7 thoughts on “Islamophobes vs. Homophobes: Who Will Win?

  1. Still, the MSM arduously avoids any speculation with respect to why Liberals continue in their defense and support of Islam even as they are increasingly put at risk by Muslim practitioners of shari’a law.

    Go figure …

  2. This growing tolerance of Islamic homophobia by the Marxist left has been a running theme of Bruce Bawer’s, both in his very good book “While Europe Slept”, and on his blog.

  3. The Marxist left never had any real use for gays, just like they never had any real use for feminists or Jews. They were only interested in those groups in relationship to how effectively they could be used to hurt the West. Once they found a much larger, much more destructive and dangerous group to patronize, they made their choice, and it wasn’t gays, Jews or feminists. Gays like Bruce Bawer who didn’t see this coming all along are pitiable fools.

  4. Queen:

    Bruce actually saw this starting at the turn of the millenium, well before others.

    In fact, many on the left STILL refuse to see it.

  5. zero: I meant that Bawer did not foresee that the liberal-Left (with which he self-identifies) would ditch him in the end. He was happy promoting the liberal-Left and its Gramscian attack on the West as long as his skin wasn’t in the game. I have little sympathy.

  6. Anyone willing to bet that some Muslim group steps forward to say that, because the two perps were consuming alcohol, they are not true Muslims and their actions do not accurately represent Islam?


  7. Quite a toxic stew the Left has concocted. Any one of the ingredients will make you ill, but together, perhaps they will do what their one of their heros said evolution accomplishes.

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