dreamed either party would be prepared to throw the country into a constitutional crisis over this issue.

JD adds a final note:

Basically you have the leftist parties (Liberals and NDP and Bloc Quebecois) joining forces to promote their own communist agenda.

Clearly the people voted incorrectly and the correct people in charge must now be appointed.

This is breaking news, and I admit to a woeful ignorance of the political situation in the Frozen North. Canadian readers are invited to remedy the deficiency by weighing in with their views on the situation in Ottawa.

4 thoughts on “A Canadian Coup

  1. Liberals/socialists through out the west now move as one to overthrow the constitutions of their homelands. success in overthrowing constitutions in Europe prompts similar behavior in the United States and Canada. All shame of treason is forgotten in the mad rush to establish socialist states.

    Such behavior recalls to my mind the field theory of Rupert Sheldrake: example: a solution for making crystals has never been successful but when one laboratory succeeds, the rate success in labs around the world report increasingly rapid successes.

  2. Apologies if this is too long for your purposes. I don’t have a blog to link to.

    Excellent summary by JD. This is a leftist putsch which is legal by the idiotic laws of Canada that have allowed a separatist Quebec-only party to exist on the federal level whose entire raison d’etre is to separate from Canada and roll Canadian taxpayers for as much money as it can beforehand. The Bloc Quebecois, or “Bloc-heads” are paid by taxes from all Canadians while they represent solely Quebec and its interests.

    To get an idea of how ridiculous this is, it would be like California not voting Democrat or Republican but sending some new Hispanic party who speak English poorly to gum up all the works at Congress, squeezing out all kinds of concessions by threatening to separate, appeased only until the next demand.

    The Conservative Prime Minister Harper proposed cutting automatic tax monies ($2 per vote) to all parties including his own. This was an existential threat to the loser left as they can’t get their supporters to actually support them financially (Libs trying to look whiter than white had outlawed the corporate donations that were their own lifeblood LOL).

    Farthest left is the Bloc as Quebec is run like a socialist fiefdom like Mother France, subsidized by other provinces in the form of laughably called “equalization payments” from the federal treasury. Quebec keeps embracing socialism, driving her economy into the ground even when the other capitalist provinces were doing well, and then truck loads of money (8 billion a year to Quebec’s 20% of the population) are sent to let Quebeckers buy themselves candy they can’t afford on their own like cheap university tuition and daycare. It’s Welfare on a national scale and Quebec is the Welfare queen, but boy does she ever get her panties in a twist on the rare occasion that anyone dares to point it out.

    It has been an enormous scam that oil-rich Alberta doesn’t have the votes to reverse and that foolish Ontario keeps voting for even though it has basically beggared her now and made her a near “have-not” province because of the manufacturing section being hit hard by recent events. The explanation for Ontario’s altruistic stupidity is that a single city, Toronto has half Ontario’s votes and is completely riddled with PC multicult tribes voting to bring in more of their relatives (will be majority non-white in a year or two) and the usual urban lib enablers.

    The second leftist party is the Greens who are a one issue (environment) party and didn’t get a single member into Parliament but got some votes and therefore money.
    The third leftist party is misnamed the New Democratic Party because it’s been around for decades and never broken the 20% or so mark in votes. They are near-communist and beholden to the unions (1/3 of Canadian workers are unionized, mainly government workers) like the American Democratic party of the present. Last but not least are the Liberals who until recently were in power in Canada most of the time. They are center left, sort of the way American Democrats used to be before embracing their inner Kos but more financially responsible, and were brought down by a typical Democrat type corruption scandal, buying votes and support in Quebec as it happens by paying tax monies to various advertising companies and cronies for work not done and receiving kickbacks from said companies.

    So this unholy alliance of losers incorporating a traitorous separatist party is trying to take Canadians overnight into Obama land by driving their pimpmobile through loopholes in Canadian parliamentary law .

    Of course, the media and so-called intelligentsia (Canadian universities are as marxist dominated as those in the USA) are on board the socialist express just as they were in the US with the exception of the National Post, (which was started as an alternative, conservative newspaper by Conrad Black who is now languishing in an American jail after being railroaded on trumped up charges of corporate malfeasance, another notch on crusading DA Fitzgerald’s belt after he got through with Libby).

    Canada was the only Western country with a government slightly to the right of the electorate, but fatally, a minority government outnumbered by the four leftist including 1 traitor party. Actually, they’re all traitors now, putting their own interests ahead of the national interest, but leftists always think their selfish interests are synonymous with a nation’s interest, whatever the nation.

    Incidentally, don’t pay any attention to media trumpeting that Conservatives have “only” 30 something percent of the vote. Similar numbers gave Libs solid majorities in the past. It’s all in the distribution of the votes and Quebeckers were the spoilers in the last election. They alternate between the Bloc and Liberals who try to out do each other as sugar daddies and will be the death of Canada with their venal Gallic self-interest and disloyalty to a Canada they look on as just a wallet to be squeezed.

    Even if Harper averts the immediate catastrophe, he can do so only by giving in to the freak foursome, has already done so on the taxes for political parties issue and will be fatally weakened for the rest of his mandate.

    Bottom line, conservatives have absolutely nowhere left to run in the world. Leftists have metastasized and taken over all successful countries and will choke them to death with socialism, some faster than others.

    The US was the last bastion against suicidal socialist stupidity and electing Obama will bring on world disaster (it’s already begun), not just a temporary American disaster.

  3. Give commenter laine a cigar.

    Very eloquently put.

    I admit, these are disheartening times for conservatives worldwide. What do we do guys? Gals? Make a Global Conservative Movement?

    Outlaw Mike/Belgium

  4. Let’s at least let the people decide. If this is truly a representation of the people, let us all send the message to Harper and the Conservatives. If it is not, then at least we are still a democracy!


    We need to vote. We send our troops overseas to fight for freedom. We should at least enjoy it here. Put it to the people – let us have our say!

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