4 thoughts on “Light Posting

  1. Oh no…. I never know what to do without your posts, Baron. Hopefully this will inspire Dymphna to post some stuff (I do so enjoy her posts).

  2. Archonix–

    A few of our readers *like* my long silences just fine, believe me.

    In practice, it’s a matter of a willing spirit and a weak body. The gap between my rhetoric and my reality has assumed majorly dysphoric proportionsm though there does seem to be some improvement of late.

    It is so maddening to want to do things and not be able to.

    This damned disorder also makes it difficult to think. What takes a “normie” 15 minutes to write takes me an hour and then some. Often I get lost in the middle and wander off to weed the garden until my body reminds me again that I shouldn’t be doing that.

    Recently I started a post that was to be a follow up to the Baron’s essay on “Our Own”. I wanted to discuss the matter of scale when it comes to just how many people we can actually, truly care about. As you can imagine, one can get lost in the labyrinth of tangential material on that subject. Which is what I proceeded to do, forgetting to take along my red thread. So I never did find my way back.

    Now it’s time for my nap before facing the dreaded news feed..the contraption is performing ugly tricks in the Baron’s absence.

    There are loads of good tips in today’s mail. Heaven only knows how many I will manage to cobble together, never mind getting them in their correct categories.

    I think the problem is that the Baron changed the format on the news feed in response to readers’ requests and the Access program he wrote doesn’t respond the way it did the last time I was called into the game as a sub. Kind of like having to use a wooden bat when one used to the aluminum kind.

    And as the Baron says, he can create programs that are Dymphna-resistant, but none that are Dymphna-proof. Yikes…too true.

    Meanwhile, I have two great essays from guest posters and I’ve yet to format them so they can go out. I apologize to you guys — maybe today?

    But first I must take that doctor-prescribed power(heh)nap. And then

    …and then, arrgh! — the gruesome news feed. Good thing none of y’all can see that particular sausage being stuffed into its little casings.

    I can only pray that all of y’all are reading the news feed because building it is a mighty chore…for me, not the B. He just flies through the tips while also working on two other things at the same time. Mathematicians seem to be like musicians — i.e., they don’t slow down as they get older. In fact, they seem to go faster.

    I think maybe the difference between us is that he has a bicameral brain and mine is ummm…somewhat more primitive.

  3. Dymphna, if you have ADD or something like that, have you tried supplementing with Iodoral? I can relate to your issues all too well (hypothyroid, too), and I recently found out I wasn’t taking enough Iodoral, oral iodine, so when I quadrupled the dose to 60mcg/day, my focus and motivation returned. Most American women are severely deficient in iodine.

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