Man Arrested in Philly for Wearing a McCain T-Shirt

The video below is very disturbing. A man wearing a McCain/Palin T-shirt wandered into a post-election celebration in Philadelphia for Barack Obama, and was arrested. The ostensible charge was that he was drunk and disorderly, but watch the video and see what you think. The chanting and booing of the crowd is particularly ominous:

[Update: Jim C. says, “You can turn off the popups. Click on the little triangle at the lower right corner of the video. This brings up a drop-up with 3 squares. The topmost is a dog-eared square. Hover your cursor over it and a tooltip appears saying ‘turn off annotations’. Click on the square to do that.”]

Yes, I know the “Anti-Christ” pop-up is annoying, but I can’t do anything about it. Try to ignore it.


Hat tip: JD.

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12 thoughts on “Man Arrested in Philly for Wearing a McCain T-Shirt

  1. You can turn off the popups. Click on the little triangle at the lower right corner of the video. This brings up a drop-up with 3 squares. The topmost is a dog-eared square. Hover your cursor over it and a tooltip appears saying “turn off annotations”. Click on the square to do that.

    I think this has to be done for each video you want to suppress the annotations on.

  2. It is possible that arresting him may have saved his life. I know this won’t be popular, but use common sense. People are ecstatic over the victory of Their Man over Da Man. Walking into a crowd of mostly black Obama thralls as a white guy wearing a McCain Palin T shirt is provacative, and just plain foolish. The election is over, and we have more important things to do than picking useless fights. We have battles, not petty squabbles ahead of us. We need to be better than the victors of this election.

  3. I’m inclined to agree with Jewel Atkins. The crowd is overexcited. If this guy was even slightly drunk and likely to get argumentative / confrontational, things could easily kick off. The police were right to remove him for his own protection.

    I wouldn’t draw any hasty generalizations about “Black behaviour” from this. The same could easily apply at any large overexcited gathering. Why do you think they keep opposing fans separated at English football matches?

  4. Didn’t I warned you people?

    Yeah, yeah, Europe is doomed, this and that…

    When I said that America should focus on iself first and bomb Serbia later there were always one or another “American patriot” chanting f**k Europe, was it not?

    So, maybe this is Bela’s popcorn…

    Just a question: Does this pass over Fox News or are they too busy saying Mrs Palin thinks Africa is a continent?

  5. And I don’t think Jewel has made a good point at all.

    If the man was there he has the right to be there. If he gets beated it is his problem, only then the police could do something.

    He did not apeared drunk to me.

    And I think it is not very much usefull to compare the average citizens in the U.S. to football hooligans or heavy metal / heavy rap lunatic fans.

    I thought they were normal people. Yes, they were black, they were Socialist, so what?

    Here, this only happens when the King of Spain is in the House of Parliament and a drug addicted apears screaming log live ETA…

  6. I also think the police acted in the best interest of the fool. They tried to reason with him. It was only when he pulled his arm away the police took action and arrested him. They simply could not let the situation get out of hand.

  7. I have foretold what is going to happen many times on this forum in different threads.

    I had told that every Marxist takeover is engineered and financed by Bolshevik J***s. Just watch the lineup.

    I also had said that the foot soldiers (the mob) will consist of the underclass – and Dymphna seriously condemned my choice of words. You will see more and more wild actions perpetrated by the “street people of color” against anybody suspected of offending the Messiah.

    What you don’t know – yet, that Marxism is a strict, dogmatic ideology akin to a bizarre religion like Jihad: Jihadist must crush the infidels according to the Quran, Marxist must crush the “class enemies” or “class aliens” and this is written in the Manifesto.

    To wit, the terror will unfold on two level. On higher up, instead of Gulag and reeducation camps – which is bad for the “image”, ACLU type lawsuit will silence anybody by simply bankrupting them:
    You can Google up the personalities who run the ACLU, Southern Pov.Law Center, etc. – all belong to the Chosen People.

    On local, lower level like schools, workplace, streets etc. Law enforcing Agencies and the well known “ANTIFA” type mob together will arrest and prosecute everybody.

    This is not a sci-fi scenario but this is what always happened in Europe, Asia, Lat. America in similar situation.

  8. Clearly the cops were just trying to protect this guy. Note the cop in the beginning has his hands over the McCain/Palin shirt. This guy was a fool to go in there wearing that. The Obama supports were overexcited (a few of those screaming women sounded out of their minds) and he was risking a beating going into that crowd, and race had nothing to do with it – just as with a sporting event that gets violent, this is about tribe mentality and domination.

    The guy was stupid, the cops were smart. But that doesn’t mean Obama and his people ARE free speech friendly. Everything they did during the campaign says they are not.

  9. The cops should have escorted him to his car, which he was indicating was beyond the mob.

    And arrested anyone in the crowd who then tried to assault the guy en route to his vehicle.

    But they went for the easier path of arresting the peaceful individual over possibly having a riot start because of the hysterical mass of Obamatrons.

    Bodes ill for the future of free speech in the streets of America.

    Work to defeat the aims of the crypto-Marxist Barry the Cipher and his machiavellian handlers.

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