Defending Fjordman

Robert Spencer has leapt to the battlements in a spirited defense of Fjordman against charges of neofascism and white supremacism:

The learned European essayist Fjordman here reviews Ali Sina’s Understanding Muhammad. Since Fjordman has been accused of being a white supremacist and a neofascist, some people have also accused me of being a white supremacist and neofascist, because I publish his fine essays on jihad and the Islamization of Europe. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say that while white supremacism and neofascism are wrong and should everywhere be opposed, I do not believe Fjordman is a white supremacist or a neofascist. What many have taken as “white supremacism” is his interest in trying to stem the tide of immigration into Europe, which threatens to make Europeans into minorities in their own countries, and — because the immigrants are overwhelmingly Muslim — to create a series of Sharia states across Europe. In 2006, well before he began to be accused of race supremacism, Fjordman wrote this:

We shouldn’t idealize mass-immigration too much. When one group of people move into a territory where another group of people already live, this has usually throughout human history ended in war. Either the newcomers will be expelled, or they will subdue or wipe out the previous inhabitants, or the groups will divide the country between them.

I see little reason to expect any different result where the indigenous population happens to be white. […]

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More recently (two weeks ago), the genuinely neofascist VNN Forum (an evil site to which I will provide no link) criticized one of Fjordman’s articles about Europe for not blaming Jews for the problem. VNN Forum writers called Fjordman “a neocon jew-ass-kisser who is either oblivious of the fact that jews are responsible for what is happening or is aware but doesn’t have the guts to name the jew.” They also pointed out that “the Brussels Journal is never critical towards the Jew” and went on to complain that “multiculturalism stops when the Jew is down and out. Those Islamophobic ‘nationalist’ parties accomplish nothing….I would rather see anti-synagogue marches over anti-mosque ones. The mosques become a non-issue if you defeat the wretched sheeny.”

I would rather stand with Israel, and Fjordman, than with those racist neofascists.

Go over to Jihad Watch to read Fjordman’s review.

Hat tip: Paul Green.

13 thoughts on “Defending Fjordman

  1. I had this to say at Spencer’s place:

    Jews rock. Just watch the number of Nobel prizes they take. Also, they manage to have a pretty good economy in Israel in spite of being short on natural resources.

    I have a ‘Buy Israeli’ editorial pinned to my fridge. It will remain there until anti-Semitism (anti-Jewish sentiment) is eradicated from Denmark.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. Maybe extreme white and extreme black should support each other…

    Sarcasm off

    I remember the hatred our EU black people have for the so called Arabs. A Dutch friend of mine who had the good/bad luck of being of Angolan/European descent (i.e. mulatto) was frequently mistaken for an Arab by Arabs and had to listen to their rants against white/black people. They were a bit offended, since he did not like to join their supramacist paleonazi club…

    What a pity Obama did not go through a similar ordeal.

  3. Czechmade:

    You will be amused to know that over the years, in the US, there have been several meetings between the heads of various black and white racist groups.

    And every time I have read about, they have all come away surprised and delighted to learn that they had few areas of disagreement, if any, on basic principles.

    The idiot press reacted with wonder every time.


    Fjordman rocks.

  4. Joeblough and Czechmade.

    That is a fricking point to “Nationalism”. Nationalism and Imperialism are different things.

    If two populations are wishing to cooperate to save their peoples/cultures, etc and if there are no “superior interests” to these “pure and noble” vallues, then everything can be surpassed.

    Here, I don’t think non-European immigrants would get along with Nationalists but, the Gypsies who have been here for five hundred years would handle it nicely. At least, I’ve seen indications of such.

    The Jews are very complicated… they – and I mean historically – have been getting quiet well among the high classes but terribly with the lower classes, maybe because the Jews always want something more than the gypsies.

    And please, don’t start charging me with racism, yet, just look to Jews and Gypsies all around Europe. Gypsies only want a minimum of land and to be let alone in their comunities. However they will not grow cultures and as such will need some economic aid (that’s the problem). The problem with the gypsies arise out of economical questions because the gypsies can hardly sustain them selves.

    So, Nationalists of different types can get together (have you notice that I’ve replaced “racist” with “nationalist”?) and when it happens, they are branded “evil racists”? Think people think…

    Stop demonising Nationalists (I don’t care about the real racists)…


    And while I am little wordy, I just saw a report over “Portuguese immigrants being attacked in Northern Ireland due to racist motifs”. While seeing it, no one have been killed, and half of the “Portuguese” there were in fact, Africans.

    Meanwhile… in South Africa since 2000 more than 160 Portuguese have been killed really for racial hatred and the media has not made any especial report on it. Why is that? WHO ARE THE RACISTS???

    I’ll bark more on the matter tommorow…

  5. Afonso,

    Do you have a (English language) source for the reported murder of 160 Portuguese in SA?

    I’m not asking because I don’t believe you. I would just like the information so I can show it to people.

  6. Only one comment on this subject from me, and it is not intended to be offensive, simply factual:

    The Encyclopaedia Judaica of 1991 (Vol XI, p.485) states that, “It remains a fact that the Jews, either directly or through their correligionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer [Isabella’s] Spain.”

    Spain had been repeatedly attacked, other Eurpean countries too, incessantly:Robert Davis and Ryan Warren Joy indicate that between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeans were captured by North African pirates and sold as slaves between the 16th and 17th century. These slaves were captured mainly from seaside villages in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

    One is not an antisemite for not wanting to naively repeat history and be exploited by the goals and enmities of others. (Heck most Jews in Israel are not semites, it is said

  7. Its clear that Fjordmann has been attacked for his unwillingness to condemn anti-jihadist nationalist parties that have an ethnic dimension.

    For Americans It is easy to imagine standing up to an islamic invaison on the ideals of civic nationalism [bill of rights, etc] but in europe [outside france and Britain, and only sparsely there] there is nothing but ethnic nationalism. If Europe is going to survive, it will be because of an upsurge in ethnic nationalism.

    And before people start throwing their arms in the air, I would suggest you take a look at this video from Hungary Of Nick Griffin, the head of the BNP, which is widely seen as on of the more hardline nationalist parties in Western Europe.

    See how much of what he says you can disagree with.

    cos I cant find anything.

  8. Joeblough

    I did not mean “extreme white” and “extreme black” as a sort of groupies. I meant simply the skin colour. Sort of Monty Python meeting of the most recent whining victims ignored by media.

    Anyhow interesting example you gave us.

  9. Afonso, you might have noticed I am very slow in using the two words.

    I simply do not believe there are many meaningful sentences to be written down using those words.

    If I write a wonderful book in brilliant Czech somewhere in the jungle of Gabun or Brazil, or if I create a research team to discover something to serve humanity based on special atmospherics and inventiveness of a local team or I maintain publically our specific Czech sense of humor – our national flag (which does not translate into my English unfortunately, but which turns the French savoir vivre into an empty beggar´s plait), I can easily beat 1 000 nationalists in one stroke
    – the self-proclaimed high priests of one mantra only.

    Still we know for sure our nations are under threat. It might be a nice intellectual exercise to write a sort of national constitution using a language of a lawer and a poet at the same time.

    We might smoothly inbuild some elements which would decently knock the teeth of those who claim our nations are old guilt producing crap to be abolished. Being born into a totalitarian regime which makes look our present troubles like a walk in a supermarket, I can imagine how to fool, blind and tame the dragon bringing it to the stable for eternal straw chewing session, a nice zoo for sunday family trips with kids loving ice-cream and tame monstres.

    To make it more juicy, we might pretend to “fight nationalism” while the morons might starting their obligatory hands clapping, then tuning the contents in an opposite way. If you feed your cat or dog a medicine, you wrap it into something they are used to eat…you know.

  10. Islam’o’phobe,

    After a quick search on google, I did not found much.
    Actually I did not found any source to support my claims. I said what I said because I (at least thought) saw it somewhere. However I found this – and let’s not talk about decolonisation:

    From the Portuguese blog Pena e Espada (Pen and Sword) dated from january the 30th 2006:

    “Tribute to the Portuguese murdered in South Africa

    Last Saturday a tribute to the Portuguese murdered in South Africa took place, organised by the PNR (National Renovator Party) and the FN (National Front), in which I was present. At the Alameda D. Afonso Henriques, in Lisbon, 361 crosses were erected (see images in the blog), representing the number of Portuguese murdered since the ANC took power in South Africa, the crosses were destributed in order to form a giant cross, symbolizing the massacre our compatriots have been subjected to in that country.
    This manifestation was due to the fact that the Portuguese authorities simply chose to ignore this situation and because the South African authorities have conducted with despise the investigations of the repeated attacks on the Portuguese community.
    Once more, the event took place in an examplary manner and without any kind of incidents. The more than two hundred people present listened carefully the words spoken and a minute of silence was made in honour of the Portuguese murdered. Many people who were just passing by got curious and went to pick up information and propaganda papers of the PNR in a table close to the place of the cerimony, showing that the interest over a Nationalist alternative gorws in our country.
    With the media present, from televisions, newspapers and radios, there was a part of the media which highlighted what they considered an attck to the President of the Republic in the speach of the president of the PNR. José Pinto-Coelho said that Jorge Sampaio was not “The President of all the Portuguese”, but “the President of all immigrants”. I am entirely in agreement with this statement, even adding that the emigrants have been gradually despised in relation to the immigrants. Alas, it cannot cease to be funny that the usual immigracionists bring always up our emigrants to justify the disgracefull and massive arrival of foreigners in our country, but suddently they totally “forget” the cases where Portuguese are attacked in other countries, like South Africa. The Nationalists, on the other hand, always defend their compatriots, wherever they are.”

    In english I only found only this, but from 2001. You can also notice that the numbers are not the same:

    One Portuguese murdered every four days in South Africa

    Also from 2001: South African Minister of Safety and Secuity Steve Tshwete accused the Portuguese community of not shedding their white supremacist mentality.

    I think its enough for you. Now spread the word at will! If you need something more, do not hesitate.

  11. “South African Minister of Safety and Secuity Steve Tshwete accused the Portuguese community of not shedding their white supremacist mentality.”

    In a country where portuguese are already easy targets, thats like saying “LET’S GET THEM EVIL WHITE RACISTS BOYS!”

    Portuguese in South Africa have established mainly in small family bussiness, like bakeries and shops, or working as house keepers for rich white south africans. They were called Sea-kaffirs, and prefered to replace blacks in house keeping jobs.

    I remember watching for sometime in the media at least once a week reports about portuguese killed while they were tending their shops. I guess it was to depressing and they abandoned the reports, it could have led to some rising indignation, and we can’t have that from whites, can’t we?

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