Raymond Ibrahim: “Islam’s Doctrines of Deception”

Update 11/12/2008: The post is no longer available at Jihad Watch, so I have removed the link. I’m leaving this post up because there are comments below.

A brief note from Fjordman:

I’m pretty sure many of your readers already know this, but this essay is nevertheless very good and informative. From Raymond Ibrahim, author of The Al Qaeda Reader: “Islam’s Doctrines of Deception”.

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12 thoughts on “Raymond Ibrahim: “Islam’s Doctrines of Deception”

  1. This is the best analysis and documentation of takiya that I have seen, worth saving and passing around widely to educate others.

    It should be required reading for all Western leaders.

    It would seem that we have no way of divining whether a Muslim is telling the truth nor holding him to any agreement.

  2. The “jihadwatch” link is broken (“Not found”).

    But anyone who’s read about taqiyya is not surprised by this.

    Another article by Raymond Ibrahim is worth reading:

    The Battle of Constantinople

    “Though many historians have rightly hailed the somewhat contemporary Battle of Tours of 732, where Charles the Hammer repulsed the invading Muslim armies, as one of the most decisive victories for Western civilization, in fact, the Byzantine victory over the Muslims is more important: it had the full backing of the caliphate, and consisted of far greater manpower. Had the Muslims won, and since Byzantium was the bulwark of Europe’s eastern flank, there would have been nothing in their way from turning the whole of Europe into the north-western appendage of Dar al-Islam.

    The quote related to the topic:

    “Indeed: once one grasps ‘how they think’ – Treaty of Hudaybiyya, hudna, taqiyya and kitman, infiltration, ‘split the camp’, and the rest of it – their actions become almost boringly predictable in every theatre of the Third Jihad.”

  3. I am having extreme difficulty in locating this article. I just scanned all of the recent articles on Jihad Watch’s front page and did not see it. Every alternate link I find comes up as “Not Found”.

    If possible, please consider posting the article in full here at GoV.

    For the record, there is also a fantastic video about SCF (Shari’a Compliant Finance), over at Jihad Watch. Here is a direct link to the video. Please consider posting this as well.


  4. What’s going on? Too hot for Spencer’s liking or copyright restriction due to its publication in Jane’s? We can do without a fall out between him and Raymond. The Charles Johnson-against-the World thing is more than enough. That was a very good article. Should have saved it instead of bookmarking it.

  5. Anon, this is a copyright issue related to Jane’s. I have that directly from Spencer.

    Jane’s is very paranoid concerning copyright, and they are way out of line here, even requesting that *this* post be taken down. Baron rightly refuses.

    A shame that article vanished. I’d have loved to read it!

  6. Ach, Henrik you just reminded me a while back about something very much like that. A Belgian newspaper sued Google for their news service, saying it was breaching their copyright by linking to their articles. They took Google to court over it. Twice.

    Wait, Belgian… they sure do get around. I don’t have the links to the articles unfortunately.

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