The Latest Danish Blasphemy

Boom Allah!As I reported a couple of days ago, Lars Hedegaard and Kurt Westergaard have collaborated on a new book, which will be published soon in Denmark. The Muslim world is primed and ready to explode as soon as the latest blasphemous outrage reaches the bookstores.

Atlas Shrugs has posted excerpts from the new book — a collection of Mr. Hedegaard’s newspaper columns illustrated by Mr. Westergaard — which have been translated into English by the author. A brief sample:

Cause for Celebration

Finally a modicum of peace seems to have descended over Jyllands-Posten’s Muhammad cartoons. Following his vain attempts to motivate the paper’s editors or at least the prime minister to apologize, the leader of the Islamic Faith Community, imam Abu Laban has resolved that it would be sufficient satisfaction if Jyllands-Posten together with five universities would arrange a special festival to celebrate the prophet’s many good qualities. This proposal is now being considered, but several university presidents have already stated that this is a very good idea.

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Maybe it will turn into an annual event: the Danish universities’ Muhammad week.

Which leaves many institutions and media with an equal need to make their mark chagrined that others have monopolized Muhammad. But despair not. So far nobody has thought of celebrating Hitler’s birthday. He may have been hard on the Jews but that is all the rage these days.

Read the rest at Pamela’s place.

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3 thoughts on “The Latest Danish Blasphemy

  1. You’ll never find stupider people than those on universities. You’ll also find the worlds biggest cowards on university campuses.

  2. “a special festival to celebrate the prophet’s many good qualities”

    hmmm, is there such a thing as negative time?

    And when does the Jesus festival start on campuses everywhere?

  3. We should visit our jails and celebrate the many good qualities of the inmates.

    Just killing one person in a few seconds does not mean your life is not packed with millions of goood qualities.

    A propre check in search of saints in our jails is a try worth celebration.

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