The Obama-Palin Ticket

Howard Stern went to Harlem to ask black voters their preferences in the presidential election. If they were for Obama, he followed up with more detailed questions about Obama’s specific policies — but he threw in a little twist:

Hat tip: Abu Elvis.

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23 thoughts on “The Obama-Palin Ticket

  1. This is precisely why the absolute right to vote needs to be done away with. Either that or give “idiot tests” every four years about common current events and such. If you fail, you dont vote. Hopefully a lot of these morons wont even show up to vote. Even THAT takes too much effort.

  2. Those who were forced into slavery have moral standing; those who go willingly have none.

    60% of this nation is going to be enslaved against our will because of an idiot and slavish mentality and fraud. If Obama wins, he will have no legitimacy.

  3. spakle.. you are WRONG!
    the problem is not that these people don’t know what they are talking about. the problem is that Obama is completely unelectable and that the press portrais him as very electable. They believe the press.. they believe that he is a nice guy. If the press would work correct the people would know that Obama is corrupt to the core. So, fix the press, not the people!!

  4. Costin, Problem with that is, the press is us. How shall we correct the press?

    Problem with the politicians is, the politicians are us.

    My point is that we are no longer have the same quality or character, in the majority, that our predecessors had.
    So, how can we be expected to retain what they passed down to us? We don’t even understand the value of what we have.

  5. you are right but I don’t think that you are right completely. We are not the press. the press is the MSM which doesn’t pursue those values you talk about. The people (the proles, in these Orwelian times) are a lot more connected to common sense issues that the elite in the media and politics, and what the world needs in times like these is a leader of quality and character. this is not the case with either McCain or Obama… just that Obama is really scary

  6. costin,
    Barack Hussein Obama may be corrupt, but that does not make him unelectable at all. You are trying to use logic here. BHO will win because the sheeple want a change and McCain is seen (correctly) as being the most Bush-like. I still can’t believe “open borders” McCain is the best the Rs could come up with.

    People care most about the economy, and Bush is at the helm. “The buck stops here”, pun intended.

    Thank you, “Islam is Peace” Bush for helping set this situation up. In a way, the Republican Party deserves to lose this election.

    Four years of pain for future gain, ala how the Carter years led to Reagan, lies ahead.

  7. Without a doubt, it is the mainstream media, dying but still poisonous that has made a two-biography narcissist with laughable pretensions into a contender for the presidency.

    If nothing else were different about BO and he either looked white or was completely white, is there anyone in America that thinks he would have gotten out of the Chicago Augean stable with his paper thin resume and his 100% bad associations?

    The old saying applies: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. Starting with his wife and substitute father figure, the not so Reverend Wright, Obama has an inner coterie made up exclusively of America haters who want to change everything that has made it the envy of the world. All anti-Americans abroad see him as their dream candidate.

    His supposed giant Harvard-educated brain thought there were 59 states, claiming to have campaigned in 57 of them but not Hawaii and Alaska!

    Any one of his scandalous ties or ignorant gaffes would have sunk a white or conservative candidate.

    The media has made POTUS just another affirmative action job.

    The MSM is far left of the public (as documented by voting registration patterns of over 80% Democrat among media movers and shakers) and has made this far left candidate the front runner by suppressing all the bad about him including his extreme socialism and presenting him as some cool black rock star Messiah who will do the impossible and rain down handouts on 90% of the electorate from his magic money pot. If there was ever a chap to kill the golden goose, to stomp on an already struggling economy, he’s it!

    The America that thinks Jon Stewart is a trustworthy news source, the 90% majority black mentality that votes for anyone black who promises handouts (therefore never for black conservative candidates), the PC liberals who get a frisson up their leg at proving their non-racist bona fides by electing an unqualified black to the presidency, the excitable economic illiterates who think a socialist is going to save them from global financial upheavals, these brain dead constituencies are voting for the puppet of George Soros et al, herded like sheep for the shearing.

    The communist Gramsci plan is coming to fruition. Militant leftists have grown the number of useful idiots to critical mass through their hammerlock on public education and the media that reaches the masses – television.

    As insurance, they have a plan in place to steal millions of votes through ACORN and other left wing tentacles.

    The last bulwark protecting Western civilization against the cancer of socialism is crumbling despite grassroots non-statists/conservatives fighting a gallant fight. Tragically, they ended up with McCain who despite basic decency or perhaps because of it, is not the man for the job of exposing and beating a shameless charlatan. To be fair, he’s boxed in by the media. Whatever move he makes against their messiah will be proclaimed evidence of his angry instability and unfitness for office.

    Conversely, Obama could drop his drawers and moon the great nation he’s out to dismantle, and the media would proclaim it’s the most beautiful full moon they’ve ever seen.

    Shed tears for America and for the shrinking world that does not want this beacon of individual freedom extinguished.

    Future historians if they are allowed to write the truth in a post-America world will pinpoint this election as the pivotal point in the fall of the United States. Just as with the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a perfect storm of other factors will be listed such as Muslim and Mexican barbarians at the gate, loss of equality before the law, official multiculturalism, decline of Christianity, economy destroying environmentalism etc. etc. It’s hard to believe a world without America will have freedom of speech so such future historians will have to write samizdat in totalitarian societies at great risk to themselves and despite a feeling of hopelessness because there will be nowhere to escape to and longer.

    It’s like watching a Shakespearian tragedy writ large in our own lifetime except we can’t go home at the end of the play but have to live the tragedy.

  8. laine.. great insightful comment. and i think that you are true: this is the beginning of the end. What are the chances that after this nutjob gets the presidency a Reagan will appear from the blue? and after 4 or 8 years, won’t he be to racist and capitalist to be elected anyway?

    also if one of them will be elected, the damage BHO will make will be very difficult to fix

  9. Laine: The media has made POTUS just another affirmative action job.

    Now, that’s going to leave a mark!

    In an age of lies, America’s beacon of enlightenment has become, to this world’s anti-human factions, an arc light whose actinic cast exposes their glaring incompetence. Small wonder that so many seek to extinguish Lady Liberty’s lamp. The prospect that a principal player in this obscene Grand Guignol could end up directing it from the Oval Office is nothing less than an ultimate perversion of everything America stands for.

    As to this thread’s original topic: While Stern’s interviewer may have cherry-picked his responses, there can be no doubt that Obama has played the race card with all the finesse of a poker sharpie. I refer you to my Gates of Vienna article from April of this year, “One Drop of Liberal Blood.

    Obama is gaming an already broken system with what would be almost awesome mastery if it came from an honest player. Instead, we are treated to the spectacle of what may easily be the most cynical manipulation of America’s electorate in its entire history.

    Over a year ago at another online forum, a commenter laid bare the media’s agenda in plain speech:

    Either the Fourth Estate is allowed to advance its anti-Western agenda or it shall promote a distorted world view and political slate that will leave America utterly vulnerable to its most vicious enemies.

    I knew then that this was the truth and the ongoing election cycle has only hammered this home in spades.

    On a final and disturbingly reactionary note: Buy guns. Lots of them. Buy even more ammunition. Learn to reload your own brass (guns are useless without ammunition). Spend lots of time at the range. Stock up on some basic disaster survival supplies. Know thy enemy. We are most likely in for a patch of really rough sledding.

  10. Some people have stated that the Republicans chose McCain, because they knew he wouldn’t win and knew what was coming (the stock market, housing collapse) Leaving this mess for Obama. Then in 4 years they will have Romney run and whip up on the Socialist from Chicago. What are your thoughts?


  11. A polling organisation (can’t remember which one) pulled exactly this stunt in the UK. Surveyed people’s attitudes to BNP policies without telling them the policies’ origin. Something over 60% agreed with them.

    Would they vote BNP? Oh no.

  12. On a final and disturbingly reactionary note: Buy guns. Lots of them. Buy even more ammunition.

    Problem with this in New Jersey:
    Long guns require permits which require fingerprints: do you want your prints on file in times like this? Secondly, one cannot even obtain a BB gun without a permit — unless you want to do an automatic 3 years.

  13. I should’ve added: Should one go into debt to purchase a gun given the economic collapse or should one get what one can now and hope he can pay it off in the coming hard times.

  14. Costin-

    Sorry. I simply disagree. The press could be as straight as an arrow and you would still have a huge segment of the electorate who are completely ignorant and simply have no interest in issues or the candidates. I would love an honest media, believe me, but these folks do not read newspapers, blogs or even watch TV news.

    They get their info from friends, church leaders, music radio stations, MTV and gossip magazines. All they have to know is that Obama is not a Republican, wants to “help” the poor (hand outs) and is black. Case closed. I can think of nothing worse then my fate being in the hands of an uneducated electorate who pull the lever and dont even know why. It is the tyranny of the masses that de Tocqueville talked about at its worst. That is why I believe the absolute right to the vote needs to be re-examined.

  15. If Obama gets elected (and I certainly hope not), I can see only one plausible explanation:

    White guilt

    That, not white pride or racism, is the real problem of our time. It led the Democrats engineer the financial crisis (it has been a real eye-opener for me), and it frustrated all Republican attempts to dismantle it in time.

    It deflects all criticism against Obama for lack of principles, experience and toughness. He’s ‘likeable’, sure, but as for his suitability as president, I rate him completely off the scale. Colin Powell, on the other hand, seemed a good choice for a coloured president, had he wanted to run.

    My sister-in-law (she’s American) is absolutely Obama-focused. She gets pissed when I talk about the causes of the crisis, for she assumes that I’m trying to change her vote. Instead, I’m just doing what good, democratic citizens need to do, to take interest in actual issues, and they look bad for Obama.

    There has been much talk about America standing alone while Europe falls prey to Islam. I take that as an expression of pride (the negative “We’re-better-than-you” kind), not a rational assessment of the situation.

    If the US government had fiscal responsibility, it would not interfere in so many irrelevant places. For the simple reason that it can’t afford to. Clinton was a good budget-balancer, but the tradition he set for international interventions (44 of them in just 8 years) set a precedent that doesn’t hold under less budget-conscious presidents like Bush.

  16. I think Spackle is spot on with this solution.
    If the state demands people obtain a driving licence before being let loose behind the wheel, or that a doctor first be trained before he can practice medicine, then should not everyone be required to prove they understand the wider consequences of specific policies such as raising taxes or increasing handouts to single mothers, before they are allowed to vote?

  17. Woden-

    Another positive aspect about issuing tests before voting is that besides weeding out the idiots, it could actually entice people to pay attention and LEARN about the country and world at large. Its win win as far as I am concerned.

  18. Spackle, I think that is a really good idea!

    Doing so would not only have the consequence of raising awareness of actual issues (as opposed to “My candidate can beat your candidate”). It would also hamper any effort from Islamist side to direct the vote of those submitting to their ancient Arabic tales of plunder and violence.

    Not bad, not at all.

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