Fjordman Crosses the Atlantic

Or at least his book Defeating Eurabia does. A reader in Los Angeles sends some good news for Americans about shipping from Europe:

Dear Baron,

Please inform Fjordman that my copy of his book from Lulu arrived in Los Angles good condition in just 6 days from when I ordered it. I’m looking forward to reading all the articles I missed before.

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6 thoughts on “Fjordman Crosses the Atlantic

  1. Well, I can’t say the same about shipping to Austria: I have been waiting for my copy for more than a week. Still hoping and waiting…

  2. We might be cheeky and offer the book
    with an innocent face to the organizations responsible for school education in EU and EU states.

    It might stir more discussion.
    And we might have adds for free.
    Associations of teachers and uni stuffs?

    Enjoying opposing views, stirring vivid discussions is a very Western approach indeed:

    “In Mekor Boruch, an eyewitness account is given of a discussion which occurred between Disraeli, the British Prime Minister, and Bismarck, head of Germany. Bismarck complained about the lengthy meetings he had to contend with, before he could attend to his projects. Disraeli answered that meetings with people could be seen in an entirely different light. By hearing opposing views, one could acquire new insight. By working together with people, far more can be accomplished than by single individuals. Bismarck was amazed, and inquired as to the source of this idea. When it became clear that Disraeli had done some research into his Jewish Heritage, and that the idea had come from Talmud,
    Bismarck — a notorious
    antisemite — grew silent. “

    EU MP a Czech Arabist Jana Hybašková – right now engaged in coordinating various matters including replacing wrong EU financed textbooks in Palestine with Israelis and other proIsraeli matters – might discuss this book with the Israelis. Send her a copy. I might check her reaction on her official web-site.
    Maybe finding her Israeli official partners addresses would be more engaging – supply all of them.
    By working with them she crossed the Rubicon already, more will come out next 6 months. Let us try. (I do not say we can have success making the step one).

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