This Race Was Never about “Race”

NOTE: This is another one of those rants that began as a comment and turned into a rant because it grew too long. Thus its appearance instead, here on the front page.

Matrix: Path of BHO

My dander was gotten up by one of Bela’s remarks on the post “Socialist Warning Signs”. He said:

Except for blacks, Mexicans etc., who are revered in this new “Negrophilia” – Whites are racist trash, Ghetto Blacks are the new Übermenschen.

European leaders stoop for the Muslims, Americans stoop for the Blacks.

I thought I could unpack this statement and take apart its premises in short order. But the longer I looked at those two or three sentences, the more I realized how many presuppositions were imbedded there.

The following is my unpacking of Bela’s race- and class-based suitcase:
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Obama has as much in common with a member of the American underclass, black or white, as you do. If you knew many of them, you’d know how far off-track your statement wandered.

For heaven’s sake, man, this is not about the “ghett-ooo”. O’s mother was a member of the American middle class. She was a fellow traveler of people like Bill Ayers.

Mamma had Obama via a Kenyan and then later married an Indonesian who really fathered him. Mamma’s belief system was that of an anti-American communist and later, a trans-nationalist. Were she still alive, his candidacy would not have gone as smoothly as it has but you can safely bet she would have been buried by the media.

When O got back to Hawaii from Indonesia as a ten year old, he went to a private school, not to the ghetto. He is as much a stranger to that place as any reader on this blog.

When you say “Ghetto Blacks are the new Übermenschen” you demonstrate a simplification of the issues thrown into the cauldron of this campaign. Which shows you don’t get it.

Americans are far more complicated than you claim. Maybe European leaders “stoop” for race, but Americans are embroiled in a fight that is only tangentially about racial matters. This fight is centrally about culture; those are two different species entirely. They only meet at certain points on the political compass.

The threads of discord that began to show frankly in the American social fabric go back to the ’60s, though their previous colors began to appear in the ’30s.

Bill Ayers & Co. were determined to radically alter the cultural tapestry of this country. Patriotism, the Constitution, and the melting pot values of the average American were going to be tunneled through by using the institutions already in place.

These now-quiescent terrorists entered the academic arena and set about their work systematically. In Ayers’ case, in Chicago, he used the criminal organizations, infiltrated the city’s political machine and lured in governmental money and foreign cash for his various “foundations”… all in aid of the higher absolute: the Gramscian agenda.

Obama didn’t choose Ayers; Ayers chose him and began inserting him into the Chicago establishment. And I think B.A. was as surprised as the rest of us when Obama won the Democrat nomination so quickly and so out of turn. He fully expected to be grooming his man for another few years as he climbed the rungs in the Imperial Congress.

Biden the verbose and colorless, was chosen as O’s running mate because of his useful idiocy and his long experience in the I.C.

Biden is a political hack. He has lusted after the presidency for so long that being handed the v.p. nomination filled him with gratitude. He knew he was never going to get the top seat after his plagiarisms continued to stick to his public record. However, continuing to put himself in the running every four years gave his name voter recognition. So he was acceptable for the role of invisibility that is the essence of the vice presidency in our country. There his lack of integrity wasn’t a threat to the voters.

But here’s the real deal: having him on board set up the necessary liaison with the legislative branch, a liaison the new administration still needs, despite the greedy shine in Pelosi’s eyes over in the House. In the Senate, it is Biden who has been in harness a long time. He knows where all the bodies are buried, where all the closets are with their rattling skeletons. He knows who to push and when… and most of all, how hard.

Political pundits are taking Biden’s comments that a “bad event” is going to happen in the first year of the new administration as simply another example of Biden’s tendency to shoot his mouth off. But I think he’s setting us up for something… I suspect it is the chaos that will ensue as O sets about transferring the currently private pension plans (the 401ks) to governmental control. Jus think of all the money that move will make available for spending. Some people are already scared about that, but most aren’t even aware of it. When they find out, it will be too late…

If this election were about what you say it is – i.e., the assumption of power by an underclass/ethnicity ensemble – then you’d have seen a lot more of the usual suspects front and center, touting for Obama. But Jesse Jackson and Sharpton, and all the front men for the black underclass Grievance Committee have not been much in evidence during this campaign and they have little to offer. In fact, they’ve been cut out of it because they sing an old tune. Which is not to say that the O campaign isn’t delighted to have diverted you and others into thinking that he is part of that group. This means more of the black vote is his.

Nope, this is about the assumption of power by the trans-nationals, those harmless – we thought – old hippies who were about to age out of the system. Instead of leaving quietly they are using their Manchurian… umm, make that Indonesian… candidate to cash in on all those years of hard work in the mines of the academy and the media.

It helps that O “appears” to be black, because not even the Left is willing to vote in a member of the underclass. If the underclass bothered to vote, they’d steer clear of him too if they thought he was a homeboy. One of the features of that class is fierce envy – no one should rise above the violent, indolent crowd and actually achieve anything. That would be acting white.

This charade is diabolical. You have only to look at the efforts of conservative blacks to know how the bias works. Google Michael Steele’s campaign in Maryland to get a look at this process in action. Very few blacks supported him; Steele is uppity. And here is his opponent’s (the winner of that campaign) record in the Senate. Cardin is as socialist/liberal as the Democrats are capable of making them while still being “mainstream”.

Obama is definitely the One. He is the one the Gramscians have been waiting for. That he fell off the tree and into their laps must have seemed a great blessing – or it would seem so were they not atheists and thus do not think in such terms. His empty suit was waiting to purchased and filled with just the right image to satisfy a broad spectrum of the ignorant, the scared, and the scheming.

Perhaps it would help your thinking to visualize current American culture as a festering boil and Obama as its core. Once this giant pustule erupts all over us, it will take generations to clean up and detoxify the resulting mess. The whole country will be infected for at least a generation, maybe longer. We are still diseased from the FDR experience.

This race has never been about Race. If you think it is, then you have been successfully beaten back by one of the shields the Obama campaign has used to push past the barrier to victory.

For many Americans resigned to the coming horror show, the only bright spot is the ascendancy of Queen Michelle. Petulant, spoiled, and aggrieved past anything dreamed of by Marie Antoinette, she will be our entertainment. Since her anger includes her husband — whom she considers inept — watching Obama nervously dancing to her tune in an attempt to allay her anger may be the only diversion we’ll be able to afford by then.

10 thoughts on “This Race Was Never about “Race”

  1. Even if Obama’s agenda is not racial whos to say that black America will not see it as such? Pastor James Manning has predicted an upsurge in black violence and intimidation of whites if Obama wins. That strikes me as being very likely. Whos going to explain to black street rioters that Obama is not really black but rather a transnational Gramscian?

  2. Prety decent rant really Dymphna, I feel you have summed up the political undercurrents as well as anyone (and far better than most of the Townhall columnists for instance) – quite right to point out BHO is Ayer’s man, and not the other way around. BHO really does seem to be the ultimate expression of the Gramsci project, the real live poison mushroom*.

  3. Dymphna has put her finger on the correct spot. Obama is the creature of Ayers and crew who mean to be the founding fathers of the USSA, United States of Socialist America.

    If you were designing him on a drawing board, you could not have gotten a better fit than Obama for Gramscian purposes. He is American Idol personable, the right color to lock in the non-white vote and liberal “I’m so enlightened” vote, lacks the intelligence to dissociate himself from his red diaper baby upbringing, is a raging narcissist who writes serial autobiographies about his non-accomplishment and is easily led by his inner coterie that is 100% far left. He will posture in the White House and on the world stage and sign anything his puppet masters put in front of him.

    However, this manifestly manchurian candidate would not have stood a chance if leftists had not done the spadework of infiltrating the mainstream media and public education system, warping people’s thought processes, creating a fallow field to plant the unthinkable.

    Their frightening success is evident in the number of previously conservative commentators who are buying the poison and helping to sell it in the late stages of this run.

    They wring their hands over Palin’s being “a heartbeat away from the presidency” but pull their punches with the manifestly even less qualified black heartbeat OF the presidency and his hack back-up.

    The media are dragging this corrupt lying socialist fool over the finish line. Sure they’re dying slowly like the dinosaurs they are but they’re bound and determined to take the entire country with them, and communists employ propagandists galore. The media figure they’ll land on their feet in the New Era when Bill Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist becomes Founding Father Ayers, Hero of the People and Superintendent of Education i.e. Indoctrination.

  4. Maybe the uninterrupted chain of mistakes he is going to do always on the brink of ridiculous, after realizing politics are not altogether about rethorics…will push him in the only durable source of consolation – the lovely ME peace process issues and mercyful ME boys free of any contradiction.

    They might create some Potemkin successes for Him over there in ME – making fun of him in the long term.

    (Our media would follow eagerly, at least something! adamant to make fun of him in the short term only).

    ME fun-raisers humiliate him in purely islamic way as an enduring symbol of the detested Western white and the detested African black man at the same time. No freedom! It is irresistible. They have to do it, they started doing so already with our Condy – with much fun and success!

    On that day – there will be no other more lonely figure in this universe (as some folktales might say).

  5. Dymphna:

    Your reprimand for my diction or wording used in my post is duly noted and your angle of indignation is well understood.
    English language said to posses the largest vocabulary among European tongues yet there are few things for which there is no proper expression.
    I used the word “underclass” for many of the protagonists in our thread; – the proper expression would be the French “sans culotte”.
    (1. An extreme radical republican during the French Revolution.
    2. A revolutionary extremist.)

    This is an eclectic group of billionaires like Soros, anarchist, Communist, Che, Ayers, Ghetto Blacks (Obama has a strong ghetto accented English) or Noel Ignatiev the Jewish Univ. professor who wants to “abolish the white race”, ACORN activist etc.

    These people are forming a strong social class and bond which cannot be classified as traditional middle class.

    I alluded that once Obama takes over, the “sans culotte” class will rule; – may be you can coin the proper word for this pernicious social class.

  6. Maybe European leaders “stoop” for race, but Americans are embroiled in a fight that is only tangentially about racial matters. This fight is centrally about culture; those are two different species entirely.

    Culture evolves genetically. Race and culture go together.

  7. I’ve already held my nose and voted for McCain, simply because he’s the candidate most likely to defeat Barry the Bolshevik. I could pretend that my vote was motivated solely by opposition to Obama’s redistributionist program, and had nothing whatever to do with race, but anyone with more than one active brain cell would know it’s a lie. We all know which races stand to gain the most from economic redistribution, and which race stands to lose the most. I forget who said it, but, “In a multi-racial society, an election is merely an ethnic headcount.”

  8. Wonderfully stated, Dymphna. Though you posted it before me, I didn’t see it before I called him a Manchurian Candidate. It hit me this morning as I was reading.

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