Treasonous French Labor Unions

Robert Marchenoir is a French reader who comments frequently at Gates of Vienna. In the comments thread on my post about French immigration policies, another reader asked him a question. Robert wrote out a response, but felt it was too long to post as a comment, and emailed it to me instead.

He was responding to Phaeton, who asked this question :

Are unions really such large cultural traitors that they’d actually sell out their own working class in order to keep Khalid and his ilk burning cars in alleyways?

This is Robert’s answer:

Yes, Phaeton, French unions are indeed traitors to the interests they are supposed to defend.

French labor unionsIn order to understand why, you have to realize how bizarre a species they really are.

First of all, French unions represent barely anyone except themselves. The proportion of unionized workers is lower in France than in… the United States. Only 8% of workers are card-carrying members.

If unions do represent any workers at all, it is civil servants, who are disproportionately represented within their ranks. Even thus, only 13% of public sector workers (quoting from memory) are unionized.

Most industrial action occurs within the civil service. The reason is very simple: the unions can throttle the whole economy with only a tiny number of workers going on strike in strategic places: train conductors or air traffic controllers, for instance. Moreover, these civil servants have a lifetime job guarantee, and cannot be threatened with firing in case of a strike. For a long time, they were even routinely paid for the days they stopped working.

But it gets curiouser and curiouser when you realize who is actually funding these mostly revolutionary, neo-Marxist unions: it’s the state itself.

– – – – – – – –

The unions have so few paying members that a significant part of their money (the bigger part for some of them) comes from state subsidies. The actual amount is a state secret (that is, if anyone within the government really knows): unions, by law, do not have to maintain formalized and auditable accounts.

Therefore, millions of euros can flow freely and secretly on back-of-envelope records, with ample provision for shady deals which have been embedded in the system, in some cases for nearly a century.

Unions also get to benefit from free, permanent staff, under the guise of civil servants being “lent” by the state — on the public payroll, of course.

Finally, they draw huge funds by embezzling taxes levied on businesses and earmarked for the compulsory training of workers. That’s because the law puts the unions partly in charge of the organisations which manage these funds. It’s the socialist way to do things, you see.

(It’s only fair to add that the business owners’ syndicates also illegally benefit from these funds; when bosses and union stewards share the loot of public money, you get a system corrupted to the root, which is very difficult to clean up.)

Now you understand why French unions can do virtually what they want, regardless of the interests of the people they are supposed to defend: their only aim is to perpetuate their own bureaucracy, power and paying non-jobs.

Of course, you might ask: why do they chose to do so by programming the death of their own people?

I think the answer is simple: they are genetically Leftists. They do what the political Left has decided to do, and that is importing from Africa the voters they can no longer find within their own country.

One also has to remark that civil servants, which constitute the unions’ main clientele, are not threatened (at least in the short term) by competition from lesser-paid, more docile foreign workers: their boss cannot fire them to hire immigrants instead.

Some parts of the public sector have even been protected, for quite a while, by racist or patriotic laws (choose your preferred word), which quietly forbade the hiring of foreigners in such mundane jobs as bus drivers.

French union bosses, who are, in effect, permanent employees of the state with no responsibility to anyone, had therefore no problem inflicting unfair competition by foreign labour upon the private sector workers.

3 thoughts on “Treasonous French Labor Unions

  1. I have never agreed with the use of the unions fundamental weapon.

    I have never felt that it was in any way desirable to injure my employer financially. I have always wanted my employer to prosper.

    I don’t know about selling out the workers that they represent.

    I do know that human nature enables people to do what they think will protect themselves and the position that they hold.

  2. It sounds little bit heretic to me – collecting jizya from the state – not from the unbelievers directly. Maybe it is not in their interest to have mass conversions into their system.

    The state might be defined as the biggest unbeliever ever, which has been properly subjugated and punished for its radical disbelief.

    The tension must be there: In case of a revolution, the state can subjugate the unions and ask everybody to contribute zakat(as was the case in the Soviet block). This blissful state of affairs is meant to promote
    the socialist revolution – reestablishment of the power of the state – the state becoming a true “believer”. Very red, you know…

  3. I thought the trades unions in Britain were the most corrupt but this excellent and insightful post shows the UK isn’t the only nation whose working people have been sold out by their own.

    A brief insight into the TU’s in Britain:

    1. They, through members’ fees, bankroll the Labour party, a party so deep in debt they resort to begging from Russian oligarch’s for as much money as they can.

    2. Are pro-multicultural and support mass immigration. This results in the people they are supposed to protect being forced to compete for wages at the lowest rate possible.

    3. Have done absolutely nothing whatsoever to prevent the loss of British industry: Coal, steel, motor car/cycle, shipbuilding, engineering. Entire communities whose way of life has gone forever whilst the TU’s co-operated and their leaders coined in the dosh for their own personal gain.

    4. TUs fund and support anti-fascist organisations such as UAF, Searchlight etc., even organising – you guessed it – anti-BNP rallies using members fees. Furthering a political aim of the EU-marxist political elite to try and stiffle any opposition to their multicultural, Islam loving utopia.

    I could go on but I’ll end by saying the TUs are now trying to claim the legal right to ban anyone from a union if they are members of or support the BNP. The BNP has now launched its own TU, Solidairty, to represent people fairly and without any political bias, as a proper TU should be.

    Fjordman refers to what is happening in Europe as the greatest betrayal and that trades unions are complicit in it is beyond doubt. What is tragic is that most working people in the UK have no idea that those they entrust to protect them from exploitation are working hand in glove with global capitalists to sell them out.

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