Our Man in Nairobi

This video describes Barack Hussein Obama’s taxpayer-funded efforts on behalf of Raila Odinga’s campaign for the presidency of Kenya. The relevant portion begins about six and a half minutes into the footage.

The reader who sent in the tip said, “Better save a copy of the vid before YouTube deletes it.”

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7 thoughts on “Our Man in Nairobi

  1. It’s absolutely insane that the United States can even contemplate electing a person such as Obama. You look like a defeated nation to the rest of the world if you elect an individual who has for an entire generation been a member of an organization dedicated to hating the founding, still-majority population of the country. Only a few years after the Jihadist attacks in 2001, Americans are about to elect a man with the middle name “Hussein” who has received education at an Islamic madrasa. Meanwhile, the Saudis are buying your universities and the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating your country.

    Maybe Multiculturalism and cultural Marxism will lead to the downfall of the last superpower, just like Communism led to the downfall of another superpower. You don’t necessarily need Islam to ruin a country; it just helps a lot.

  2. Actually the whole world seems to be in love with Obama, more than the Americans themselves. Recent polls show that the Europeans would vote for him – if offered the opportunity – up to 70%, in some countries. It’s sickening and hilarious at the same time to see and hear odes for this nullity from the North Pole to the South Pole, on every newspaper, magazine, TV channel. Really, I’m almost frightened to open a publication these days: I’m sure I’ll find another article glorifying Messiah and how he will make the world a better place.

    Did he do something worth mentioning in his life? Did he ever say something memorable – except some blah-blah about “hope” and “change”? Then why all this noise about the Big Zero?

    Barack Obama is a man who lacks any substance, as a politician and as a person. He is entirely the product of the media and is created by the illusions of the Western leftist activists who, I guess, have been longing for a long time for their own Mao and Kim Ir-Sen. These Western activists had the ideology, but, to complete the picture, they missed the master, the Great Comrade, the One for whom their children should sing hymns about spreading happiness and freedom, “Obama’s gonna change it/and rearrange it”, etc. Now, they have it all: the ideology, the Beloved Leader, the songs. The picture is complete, their dream has come true. I guess if he is elected president, some people will joyfully march in public squares on his birthday, by their own will – unlike those in the Communist countries, who were forced to do so.

  3. I agree with Fjordman, it is indeed scary that the american people are going to elect a closet muslim for president. This will not only affect the USA but the rest of the world as well and I don’t mean in a good way.

  4. Armance,

    “Actually the whole world seems to be in love with Obama, more than the Americans themselves.”

    That is because “the whole world” do hates America.

    Obama is loved because 1) he is a marxist/leftist and so all leftists like him.
    2) because he is the dilution of America. You see the majority of leftists would rather help Hitler than recognise the vallue of America. America is the “Great Satan”. And those who are not on the left, hate America because it is “better” than them. Everybody hates America, even Europeans.

    That IS why Obama is so loved overseas. I am the only one who do not hate America 🙂

  5. Some of the more religious say (partly tongue-in-cheek): “Antichrist. His identity is to be revealed after that which is restraining him is removed”.
    Hmmm…that’ll get me locked up in a couple of months.

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