So It’s Come To This, Yet Again

Frank Vanhecke knocked down in Brussels

I just received word from Paul Belien about the plight of Frank Vanhecke (see my earlier post for more information about Frank):

Below is a message (in Dutch) from Frank Vanhecke.

His immunity has been lifted by the European Parliament (in commission). A plenary meeting still has to do the same, but that is merely a formality.

Please spread the news as far as possible.

— — — — — — — — — —
Van: “VANHECKE Frank”
Datum: 3 november 2008 18:03:27 GMT+01:00
Aan: “Paul Belien”
Onderwerp: RE: Frank Vanhecke

Beste Paul,

– – – – – – – –

Stemming in commissie juridischje zaken pas gebeurd, immuniteit opgeheven.

Plenaire vergadering moet nog bevestigen over paar weken, maar dat is formaliteit.

Zie ook persbericht op nationale site met wat info over parlementair verslag ter zake.

En ook: dank voor uw inspanningen. Meen het.

Vriendelijke groet,
Frank Vanhecke

This is a deliberate effort by the political machine that runs both the EU and Belgium to squash all potential opposition.

I am far away in America and can have no effect on the course of events in Flanders. But European readers should take note: this juggernaut is about to roll over many of you. Frank Vanhecke is just one of its first victims.

There is still time — but not much — for you to affect the course of events in your countries. Suggestions for appropriate action will be welcomed in the comments.

HOWEVER — calls for civil insurrection etc. will be deleted, because they can get this blog shut down. If you feel compelled to discuss such things, please do it in another venue, out of respect for the continuing viability of this forum.

19 thoughts on “So It’s Come To This, Yet Again

  1. OT but possibly related, I saw something quite cheering today when I went to the bank. A sticker with one of the motoons (the bomb turban) and the phrase “no more mosques” stuck on a postbox. A lot of people will see it. I think it’s been there for a couple of days from the look of it.

    First time I’ve seen them in Ashton. It’s very encouraging.

  2. baron,

    i can’t agree that this is an EU thing. this is largely a matter of domestic belgian politics, with an increasingly authoritarian government squashing separatist efforts however it can.

    the whole racism charge is not an attempt to appease minorities, but a convenient tool to keep the wallonians on the fleming teat. it has no parallel in uk politics, for example. when uk politicians jabber about racism, their motivations are different.

    all that said, it is still a bizarre travesty of justice against political allies by political enemies. if anyone has any ideas, i’m listening.

  3. El —

    You’re right, except that one notices that the EU is complicit in this via the European Parliament.

    That’s the pattern of affairs these days in Europe: the corrupt national authorities are aided and abetted by the EU in their attempts to squash their domestic opposition. Call it a “pact of mutual assistance”.

    But this is just the opinion of an ill-informed Yank who is very far from the events on the ground. I welcome any and all correction in these matters.

  4. As a Fleming myself and a VB member, I am shocked beyond belief. No sensible VB member has ever denied that the origins of our party are murky. But it was PRECISELY Frank Vanhecke who, in his 12-year tenure as VB Chairman, turned the party into a decent, modern conservative party of which Buckley would have been proud.

    Thank you Baron and Dymphna from the bottom of my heart for bringing this out.

    I admit that it is with fear that I am watching the final hours of the US presidential elections. If America chooses for Obama, it chooses to become Europe v2.0, and the same treatment meted out to Frank…. will be meted out to GOP members before you know it.

    I am greatly saddened by this callous act. Even after all that has happened, some foolish part of my brain refused to accept that Frank could be silenced in this way. It’s a barbarian act.

    Outlaw Mike/Belgium

  5. Baron:
    except that one notices that the EU is complicit in this via the European Parliament.

    Exactly! The only question is, who’s next? What country?

    the whole racism charge is not an attempt to appease minorities, but a convenient tool to keep the wallonians on the fleming teat.

    Oh, it’s about cracking down on the “far right”, “racists” etc. as well, be sure!

  6. I was there when this photo was taken and Frank Vanhecke was arrested by fat Freddy at a demonstration in Brusels last year fat Freddy bought in Walloonian police from Liege 100 miles away too do the job. This is an organized campaign exactly the same as the campaign against BNP leader Nick Griffin in England when he was brought before the courts for calling Islam a vicious and wicked religion. They didn’t get the verdict they wanted he was a aquited, what did they do they had a retrial. You don’t have to be a supporter of Nick Griffin to be appalled, the aim is the same, discredit the opposition, have a trial and make them look like criminals. Nationalist parties are appealing more and more to the local voters as the only alternative to what is happening in there societies. The Multicultural Utopian numb nuts are not stupid and understand this better than most people and are now seeing their warped dream disappearing down a black hole as the Western economies dissolve due to the credit crunch and peak oil. Frank is only the first as they get more and more desperate. I am only surprised that he was not taken into custody for his own safety, but I expect that too happen if this ploy fails.

  7. swede:

    yes, in general, but i was referring to the specific case at hand. in the uk, the attempts to put nick griffin away were arguably an example of the same thing. i am not complacent about the problem, but the attitude of the national government is the key thing. repeated attempts in denmark to get the jyllands-posten done for racism have failed because the danes just aren’t having it. that is what we need. the EU is as strong as we let it be. resistance can only grow.

    the EU is showing its true colours more every day. but it is more like the weak kid putting the boot in the kid on the ground after the tough kid has put him there. it is an opportunistic bully, but i say, as i have in the past, that until it has an enforcement mechanism, it is basically the wizard of oz waiting to be unveiled behind the curtain. when one country gives it the finger right proper (as we say over here), it will fold, i think.

    and the sooner, the better.

  8. When can we expect the “freedom is a beautiful thing” and “democracy is universal” crowd in Washington D.C. led by Bush himself to speak about the latest events in Belgium – where NATO is based?

  9. For those who believe that this is Belgian-centric, then please note that the British parliament and the trades unions are now about to pass laws that enable trades unions to expel any supporter of the BNP. The media on left and right – The Times and The Guardian – also support this. Whose interests do they serve I wonder?

    Does this – and this incident with Vanhecke – remind you of a certain period in European history circa 1933?

    This is the start of a crackdown by the EU elites who know all too well that Nationalism will not only kick them out of their cosy little nests but bring them to book for the treason they have committed – done at the expense of those who trusted them to protect ans serve their interests.

    This is all about ensuring that those who hold power in the EU can never have it taken off them and it is happening step by stealth step.

    The solution is to fully support your nationlaist parties especially voting for nationalist candidates at next years Euro elections THROUGH THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.

    A process I might add that has been defacated on by the corrupt filth that infest the EUSSR.

    Fascism is now rearing its vile ugly head in the EU and it has to be stopped before it is too late. Spread the message, use your vote and lets kick these bastards where it hurts them most by voting them out.

    More on how democracy is being trashed in the UK here:

    Unions Trash Democracy In The UK

  10. OT:

    At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, Bono asked the audience for total quiet.

    Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds. Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

    From the front of the crowd a voice with a broad Scottish accent pierced the quiet…

    “Well, stop f**king doin it then.”

  11. “From the front of the crowd a voice with a broad Scottish accent pierced the quiet…”

    “Well, stop f**king doin it then.”

    That is classic. Bono is probably quaking in his boots as Obama will give him a good run for his money in the battle of the Messiahs. Come to think of it that could be a very funny South Park episode.

  12. Establish some offices in minor European states – Central Europe and Scandinavia. We are unable to comprehend at distance. Study our independence movements. You already refer in your media about peaceful splitting of Czechoslovakia.

    We are very sceptical of EU. Any detailed accounts can only strenghten our stance and you can expect reciprocity/sympathy.

    Strangely there was no opposition from the West when the split occurred from the blue of the sky.
    Refer to that – you are well prepared and discussing your issue for ages.

    I heard also some French journalists asking whether the Valonie would become France. What do you think?

  13. This is, quite specifically, a Belgian thing. Reaading “A Throne in Brussels” (Paul Belien) will give the background. Nothing different today from how the Walloons were treating the Flemings some 150 years ago.

    Except today we have ways of getting the news out. I’ve written to a newspaper (they’ll print it), and I’ve written to the embassy of Belgium (since I’ve met Bart personally). And tipped off a journalist with those useful Diana West links.

    It is, though, a violation of fundamental EU principles, at least if taken at face value (as in, reading a text and thinking it means what it says). EU should react forcefully, but doesn’t.

  14. “Nothing different today from how the Walloons were treating the Flemings some 150 years ago.”

    Give us some history accounts. I remeber the British treated always Belgium as an important sign of balance in continental politics.
    Whebever some one grabbed for Belgium they felt compelled to intervene.

    I remeber also a quote from Bismarck saying “who owns Bohemia, rules Europe”. The house of Habsburg was responsible for keeping your country catholic?
    many Czechs find Belgium very Central European – imagine – between Holland and France. One more thing to ponder about.

  15. Czechmade, it’s a bit of a long tale… A Throne in Brussels really is the book to get.

    It tells the story of how the Walloons forced the Flemish into a union they never wanted, by either repressing the Flemish leaders (this is before democracy, remember), or buying their loyalty. Rubber money (from Congo) made the king insanely rich, and that permitted him to do all kinds of weird things. Including ‘renovating’ Brussels into the ghostly town it is today.

    Leopold I (the first king) had very close ties to British royalty – in fact, he was close to becoming king of Britain – and they funded him, too. Their ticket to intervene in Europe, for sure.

    The history of Belgium reads like a skeleton closet.

  16. Mentioning Congo, some old memory jumped to my mind:

    When slavery was finally abolished in Congo, the life of the ex-slaves worsened considerably. Before a healthy slave had his value and was appreciated for strength – proporely fed etc. After the slavery was abolished in Congo one could get the workers by alottment. There was no specific value set or responsability demanded for people who were suddenly in bad physical shape. It reminds one of the schemes “fighting the poverty” in our days. Few check the long term results.

    Belgians (Waloons?) were the worst
    in Africa. Was the wealth thus acquired used to keep upper hand over the Flemings?

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