Danish Ministers Reject PC-Speak

Some months ago the US government and the Pentagon adopted mandatory language guidelines which prohibit the use of words and phrases such as “jihad”, “Islamic terrorism”, “Islamofascism”, etc., when describing the goals and objectives of the “War on Terror”. To those of a conspiratorial mindset, this idiotic rule is yet more evidence of the successful penetration of the United States government by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Evidently the same PC influences have been at work within Denmark’s Police Intelligence Service. In this case, however, the common sense of Danish government ministers has won out: they are insisting that a spade be called a spade.

From the Danish Parliament’s website (my translation):

Minister rejects PET’s special language requirements

Several of the government’s ideological profiles now openly reject recommendations from the Police Intelligence Service (PET) which would downplay the link between terrorism and Islam.

Neither Defense Minister Soren Gade (V), Welfare Minister Karen Jespersen (V) nor Education Minister Bertel Haarder (V) intend to follow the guidelines of “Terminology and Terrorism”, for which the head of the PET’s Center for Terror Analysis, Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen, is the standard-bearer.

Failed English method

“I call a spade a spade. The Islamist ideology has very negative consequences, and people are well able to tolerate hearing the truth,” said Defense Minister Soren Gade to Altinget.dk

“In England they use PC-speak — and experience shows that it solves nothing. If there were ever a place with rabid and fanatical Muslims, it is Britain. Political correctness just means that you abase yourself — and then they trample on you anyway. I do not intend to be the doormat,” adds Soren Gade.

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Surprised by PET

Welfare Minister Karen Jespersen also has no intention of following the advice of PET:

“The initiative from PET surprises me, for exactly the opposite is true: there is a need. We need instead to have a debate about what Islamism is; the Islamist positions are becoming more and more significant in our society. This development will not stop because we are allowed to give it a name,” said Jespersen.

Education Minister Bertel Haarder puts it this way:

“I can understand what PET are saying, but what are the consequences of following their advice? The result would be that we must practice self-censorship and not speak about society’s biggest problems. We cannot do any good this way. We must instead make common cause with moderate Muslims against the Islamists.”

Should counter propaganda

Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen rejects PET’s recommendations stemming from political correctness:

“This is about ensuring the use of language that is as accurate and objective as possible. Terrorists are fighting not only a violent struggle, but also a battle of words. Targeted communication can counteract terrorist propaganda. Whereas the use of words that are not unique and precise may inadvertently confirm the terrorists’ propaganda,” Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen told us.

I’ll repeat once again what I have said so many times before: Denmark is the only sane country remaining in the West.

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8 thoughts on “Danish Ministers Reject PC-Speak

  1. Good for Holger Gade.Keep it up. Finally north Europeans are waking up. America is going to start having a lot of islamic problems if that damned Husein makes it into office.

  2. Some months ago the US government and the Pentagon adopted mandatory language guidelines which prohibit the use of words and phrases such as “jihad”, “Islamic terrorism”, “Islamofascism”, etc., when describing the goals and objectives of the “War on Terror”.

    At some point in the distant, or not-so-distant, future when Islam has been crushed like the ideological cockroach that it most certainly is, those in “the US government and the Pentagon” who attempted to divert our critical focus upon Islam and its jihad driven terrorism will be tried and (hopefully) executed for treason.

    I can only recall Winston Churchill having the testicular fortitude to call Hitler a “bloodthirsty guttersnipe”. It is that sort of plain language that is so desperately needed if we are to prevail over such a ruthless and Neanderthal enemy as Islam.

  3. Islam is at the very heart of the matter.

    While I respect the opinions of Muslim friends of mine, who I believe sincerely represent a subculture for whom Islam really is a religion of peace, the fact of the matter is that history has proven time and again that Islam is an ideology of armed conquest.

    If we will stand for nothing else, we must stand for the truth; to live by PC rules is to live a lie, and, with our world eroded by lies, we will soon find we stand for nothing, and will fall for anything.

    Christianity has been offended in every conceivable way; why should Islam be held in unapproachable esteem? Because it is the true religion?? If that be so, may Allah strike us all dead to prove it!

    Islam must be discussed honestly, and that means that none of its features or aspects are so sacred that they may not be addressed — most emphatically including its role in terrorism. Islam will be unable to stand up to the truth, and that will be all that is left after the lies are burned away in the crucible of honest debate.

    The faster and more vigorously the debate is pursued, the sooner the Islam that menaces the world today will be relegated to the trashheap of history.

  4. Some good news out of Denmark. Resistance to self destructive political correctness. This is wonderful to see. It does raise some questions though. Is Denmark’s relatively new resistance to Islamofascism the consequence of the character of Danes as a people? Of unusually and perhaps unique leadership in the western world? Or is it because the cost of continued acquiescence to the demands of the irrational left and Islam became finally greater than the cost of fighting back. If this is true then there is hope for us all. Standard good old fashioned game theory may get us out of this one.

    The problem with that remains the cost. If a nation waits till this is the case it usually means there is a real chance of losing it all. Actual defeat. While Denmark’s new attitude as shown by this article is refreshing and inspires hope it as likely means that they are in such dire straights that it makes no difference. We shall see.

  5. It was all going well until I read:

    “We must instead make common cause with moderate Muslims against the Islamists.””

    Oh dear. The “moderate muslim” old chestnut. File with “war on terror” and “Islam is a religion of peace.”

    Seems Denmark isn’t quite as sane as I’d hoped.

  6. Defiaqnt lion

    You are right.

    And lots of danes would agree with you that Bertel Haarder is a moron.

    Denmark isnt as sane as I could hope eather. Everything has been going down the drain in all of my lifetime.

    It a amazing there is still a little inteligence left.

  7. By the way

    Bertel Haarder is more or less just repeting the mantra of the socalled anti-jihad network named the 910 group, that was started and promoted from this site.

    isnt that interesting to know ?

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