Joran and Natalee — Act II

It’s the weekend, and that gives us the excuse to veer off-topic for a little while and take a look at Joran van der Sloot. If you followed the Natalee Holloway case, you’ll remember that Mr. van der Sloot was a prime suspect in her disappearance back in 2005 on the island of Aruba.

Now Joran van der Sloot is back in hot water again, this time in Thailand. Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated a couple of Dutch-language news articles, and follows them with his own commentary. First, from De Telegraaf:

Shocking evidence after an undercover action by Peter R. de Vries

Joran is trapped again

Joran van der SlootAMSTERDAM — Joran van der Sloot fell for it again! For the second time, now in Thailand, he fell for an undercover operation. In this operation it is documented how he specialized in the sale of young women.

The suspect in the case of Natalee Holloway offers Thai women for sale in Bangkok to the Dutch pro market. He delivers girls for €10,000 each, who can work ‘for a mere $300 monthly’ in local bordellos, he said. The undercover operation is again the work of the Peter R de Vries team, and lasted for several weeks. An undercover operator pretended to be a Dutch pimp and worked Joran in a trap. Joran fell for it, big time.

Hotel room

Yesterday De Vries showed exclusive for the Telegraaf the raw shocking undercover images, who will be broadcast coming Sunday. In it Joran is visible in a hotel room, with two Thai prostitutes present, explaining his business. The new trap was set after De Vries earlier showed to seven million viewers Joran’s confession. This was broadcast all over the world. In a specially rigged Range Rover Joran admitted he took the American girl who disappeared to sea and dumped her. During conversations in the hotel room he said he can deliver women on a weekly basis. Visa and passports are not a problem, so he claims. “I’ll arrange it, don’t worry about it!” The girls think they will attend dance classes, but will actually be forced to work six days per week in bordellos.

– – – – – – – –

De Vries: “The tapes show how little respect this 21-year-old has for the lives of others. The fact that after the disappearance of Natalee he went into selling women shows his character in a nutshell.” According to De Vries, Joran is guilty of a very serious crime. “Preparing to smuggle humans is a criminal offense. This can land him into major trouble in Thailand.”

The operation was running until yesterday afternoon. While Joran van der Sloot thought he was chatting on the Internet with his business partner, he was chatting with De Vries. Naively Joran blabbered that he was keeping a low profile for the moment until the announced broadcast (relating the Natalee Holloway case) about him was past. After that, he would be into business. About Natalee he didn’t fear anything. “They can’t find a thing.” Also he informed his business partner he would set a Thai killer on De Vries, to solve his problem. “I don’t care what it costs,” he said. On the tapes one can see that Joran lives in a big mansion in Bangkok.

The lawyer for Joran, Mr. Bert de Rooij, refrained from commenting on the latest accusations, as he hadn’t seen the program yet. “I will wait until after the program has been broadcast.”

Joran’s response:

He claimed he never really wanted to supply women, and said it was sheer bluffing. “I didn’t do it! I just said something.” he told reporters. Joran responded exactly the same way when he discovered his confession about the death of Natalee Holloway was taped. “I see this as a reflex” said De Vries. “In conversations with our informer and over the Internet he was crystal clear about everything”

H. Numan’s commentary:

Do you remember Joran van der Sloot? The man who — in all likelihood — killed Natalee Holloway? His father was a big shot on the islands, and arranged matters. Joran appeared to get away scot-free. Not quite, though. A very good investigative reporter, Peter R. de Vries, did much better than the Dutch police and was able to get a full confession out of Joran. This was major news in both the Netherlands and America. Peter de Vries got an Emmy award out of it.

Sadly enough, Joran disappeared and escaped Dutch justice. Having a daddy who was going to be a judge and knows the ins and outs of the legal system does help. Joran fled to Thailand. Where he is right now. One might think Joran at least learned to keep a low profile until the whole affair quietly went away. Not at all. Joran found a new hobby: he is in business now. Smuggling women for prostitution, that is.

Once again Peter de Vries was the man who uncovered his new activities. And once again he trapped Joran into making a full confession. Hopefully this time he won’t be as lucky as he was before. Normally the Thai authorities take a very dim view of foreigners who blacken the name of the country, and most certainly when these people are into trafficking women. Daddy can pull some strings in the Netherlands, but I very much doubt if Daddy can save his darling son this time. At best and for a gigantic bribe, he might be able to enable his lovable son to flee to another country.

Only where can he hide now? America? Holland? Cambodia? North Korea?

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  1. Yeah, so my account at Little Green Footballs was blocked tonight. No reason given. The only thing I did was post a link to a story at my blog while, perhaps a really crappy story, was otherwise innocuous. Just some good clean fun and I wanted to highlight a comment from one of my readers.

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    I recall many of the folks over there saying some really nasty stuff about this blog, but I thought that was all in the past and peace had been made. Did I miss something? Or does someone see something in the post I made over there, besides the crappiness, that would cause it to be banned? It’s not like I can ask the folks at LGF, I have no way of communicating with them.

  2. I know. I got blocked from LGF recently simply for up and down dinging comments. I’ve only commented there 5-6 times over a period of 2-3 years. I just like to read. But I down dinged Charles’s comment and next morning I was blocked. Totally frustrating. One thing we need more than anything in these difficult times is dialogue.

  3. Ahh. You may be own to something. I down dinged a comment and shortly after was blocked. So I checked and unfortunately, the down dinged post was of a reader that had down dinged my post. I didn’t down ding it out of malice. I down dinged it because it was like the 50th post on how Al Franken was stealing the Minnesota senate election. Enough already, right? Like you, I have rarely commented over there and have never had a problem before this. If that’s all takes over there, then to hell with it.

  4. At the risk of actually addressing the story at hand, I’ll wager the following:

    Since Thailand cooperated in the extradition of terrorist mastermind Hambali, it should be no great shakes to extradite van der Sloot so that he can come stateside for a well-deserved date with Mr. Needle.

  5. Thailand has some serious sex-crimes problems. I hope they throw Van Der Sloot in the can.

    However, it seems to me that we are falling down in educating young women to make more rational, deliberate choices. Holloway would be alive had she demurred going off with Van Der Sloot and stayed with her friends.

    Too much in the media gives young women the idea they are invincible, can do anything, and should not exercise caution and judgment with men.

    I would hope we extradite Van Der Sloot for the murder of Holloway. But it would have been better to prevent it in the first place.

  6. Babs, a guaranteed way to get under Chuckles’ skin is to say what I said when registration was opened:
    “Yay! More people for Charles to ban!” I got banned immediately for saying that. I have since delinked from LGF (Not going there has been painfully slow withdrawal)And I have enjoyed posting more at jihad/dhimmiwatch and Gates of Vienna. The discussions are far more free, and knowing that I won’t be banned for simply disagreeing with someone is more productive for the creative juices.

  7. Indeed, it appears that this Joran van der Sloot is a bona fide PSYCHOPATH just like Ted Bundy.
    You may remember that when justice (long delayed) was finally served in Bundy’s case, it was not “Mr. Needle”
    but rather “Ol’ Sparky” who took care of the problem for us.
    If I remember correctly, there were some idiot protesters outside the prison where Bundy was to be executed
    holding the usual “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” signs and spouting other assorted claptrap.
    There were also counter-protesters waving frying pans and a local radio station was instructing listeners to turn off their radios for a couple of minutes at the appointed execution time so that “the grid would be at full power.”
    One can only hope that van der Sloot will get the same consideration when the time comes!

  8. I am not signed up on LGF because I found the posters opinion vacuous but I rate the site as news aggregating spot.

    Today I stopped by only to see the usual fear from gathering storm of the Eurofascists and followers of Fjordman.
    One of the link referenced at Oyvind Strommen of whom I have faint memories as a hardcore Communist – LGB best buddy and to much of my surprise, I encountered a pleasant surprise at his blog,

    He selected MY comment as his choice for the worst;
    Since it was my post thus I have the right to quote in italic type:

    “Fjordman does not want to speak about the facts. He only wants to speak about his own variety of moral panics.
    One of my favourite comments was this one, from a kind reader calling himself B”:

    You Bolsheviks keep kicking the dead horse —fascism— to divert the people’s attention from the bloody terror what your comrades committed in Europe.
    How many people died at the hands of the vile communist animals like you and how many died at the hands of skinheads?
    How many Communist butcher was ever apprehended or held to account? None.
    F**k you ultimate trash of humanity.

  9. Thanks a lot Bela, you just conflated us with skinheads.

    Send Oyvind (promulgator of “class conflict”) a copy Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest to see what the enlighteners of humanity* did to Ukraine entirely in accordance with Marxist Leninism and Diamat.

    (Or the –“Russians”– if you are Bela.)

    If Oyvind Strommen really knew what he was talking about, if he was really intellectually consistent, he would join us.

  10. homophobic horse:

    Thanks a lot Bela, you just conflated us with skinheads.

    How come? I spoke in my own name, not in yours. What I have gotten to do with the skinheads? So what is the matter with you: do you disagree with the opinion I post on a different blog than this?

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