Passing by in Silence

The other day our Flemish correspondent VH produced a well-researched and thoughtful article about Indonesia and Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama. Dymphna and I were dismayed by the lack of reader response, given how much time, energy, and bandwidth has been given over to (for example) arguing about Russia.

The election on Tuesday will be one of the pivotal events of the early 21st century, and the Islamic aspects of Barry Soetoro’s childhood in Indonesia deserve close scrutiny, since they may affect the well-being of millions of people once he takes the reins of power.

I just posted another article about Russia, and I’m sure there will be a hundred more comments on it with people rehashing the same old arguments.

But, just for a change of scenery, I suggest a visit to VH’s excellent article before the election results turn the this, the twilight of American democracy, into ancient history.

Here’s what Dymphna had to say about these matters in a comment (the only comment so far) on VH’s post:

In looking through post listings on our dashboard, I noticed with surprise that this essay has no comments. Not a one.

Birds chirping. Silence.

This is amazing. Two trackbacks — and good ones, I might add — but nary a word on our blog addressed to this wealth of material.

It is worrying that this essay is passed over as though it’s not even here. The Russian thread went on endlessly, though Russia is of peripheral interest to us AT THE MOMENT compared to Obama’s origins. After all, where he comes from and what his influences are could have a direct and lasting impact on about half the people who read this blog.

So I have been contemplating why the post is simply ignored and my pondering led to this comment. Since nary another soul has seen fit to respond to it, I will write at length. It doesn’t make up for the lack of response, but it does make me feel better to let it all hang out.

– – – – – – – –

Certainly the material presented in this post is fascinating. Not just what we learn about Barry Soetoro’s early childhood experiences — though they are crucial to the fate of America if he wins the election. It reminds one of the old saying “give me a child until he is six and he is mine forever.”

As our poster makes clear, little Barry internalized the Koran early on. He did it the same way I internalized the Latin Mass at that age. Just as I can still recite the “Gloria” or the Introit of that ancient liturgy, no doubt O can still chant parts of the Koran in perfect Arabic.

In other words, such intensive training, for better or worse, stays with you. It doesn’t go away just because you “grow up” and move on to other things. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s apt lines about the depth of childhood’s faith and of one’s “lost saints” is operative here.

Thus li’l Barry’s formative experiences in Indonesia (before he was shipped back to Hawaii) plus the growing cultural unrest and instability in the region are crucial in two areas: the first is the implications they have for our election here in the US, and the second is for the coming destabilization of the area.

This could mean big trouble for Australia, at the very least.

So why do you think this post about Obama was passed by in silence? Does the disturbing knowledge about his childhood formation combine with the fear we have that Obama’s handlers will turn us irrevocably toward a European “solution” for what was the exceptionalism represented by the US character? We all be socialists now??

Are we now to be judged safer by the world because we will be tamed by a talker rather than led by a man of action? To those America-hating Europeans who so love Obama, who would vote for him if they could, here is a warning: be careful for what you wish. When the One takes over, your exultation may change to dismay as the realization sets in that you’re on your own to handle the thugs in the larger world. Obama will be too busy talking to those same thugs to notice your plight.

The Obama juggernaut, so carefully planned and executed by Bill Ayers & Co (the same Ayers who thought the deaths of 25 million Americans a small collateral price to pay for the triumph of his plans) may appear to many as an inevitable rape. With no way to stop it, we numb out and wait for it to be over. We hope he won’t inflict more damage than Carter did, when in reality Obama’s handlers are more brutal than FDR ever dreamed.

The abnegation of the US media regarding Obama is another tipping point. This slide to the bottom where they will live now with the other mud-feeding fish makes them a new species of “journalists”.

What they have done in this election makes their treatment of Bill Clinton look harsh in comparison. If they were “in the tank” for the latter, they are actually flushing their heads down the toilet for the One.

Who feels up for the quixotic task of fighting these piranha for Obama? You only have to look at what they did to Joe the Plumber to know you’re in dangerous waters. That attack could not have taken place without the active cooperation of the frenzied press as they followed the Leader.

So I interpret the passing over of “Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro” as a kind of unvoiced despair. This hopelessness applies not only to the coming election, but to the ratcheting up of the violence and increasing Islamization of Barry’s childhood home place.

Here is some information from one of the links in the post:

The marriage of an underage girl to a wealthy Muslim cleric in Bedono village, Semarang regency, Central Java, has sparked controversy in the community.

A Muslim boarding school head, 43-year-old Pujiono Cahyo, known also as Syech Puji, married 12-year-old Lutfiana Ulfa at his home on August 8. He told reporters Friday that the wedding ceremony, held at 3 p.m. local time, was witnessed by thousands of guests.

“The wedding was carried out openly. If people want to comment, please do. I don’t care about the legal threats because I have my own basic reasons. I know the limitations. If she hasn’t menstruated, I won’t have sexual intercourse with her,” said Puji.

Puji is the director of PT Sinar Lendoh Terang and owner of the Miftahul Jannah boarding school, an impressive building along the highway between Semarang and Yogyakarta. Apparently his first wife, 26-tear-old Umi Hani, was the one who suggested he marry again.

“She was the one who proposed it. Then, a campaign team went looking for a prospective wife. So, not only politicians have campaign teams,” he added jokingly.


“So, what have I done wrong? My reasons stem from a book titled Aisyah Saja Nikah Muda (Aisyah Herself Married Young), written by Ummu Aisyah.”

Just another Muslim who has to check his girl-wife’s underwear every month as he awaits the consummation of his marriage to a child. Ho hum. Yawn. Just another cultural difference.

I am grateful to the author of this post for the work he did in collecting so much unpalatable material. What depressing work!

Here he explains the character of the area, and what people deeply believe about Obama:

So-called “moderate” Indonesians would never send their child to such mengaji classes; therefore his parents were not of the “moderate” sort, but were devoted Muslims. Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his “Christianity” is nothing but kitman.

After the election he will admit to being a devoted Muslim, many say in comments. “I’m drawn to the idea of an American president who can wear a sarong with style, and who feels nostalgic when he hears the call to prayer,” writes a commenter in the Jakarta Post.

Let us hope that all he feels is “nostalgia”. Let us hope this nostalgia doesn’t translate into an even more fervent advocacy for a furthering Islamization of the US begun by George Bush. The moles in our government must be ecstatic. Obama proves to them that Allah has blessed this campaign in ways they could not have imagined. The state of our economy, and that of the whole world, is proof to them that Allah lives and interferes in human events.

Based on the lack of response to this particular post, I’d say the rest of us are numb by now. The United Socialist States of America has already begun. All the One need do is take up the reins of the funeral carriage in which rests our comatose economy. He and his henchmen in the Imperial Congress will bury it alive with nary a whimper from any of us.

The present is surely as sickening as living in Munich must have been in the 1930’s.

40 thoughts on “Passing by in Silence

  1. This is my first time leaving a comment, mostly because the comments left on this blog generally sufficiently well-informed enough that they speak what is on my mind.

    After reading about Barry Soetoro’s origins, it confirmed a fear that I have for quite some time: that one’s years are his or her most formative ones, and that BHO’s were under the tutelage of Islamists. I am resigned to my fate, as my vote for the other globalist McCain will do little to stop the anointing of The One.

  2. “Based on the lack of response to this particular post, I’d say the rest of us are numb by now.”

    I know I am. But right now I dont know what else to say or do that hasnt been said already.

    “He and his henchmen in the Imperial Congress will bury it alive with nary a whimper from any of us.

    I think this is a little too pessimistic. A lot of people have been screaming about Obama until they are blue in the face to no avail. I think we will now move into phase two of Obama. The first was to keep him from being elected. That seems highly unlikely now. With a DNC media and a Republican that most people cant get excited about.

    Phase two is going to be fighting against a president Obama and as you put it so well an “Imperial Congress”. I think this fight will have more legs to it. We will have four years to tear his philosophy apart as opposed to one election season. Will it be tough? You bet. But Obama is on dangerous ground. If he proves to be less then the Messiah he has been built up to be he will be crucified. If he does move hard left he may be the best thing to happen to Conservatism ever.

    I think the scariest thing to me is that the next four years are an absolute unknown. There is a feeling in the air that almost has the feel of a Cuop d’etat about to take place. Everything you have known is about to be radically altered and it seems that no one cares. So I understand your frustration. But believe me, people care. And I dont think 230 years of history is about to go out the window because of one Manchurian candidate.

    Just an amusing side note. My word verification for this comment was “redsy”.

  3. Obama gives me the BIG time. Let’s just hope that when he finally comes out of the closet that there are enough people in the military and the intelligence service who will openly rebel and refuse to acknowledge such a liar and traitor as chief commander. Because of this I feel he won’t come out just yet, not for several months. He wants to get settled first and root out those in his administration that he cannot trust.

  4. i was going to go back to vh’s essay and read it, but i suppose i felt a bit overwhelmed by the look of it. even a non-fanatical follower of the US election like myself feels like they’ve just had enough of it after a while. with all due respect accorded to vh’s considerable research skills, from which i have benefited myself, i feel that the time has come to sit back and watch what happens now in the states.

    as i commented to the baron a while ago in an e-mail, the scale of the issue of islamization is too vast and overwhelming to be able to take it all in. indonesia is a very long way away from the UK, and even certain european countries are endlessly baffling in their attitudes to what is happening in their countries. i can’t get my head around spain, let alone that incomprehensible archipelago that indonesia is. was there ever a geographical formation less well qualified to be a single country? i am trying to think of one…

    barry soetero will now get the chance to display his true colours. the rest of us get to sit back and watch.

    anyway, i have looked at vh’s essay now. islam sucks as hard in indonesia as anywhere else, i conclude.

  5. Bari is nothing but pure American establishment. He has Zbigniew Brzezinski as his foreign policy advisor, the same bright spark who armed the mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 1980s. He may as well make Bin Laden secretary of state and donate US Marines to Javier Solanas toy Euro Army. he wouldn’t be at all out of tune with this previous conduct of the establishment that gave us the independence of Kosovo.

  6. ‘Surrealistic’ describes the events surrounding the ascend of The One quite well. I’ve briefly noted the similarity to the rise of fascism, with due credit given to Jonah Goldberg, who in his book Liberal Fascism set out to show the similarities between the ideas, past and present ideas, Hillary Clinton, and those of fascism.

    Amazingly, the Hillary juggernaut derailed. Perhaps things would have been better, had that not happened. While she’s a leftie, she’s at least an American one.

    In her place came a similar, yet different, candidate, in that Obama has an obviously murky and not particular American background. But Obama is a nice guy, and no one of sufficient influence seem to be able to bring it to themselves to truly bring him down.

    There is something inherently eerie about watching this, for the mechanism of hinging all your Hope on one Great Leader, whose main promise is Change, is parallel to classical fascism. It’s all for the Greater Good.

    For the research presented by VH, the main reason for me not to comment was that I have no competence in doing so. The facts speak out for themselves, and I have nothing, absolutely nothing, to add.

    A secondary reason is that this is, in the truest sense of the word, an internal American affair. I am quite certain that electing Obama will probably bring a *lot* of trouble to us in Europe, but I can’t prove it, and blaming Obama for failures not yet done is futile.

    Perhaps this documentation needed to be out in the open months earlier, that The One would not have been able to marshall such insane amounts of support. For which he will obviously feel grateful, and be inclined to ‘return favors’.

    HH is spot on when he looks at the ‘advisors’. Look out for Colin Powell getting a fat piece of the cake for the clichés he threw in for Obama lately.

    I’ve said this quietly before, but am getting clearer about it: I believe the current federal system of the US has fundamental flaws, not least the electoral part of it. I’m in no way qualified to identify these flaws, nor to suggest improvements, but am feeling relegated to having to watch this, indeed surrealistic, game play out.

    Weird times. Indeed.

  7. Steve Sailer has taken a keen interest in O’Bama and has just published a book on him which can be downloaded before publication, see here

    John Derbyshire has reviewed it thus:

    … Steve Sailer gives us the real Barack Obama, who turns out to be very very different — and much more INTERESTING — than the bland healer/uniter image stitched together out of whole cloth this past six years by Obama’s packager, David Axelrod. Making heavy use of Obama’s own writings, which he admires for their literary artistry, Sailer gives the deepest insights I have yet seen into Obama’s lifelong obsession with “race and inheritance,” and rounds off this brilliant character portrait with speculations on how Obama’s personality might play out in the Presidency. …

  8. American Posters! Attention

    This is a test of your courage.

    1.When we talk about the 3rd.Reich, every schoolchild knows the name of monsters like Mengele, Himmler, Jodl, Rosenberg etc.

    2.The Communist killed more than the Nazis but WHO did it? Stalin and Mao come to mind but they did not kill millions by themselves.
    Then WHO? Tell us names!

    3.Currently we are standing baffled and horrified at the prospect of Obama presidency and nightmarish images of our future flutter.

    Do you have the courage to name, identify, those individuals who are backing, financing, supporting this guy? Those peoples are not ghosts, but flesh-blood individuals. Bush and the Pianist were coward bastard when they talked about “Religion of Peace” and groveled to Islam.

    So, who is Axelrod? Pritzker, Soros, Sandlers, Dershowitz, Medea Benjamin,…the list is long.
    If I told their bio will you call me RACIST?

  9. Bart, this is the kind of information that needs to come out well in advance about any candidate. One of the reasons one should *not* have someone jump from a few years of senatorship to POTUS.

    One needs time to analyze the background, writings, ideology of the candidates. There has been an extreme lack of due dilligence regarding Obama. Now we get it out, merely a couple days before election time, probably too late to make a splash. Anyone believes MSM will bring out this?

    Simple common sense should have sent this guy packing to Hawaii months ago.

  10. I am going to post this article over at forum. I have always kept in the back of my head the knowlege of B. Huseins muslim heritage. I heard him even say in an interview, “my mulim religion”. I think that I will fast a pray this coming Tuesday that he not get elected.

  11. Having just returned from Eurabia (France) I am still catching up. In scanning I didn’t get down to the Obama part. Having now read it, I can say, “So what?” A few more facts but I am already prepared to survive for 4 years. The US is lost until the rest of America wakes up – and they will. But if he wins I’ll be flying my American Flag at half-mast for a week.

  12. Obama is dangerous in any religious, multi-religious or non-religious shape he might take. I don’t know what is more despicable – to be a Muslim or an Islam sympathizer and to hide the fact or to listen to Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for 20 years and to pretend not understanding well what he said. Or to accept shamelessly choruses of children singing Maoist hymns for the glorification of your own person.
    In any form, surely he will be appeasing Islam and all the enemies of his country, at home and abroad. Obama’s main problem is not one of origins, but of character. I don’t know if the US has ever had a president with so many things to hide – past, upbringing, friends, collaborators. His life is a twilight zone. The mainstream media refused to approach any unclear aspect of his life – any other candidate would have seen his political career destroyed if he had 1/10 of the obscure life episodes this guy has.

  13. So, who is Axelrod? Pritzker, Soros, Sandlers, Dershowitz, Medea Benjamin,…the list is long.
    If I told their bio will you call me RACIST?

    In other words: they say that behind any strong man there is a woman. Guess who is behind a strong black man?

  14. VH,

    In your piece you linked to a quote which you apparently translated from Indonesian into English:

    He went often to the mosque for praying [translated]: “he was very often in the prayer room, Barry was then quite a religious Muslim.”

    Could you tell me who said those quoted words?

  15. armance:

    The point I wanted to make is this:
    You will read only whining, endless lament, victimization, – as if a faceless curse descended upon the US consisting of ghosts.

    It’s false premises. There are large group of people who initiated, supported, financed this permeating internal rot since the 60-ies.

    They must not be named!

    Without the courage to name your enemy you already lost and so deservedly.

  16. For me, having followed closely the misadventure of B-HO, for the past twenty months, nearly all of the info in VH’s essay was already known to me, some of it quite a while ago.
    That may be the case for most of your American readers. For your global readers, it may be that they read it and feel there is nothing they can say or do, and they would be correct. It is up to the American voters to determine this election.
    No disrespect to VH, for his hard work. I have limited time each day to go on the innernut, and a long list of sources I read, and comment on.
    I would like to add that, based on a tightening of polls, and the traditional oversampling of Democrat voters in these polls, B-HO’s coronation is very much in doubt. With the new audio tape released today at NewsBusters, of B-HO’s plans to bankrupt any new coal fired plants, he may lose Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and WV. He is burnt falafel if he does.

  17. I haven’t read any comment so fat but, Dymhpna, what an essay.

    First, I read the piece of VB and did not like it. It was too boring so I jumped to the part about Obama. I did not like it too.

    Baron and Dymphna, I think all your aproach to these elections was a big mistake.

    First you lost many people simply by not commenting it. You should have tryied to explain Obama as soon as it was remotely possible he would win. You not lost me because meanwhile I discovered “Drinking with Bob” who kept me more or less informed about what happened there.

    Also, your aproach to Obama was not famous. You should have attacked him and his policies and not raise doubts on wether he’s a muslim or not or if he’s born here or there. A few quotes from his books would have done better.

    I think we at GoV only realised it when it came to us. I didn’t commented it because it was too conspirational… a man is trying to destroy America and you keep saying: be aware that he’s a muslim, he was not born here… What the hell does it matter???

    Just look to his mother, his father, his “achievments” to what he says he defends. I also did not commented because his education tells us all we need to know. And to protest about you’re way to deal with it.

    In the end it is your fault, not ours. Your report about Obama, in my opinion, did not met the quality standards of the Gates of Vienna blog. Also, in the end, the shepard was right:

    “God Help America? No, no, no…
    God DAMN America!!!”

    What does that means to me in a purely personal way:

    I always wanted to visit Cuba while Castro was in power. It never happened. But I know Cuba will be there, and probabily will be better without Communism.
    I thought America would stand forever. Now I feel I had more than 200 years to visit America and I failed them all. I will never see America…
    That was exactly what I felt during 9/11: I’ll never see New York at it was during its zenit.

    It’s a very big part of the world that dies…

    “Oh Lord, can’t you…”
    The flag will never be the same

  18. All this information about Obama is out there, and the moron supporters of Obama say it is hate-speech and smears. Since when did the truth become hate – the truth is what it is – the truth. It seems Obama’s supporters do not want to hear the truth and will vote for Obama no matter what.

    Obama says he is a Christian and has NEVER been a Muslim even though the facts show the exact opposite. You can’t even argue with Obama supporters with the facts – they go lah, lah, lah while green foam bubbles out of their crevices.

    Why bother responding to another post pointing out the truth about Obama? The ones that need to listen to the truth refuse to do so at all costs – perhaps they all need a slap upside their heads to dislodge their brains out of their gullets – I’m sure swallowing all of that shizz must be difficult.

  19. I agree with what VH wrote, the problem is that at least half of our population has gone completely crazy, evidenced by Obama’s lead. We get the government we deserve, unfortunately.

    Any “debunking” of the origins of BHO is likely to cause the opposite effect of its intent: to make people cling more tightly to their caricature of him.

  20. Dymphna, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and don’t comment much but I think you and The Baron are insightful thinkers and you keep me coming back day after day.

    I try and stay positive but yes, I think what’s going on is unstoppable. The vast majority out there are ignorant of what’s happening in the world. Obama is just another sympton of the disease.

    Most in the West have been living in relative peace and stability since WW2 and are in for a shock methinks.

    I can’t remember where but recently I read a comment that said something like:

    “who can stop the madness going on in the world? Who can turn things around and save Western Civilization and the values it represents? – of course, the answer is – no one can.”

    I hate to say it, but i agree with that statement. I think it’s too late and as the English saying goes – there’s going to be “trouble at Mill.”

  21. It’s just weird with this election. It looks pre-determined. Lots of fine bloggers have weighed in on the faults of Obama, to no avail. Here at GoV that has not been the main focus, and I liked that. I don’t think spending a lot of effort on the election would have made much of a difference, but it would have distracted us from the main mission.

    I think we’re headed for a chaotic revamping of democracy. To say the least.

    A return to the times when democracy meant ‘rule by the people’, not ‘picking who the elite suggests’.

    My dream is that of a bottom-up democracy, where the town, the county, the state and finally the federal system are relevant, in that order. Federal last.

    The systems, both in the US and the EU, have become extremely top-heavy. There are gravy trains to be ridden, and politicians ride them with glee.

    And the economy is in shambles. What a mess this will be.

  22. Glancing over the comments, one idea leaped out at me. That the B-HO supporters have made an emotional attachment to their candidate, not a rational one.
    Words will not alter that attachment, only reinforce their commitment.
    So, for those supporters of his, who still have functioning synapses, a short post with video.
    Cult Of Personality.

  23. Bela, same rule applies to your comment. The use of the N word is not necessary to make your point. Thus I deleted it and have reposted it here.

    Please refrain from unnecessary name-calling. It reflects badly on our blog.

    Here is your amended comment:

    Bela said…
    On more serious note:

    The fact that such a large segment of the society supports this CANDIDATE – and with such a fervent zeal – is the proof that the internal rot of America is on par with Europe’s, not any less.
    Like it or not there is no way back: I put the blame on the ineptitude of Jorge Bush and his entourage, the Pianist with the “Religion of Peace” mantra, this old RINO, stuttering airhead: the — strength is proportionate with the Rep. weakness.
    (don’t know what to replace that one with, since I’m not sure where you were going with this).

    Marx won: my experiences telling that once the Commies grab all the power they will hold on to it forever, no matter what.

    Isn’t the same case in Europe, Asia or Lat.America?

  24. Zenster, I apologize:

    I did an amended version of your comment with the N words deleted, but now it doesn’t appear.

    If you have a copy, pls feel free to put it back in, with the embed to that post you reference.

    Haven’t finished my coffee, and somehow Edtion 2 of your original remarks, minus the offensive part, was swallowed by blooger.

  25. Afonso…

    You continue to leave umm..fascinating?…comments. I love this one:

    I haven’t read any comment so fat(I’m sure you meant “far” here, right?) but, Dymhpna, what an essay.

    First, I read the piece of VB and did not like it. It was too boring so I jumped to the part about Obama. I did not like it too.

    Baron and Dymphna, I think all your aproach to these elections was a big mistake.

    First you lost many people simply by not commenting it. You should have tryied to explain Obama as soon as it was remotely possible he would win. You not lost me because meanwhile I discovered “Drinking with Bob” who kept me more or less informed about what happened there….

    I’d love to have a forensic psychiatrist interview you sometime, Afonso. For the life of me I can’t figure out if you’re a naif, suffering from a bad case of ADD or simply rude.

    Or could it be a cultural thing? Which doesn’t make it all right. This is an American blog, son.

    You are correct in one regard: there is a whole lot of overload everywhere on Obama and this election. However, because we chose not to post on it till closer to the election does not make our point of view “boring”. Like many others, our silence reflected an unvoiced despair.

    As I have said repeatedly, get your own blog and do things right. Then you won’t feel compelled to come over here and give us advice on how to run things.

    Meanwhile, keep hanging out with Bob and the Booze.

    As Joshua pointed out, VDare is a very good site for information on Obama and covers him with far more depth than we do.

    I have downloaded his book — all 265 pages! — until I can get a hard copy.

    You might do well to visit the site and read what he has to say…

    Darn it, Joshua, I wish you’d provided a link. Now I have to go hunt one up…


    Catchy title. Now there is definitely an acceptable term to replace the N word: “half blood prince”. It’s not exactly accurate since I believe O’s Kenyan daddy did have some Arab DNA floating around, but I’m not sure of that. I do know he was an ambitious s.o.b. and O wants to be like him.

    Second best for O would be to replace his dead daddy with strong authority figures in his life. Which O proceeded to do. Were O’s daddy still alive, these guys wouldn’t have nearly the influence they do — daddy would be calling the shots.

    I hope Steve Sailer does a bit of analysis on O’s experience (so common to children now and so decisive in the formation of their character) of being abandoned by his dad and then having the misfortune of only being able to talk to his papa’s grave.

    BTW, Afonso, while I’m thinking of it: no more links to porn material in your comments. As I have said repeatedly, this is a blog that homeschooled children read. They don’t need that. Link the porn over at Bob’s place but not here.

    Once more with feeling, Afonso, hoping I can penetrate your cranium, I demand that you to either BEHAVE or be gone.

    I prefer that you stay; you are a valuable and colorful contributor. But this blog is NOT about Afonso and it’s not the place to link to pornography.

    Get a grip.

  26. Dymphna, clearly you and I disagree about the post’s content. Since Dr. Manning covers the entire racial spectrum in the epithets he directs at Obama, I find little that is offensive about them. Further, Obama has worked very hard to earn such derision and scorn from America’s Black community.

    By projecting himself as a Black, Obama’s actual communist leanings and terrorist affiliations promise to set back race relations in America by several decades.

    Thank you for at least explaining why my post was deleted.

  27. “It’s precisely the opposite, Putin and Medvedev are fighting against the corruption.”

    Simple interpretation:
    Everybody is corrupt 1) because it is local tradition going back to Mongols 2) because most of these people were part of bolshevik regime or at least their relatives 3) because without corruption you cannot do business or win a law-suit 4) because there are no clear rules for fair play

    In such surroundings you can sweep anybody into a rubbish bin claiming “fighting corruption”. Those who fit to your power clan you simply do not persecute or reduce persecution to minimum. You can also convert the culprits into your clan-belief (KGB methods).

    It does not matter whether you are russophile or russophobe. The only thing which matters is whether you understand all these things or not.

    Likewise it does matter very little whether I am antiamerican or proamerican, anti-israeli or antiisraeli.

    The only thing which matters is the real knowledge, experience and capacity to work with the facts – which must be on the table first.

    Your capacity of thinking can be fabulous, but knowing very little you have simply no chance at all to come to any valid conclusion.

    Comparing islam to Russia I must say it is easier to follow something with very distinct nature from the scratch (most of us have done a very good job) than understanding something which might be somehow “similar” but never is in the way expected.

    We corrupt Russia further and incite her to do more evil by showing her we are ready to be fooled, we never learn. If you can show Russia you know how it works her power will diminish…and maybe starts considering having democracy as a viable way to the prestige and power.

    You can clearly heal Russias inferiority problem by debasing yourself to a lower level – showing your taste for violence, treason and corruption. That would be a solution…

    If you “love” Russia, corrupt yourself to show them they are the model to be accepted and praised.
    To show them you take them seriously…

  28. Let’s just hope that when he finally comes out of the closet that there are enough people in the military and the intelligence service who will openly rebel and refuse to acknowledge such a liar and traitor as chief commander.

    Since those people in the military and the intelligence service didn’t rebel against the liar and traitor Bush, I’m sure they’ll acknowledge Obama too.

    Thank the neocons for Obama. The US is clearly ******. It might go down even faster than Europe, which means that American conservatives lose their only consolation.

  29. Dymphna,

    it is my little opinion.

    “As I have said repeatedly, get your own blog and do things right. Then you won’t feel compelled to come over here and give us advice on how to run things.”

    You can’t have a little criticism? I am not telling you “how to do things”, I am just saying that “I did not apreciate how you did”.

    “no more links to porn material in your comments.”

    It was not porn! It were two models.

    “I demand that you to either BEHAVE or be gone.”

    OK you did. But that was not porn, come on. I will not do it again but, porn???

    Meanwhile: “I’d love to have a forensic psychiatrist interview you sometime”. That is a very scary and very rude way of starting a comment. Really.

  30. “that was not porn, come on. I will not do it again but, porn??? “

    I can’t evaluate Afonso’s claim, since apparently the comment that contained the alleged porn links was removed by the blog administrator.

    However, I would say, so what if it was porn? I can understand a blog not wanting porn links in main articles, but if it’s porn links in a comments field, big deal. And my opinion on this is augmented all the more when it comes to matter whose definition is in dispute, where one person says it is porn, and the other says it is not porn.

    Afonso, if you still have the link to the alleged “porn”, could you post it on my blog, The Hesperado? Thanks.

  31. It was not porn – according to today’s standards (even if it was porn according to 40 years ago standards, which for me is enough), but it was misplaced on this site. It didn’t add or subtract anything to the content of the post.
    Sorry, but I have enough indecent or misplaced images from the mainstream media in real life – the same as I have enough of PC coverage. I don’t want to see them multiplying on GoV. In this respect, I agree with Dymphna. I hope that this site will remain a breath of fresh air, both regarding decency and non-PC attitudes. Supposing I want to see Playboy, it’s displayed everywhere around me, I don’t have to come here to see it again.

  32. Dear Erich, I am very sorry for replying so late [was on a location without internet connection], but here is the info you where asking for:

    The quote is by Rony Amir, Barry’s teammate/playmate when he was living in Jalan H Ramli [H Ramli Street, Jakarta], and is taken from the article US Senator RASA Indonesia / Bocah Negro Gemuk Itu Rajin Ke Mushala [translated: “US Senator with Indonesian flavour [or background] / The chubby Negro child was a dilligent Mosque visitor”]. The link is here.

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