“This Islam-Hating Party is the De Facto Ruler of Denmark”

Bashy Quraishy holds forth on the evils of the Danish People’s Party and its rampant Islamophobia, suggesting a concerted grassroots effort to anathematize the party and remove it from power as of the next elections. In pursuit of this objective he proposes an international initiative — hence this video is in English:

Our Danish correspondent TB, who sent us the tip about the video, has this to say about Bashy Quraishy:
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It is amazing, since it is precisely the matter I wrote you about a week ago. The guy is of Pakistani origin and a well-known man in the Danish public debate.

Please note that he states explicitly that the DPP is a child of Mogens Glistrup. He now tries to undermine our society through YouTube.

The video with Bashy is from the 3rd of November. Could he be reading GoV??

Steen has more (in Danish): Bashy Quraishy: Boykot Danmark.

Update: The story is now in Jyllands Posten (in Danish).

Further update from Steen (via email): It should be noted that Quraishy became a non-person in 2003, when it was discovered that his organisation — POEM — embezzled a million kroner in public money.

14 thoughts on ““This Islam-Hating Party is the De Facto Ruler of Denmark”

  1. Typical muslim behavior.

    In contrast:
    A good friend of mine is Chinese, born in Malaysia, and Christian. She finally married her boyfriend, a Dane, and moved to Denmark recently. I haven’t heard one complaint from her over how evil Denmark is. She’s learning the language right now and has been accepted by her husband’s family without a single problem.

    Now, why’s that? Could it be because she’s not muslim? I would say: YES

  2. It is interesting that the PC MC did not come yet with the idea that also positive statements like:

    “I like the Germans” or “I am in love with the Argentinians” are not dealt with as indeirectly hateful. Such statements clearly imply I like someone less or not at all.

    Some Ministery of Liking and Disliking might easily regulate our foolish attitudes – our thinkig that we can like as we like.

    We might also create a mock figure – sort of teddy bear – “the good muslim” and get propre training in liking him. Then we can complain to and mock the muslims that they never match the high qualities of our dreamful teddy bear.

  3. it is interesting to get a glimpse into how much the other side is hurting. it shows how much effect the DPP is having. keep up the good work, vikings! keep pushing these seditious scumbags into showing just how seditious they are.

  4. “This gornerment, present gornerment…”

    Well, at least “ethnics” in Denmark are qualified. They can speak, and even read and speak in English, or sort of. Not that my English is that good, but I think it is not that bad either…

    Now seriously, these are the cases where I think violence might apply, I mean: A men comes to my home and tells me what to do?? Not really. Someone, I think, should pay some typically looking muslims to go and robb this man’s wallet and clothes, while beating him a little.

    Who’s that thing to talk about Civilisation? This is the kind of things that really pisses me off.

  5. I got some interesting news on this fellow. His funding. Most everyone here should see this coming:

    – George Soros (Open Society Institute) funded his report on “Racism in Denmark”.

    – EU funds his ongoing activities.

    I don’t think I need to add much.

  6. Soros money flows to those who appear to support democracy, but in reality do not understand that ‘democracy’ means ‘rule by the people’, not ‘rule by over-paid elites’.

    Ukraine & Balkans, too 🙁

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