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The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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The final chapter in the upcoming online book Defeating Eurabia will include some recommendations for what to do next. I will focus on Europe, as the title indicates, but we can also include some general recommendations for the wider Western world, Israel, North America and Australia. What do we want to achieve? What would constitute victory, or at least an outcome we could live with? What is wrong with our civilization today, and how can we revitalize it? GoV reader and blogger Natalie has some ideas. I have touched this topic a few times before, in the essay “Recommendations for the West“, and in “The Strategy of Western Survivalists”, for instance Let us expand on it.

From “Recommendations for the West”:

Upholding national borders has become more important in the age of globalization, terrorism and mass-migration, not less. No nation regardless of political system can survive the loss of its territorial integrity, but democratic states especially so. Those who don’t want to uphold national borders are actually tearing down the very foundations of our democratic system, which is based on nation states. The fight for national sovereignty is thus the fight for democracy itself, since nobody has so far made any convincing model of a supranational democracy.

We now have a political class who spend much of their time travelling around the world. They no longer feel as attached to the people they are supposed to represent as they did in the past. This is perhaps inevitable, but it feeds a growing sense of detachment between ordinary people and their supposed leaders. We need to remind our political leaders that we pay national taxes because they are supposed to uphold our national borders. If they can’t do so, the social contract is breached, and we should no longer be required to pay our taxes. National taxes, national borders could become a new rallying cry.

The West is declining as a percentage of world population, and in danger of being overwhelmed by immigration from poorer countries with booming populations. Westerners need to adjust our self-image to being less dominant in the 21st century. As such, we also need to ditch Messianic altruism: The West must first of all save itself. We have no obligation to “save” the Islamic world, and do not have the financial strength nor the demographic numbers to do so even if we wanted to. We are not all-powerful and are not in the position to help all of the Third World out of poverty, certainly not by allowing all of them to move here.
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We should take a break from massive immigration, also non-Muslim immigration, for at least a generation, in order to absorb and assimilate the persons we already have in our countries. The West is becoming so overwhelmed by immigration that this may trigger civil wars in several Western nations in the near future. We already have massive Third World ghettos in our major cities. Future immigration needs to be more strictly controlled and ONLY non-Muslim.

This immigration break should be used to demonstrate clearly that the West will no longer serve as the dumping ground for excess population growth in other countries. We have cultures and countries that we’d like to preserve, too, and cannot and should not be expected to accept unlimited number of migrants from other countries. But above all, the West, and indeed the non-Muslim world, should make our countries Islam-unfriendly and implement a policy of containment of Dar al-Islam. This is the most civilized thing we can do in order to save ourselves, but also to limit the loss of life among both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The best way to deal with the Islamic world is to have as little to do with it as possible. We should ban Muslim immigration. This could be done in creative and indirect ways, such as banning immigration from nations with citizens known to be engaged in terrorist activities. We should remove all Muslim non-citizens currently in the West. We should also change our laws to ensure that Muslim citizens who advocate sharia, preach Jihad, the inequality of “infidels” and of women should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to their country of origin.

We need to create an environment where the practice of Islam is made difficult. Muslim citizens should be forced to either accept our secular ways or leave if they desire sharia. Much of this can be done in a non-discriminatory way, by simply refusing to allow special pleading to Muslims. Do not allow the Islamic public call to prayer as it is offensive to other faiths. All children, boys and girls should take part in all sporting and social activities of the school and the community. The veil should be banned in all public institutions, thus also contributing to breaking the traditional subjugation of women. Companies and public buildings should not be forced to build prayer rooms for Muslims. Enact laws to eliminate the abuse of family reunification laws. Do not permit major investments by Muslims in Western media or universities.

22 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Thank you for posting.

    The first and most important advice should be for all Westerners to arm themselves immediately and brace themselves for turbulent times ahead. The global migration flood confronts us with instability unprecedented in human history.

  2. Dear Fjordman,

    In case you hadn’t noticed LGF had some very nasty things to post abou you today.(heh)

    I’m certain you won’t lose sleep over it however.

  3. Fjordman,

    Surely the first thing we must do is build alternative political parties that are not tainted by association with extreme right? We must appeal to the majority of our fellow citizens.

    I think the UK is waiting for just such a party.



  4. I agree with Fjordman, the first thing Westerners need to do is arm ourselves. As far as political parties are concerned, any electoral success a right-wing nationalist party achieves eventually will be met with violence from the globalist EU establishment.

    (1) Aquire arms, education, and training
    (2) Network and join/organise a group (political party, neighbourhood watch, self-defence unit, militia, etc.)
    (3) Mobilise

  5. The American problem is similar to, but not identical to, the European problem. In America the biggest threat is not Islam, or Islam alone, but Latinization.

    Recent reports are that 74% of people living in El Paso (I won’t say citizens for obvious reasons) speak Spanish at home.

    43% of Californians speak some language other than English at home.

    Read that again. Almost 1/2 of Californians, our biggest state.

    Fjordman’s suggestions are excellent but they need to be extended, in the case of the USA, to other groups. Particularly Mexicans who are litterally over-running portions of the country.

    Americans who obsess over the Islamic threat, without putting even more energy into the Mexificiation problem, are deluded.

    We are well into the process of losing our culture and suffering the same fates as the European peoples, and will continue to do so even if no Moslems were in the USA.

    Fjordman is doing a great service by pointing these things out for us, as is Gates of Vienna. But thinking Americans need to extend our critiques beyond the Islamic threats if we are to successfully defend our civilization.

  6. Zeke:

    I agree.
    Islam is no doubt the greater threat in the long run, but we Americans are in danger becoming a colony of Mexico.
    The best way to halt (or even reverse) this would be to make difficult being an illegal (a or disloyal hispanic) difficult.

    For example: Boycotting the spanish-speaking radio and television stations, make English the official language, build an actual border fence, crack down (and I mean hard time) for the employers who hire them, get rid of this “Press 1 for English” nonsense, and most of all, get rid of the “(insert group here) history months.

    To our friends in Europe, I assume a similar approach would work with Islam, the big difference being the need to scrap the EU.

  7. Ah yes, I see that the good and noble cause of anti-Islamization has, once again, been hijacked on Gates of Vienna by anti-Mexican bigotry (Hello, Zeke and Anonymous Infidel, I’m talkin’ about YOU!).

    Unlike many Muslims, Mexican and other Central/South American immigrants to the U.S. WANT to become real Americans.

    And don’t start spouting the Aztlan crap – the people advocating that aren’t immigrants, they’re the descendants of Mexicans who have been here for a long time, in some cases longer than the ancestors of “real” (code word for “White”) Americans like Zeke and Anonymous Infidel. Mexican immigrants aren’t coming to the U.S. because they want to turn it into another Mexico. They’re coming here to be part of what the U.S. already is. If they wanted another Mexico, they would have stayed there.

    Zeke and Anonymous Infidel are the latest example of a long line of nativists in the U.S. The first nativists were, of course, the Native Americans. Then we had the English bemoaning the Germans, the English and the Germans bemoaning the Irish, the English, Germans, and Irish bemoaning the Jews, the EGIJ bemoaning the Italians, and now the EGIJI bemoaning the Latins.

    Somehow the nation survived. And, interestingly, the most prosperous portions of the U.S. are those that have the revitalized population of immigrants prominently among them – is it any coincidence that the most economically and culturally backward American states, Appalachia, the “old” south, and now the rust belt Midwest, are the states with the highest percentages of “real” Americans boasting of the longest “real American” ancestries?”

    Europe has its problems. Fjordman, for all his multitudinous faults, is pointing out a real problem. But Europe isn’t the U.S., despite all the attempts of racists like Zeke and Anonymous Infidel (and the Baron and Dymphna?) to make it so for their own nefarious purposes.

  8. Fjordman said…
    “The first and most important advice should be for all Westerners to arm themselves immediately…”

    How wise, wellread and insightfull you Fjordman might be in scholary matters and topics, still you must be a fool in practical matters. You go on propagating for the same bl__dy stupidity: that “we westerners should arm ourself”, it is not only detached, it is stupid, it is naive, it childish, it is retarded. Be the first to arm yourself, Fjordman, anywhere in the EU-market + Norway, then tell us others how it is done. Next question: who shall we then shoot? Do tell us to shoot our political elite and the top EU-brass – they deserve nothing better – but even the smallest locale fish is surrounded by welltrained, fastshooting security agents. The muslim way of carrying Semtex under the clothes is a much better alternative – so Fjordman, please tell us how and where we lay our hands on 2 kilos of Semtex.

  9. The Mestizo invasion and colonisation of the US is just as destructive, in its own way, as the Islamic & African invasion and colonisation of Europe.

    Ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing, no matter how you slice it.

    The Mexican invasion of the US is a particularly nasty infection. Mexicans’ academic failures, welfare dependency, disease levels, illegitimacy, low-IQ, and ethnic chauvinism are very real problems that will only get worse. Only a coward would attempt to deny the racial realities on the ground.

    My hunch is that the commentator above (“…Gordon”) does NOT live in a Mexican-, African-, or Asian-colonised area, a.k.a. Occupied Territory. He certainly wouldn’t be the first liberal hypocrite to demand of others that which he carefully avoids in his own life.

  10. What really needs to happen across the EU is a ban on career politicians! (Especially in the UK)
    This would sweep the legs from underneath the socialist parties, and indeed all the parties for that matter. It would set the stage for new parties to emerge and gain strength, and best of all it could be achieved without falling foul of the PC brigade.
    (For obvious reasons parliament would never in act such a proposal – but I do believe that this end goal could be achieved in gradual stages – all that is needed now are some protests and a well connected pressure group!!)

  11. Former Gordon is wrong about the Mexican colonists wanting to be Americans. If anyone thinks Mexicans are just wannabe Americans, please, please come to California on vacation. Pay attention to the way young mestizo men glare at you if you’re white. Read the comments section of SFGate.com. Mexican colonists openly say they’re waiting for gringos to die so they can take over. Gordon, I’ll bet my lunch money you’re an employee of the government. People in the private sector aren’t such brazen liars.

  12. I disagree.

    Secular way is a false idea, and it is exactly the reason of our problems. If Western states did not choose secular way, they would be in a great state now.

    I believe, those countries which will be able to survive, will resemble Israel and Russia: religion is NOT separated from the state and significant number of religious people. There are also significant muslim minorities, which live separately, not “itegrated”. Both countries are not completely democratic in a strict meaning of this word.

    By the way, the birth rate of Jewish women in Israel and Russian women in Russia are increasing, mostly due to religious sector. The birth rate of arab women in Israel is slowly decreasing. Situation seems to stabilize, whereas in the West it is exploding.

  13. latté island:

    former gordon is a hardcore Leftist (Marxist) who is pushing the “Reconquista” agenda as part of his anti-Western struggle. In an earlier post he lamented the loss of his freedom to Bush but never explained what this loss consisted of. He is spewing leftist hot air in every direction.

    As I posted many times earlier EVERYBODY who is not subscribing to the Leftist (Marxist) mantra is RACIST! RACIST!
    One is RACIST if against illegal (Latino) immigration.
    One is RACIST if opposes Russian Imperialism.
    One is RACIST if against Obama.
    One is RACIST if supports ethnicity based Nationhood.

    “will be able to survive, will resemble Israel and Russia”

    I don’t know much about Russia but based on the reading material I perused recently (Jewish world review, Haaretz, Ynetnews, Jerusalem Post, Israpundit, Sultan knish) the anti-religious, hard left controls the jugulars of the Israel society and the give-away and self destruction of the country is well under way.

    The haredim are the minority and some of them like Naturei Karta and Satmar group are forcefully opposing the Jewish State.

  14. latté island:

    I recommend this reading relating to earlier post (Jerusalem Post):

    “Democrats give Ahmadinejad reason to smile

    …Following Clinton’s lead, two of the sponsoring organizations-led by left-wing Jewish Democrat activists-demanded that Palin be barred from speaking…

    more at Jerusalem Post

  15. Unopposed illegal immigration has already adversely affected places like the US. Continued willful acceptance of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe is bordering on suicidal.

    The argument for and against immigration in general, whether legal or not, can be made, but the unique dilemna that Muslims who immigrate to non-Muslim lands presents, is inarguable.

  16. The Hispanic problem in the SW USA (and in a few American cities elsewhere) is certainly a problem for sociopolitical order, but it is preposterous for anyone to argue that it is equal to (let alone worse than!) the menace we face from Islam.

    Some people are incapable of comparing two things, assessing relative degrees between those two things, and then appropriately prioritizing, apparently.

    These types of people with this deficiency in elementary logic, when they behold two bad things, X and Y, feel an impulse in their viscera, which we can palpate through the following articulation:

    1) Let us say that both X and Y are bad.

    2) Let us further say that X and Y each have numerous features by which one adjudges them bad.

    3) Let us also say that the numerous features of each, X and Y, are upon study, different in many different ways.

    4) We finally say that a relatively simple calculus forces upon the intelligent analyst a disparity between X and Y, by which one is deemed worse, and the other is deemed better.

    Now, the types of people with this deficiency in elementary logic, when presented with steps 1-4, cannot bear to acknowledge that Y is worse than X, because they think that this acknowledgement will eclipse and nullify all notice of the badness of X. So in emotional response, they indulge in logical fallacies and willful ignorance of plain data, in order to maximize the badness of X to render it on a par with Y, or even go further and claim that X is worse than Y.

    X = the threat of Hispanic invasion

    Y = the threat of Islam

  17. Bela
    In Israel, Left does control Courts and some Media, and and Israel is on retreat. However, it was like that during all her history. That’s not so crucial: offensives and retreats replace each other, but the nation lives. Importantly, nobody there calls Arabs “new Israelis” or want them to integrate. That means that people keep the core of the nation, because one’s religion is his official property. That is NOT liberal at all, but that helps to save the nation. Even living in the same country, people don’t mix, and only 2 Jews converted to Islam so far. Because they have their religion as their identity.

  18. Left is a dangerous disease, but it does not kill the nation, secularism does. So with all respect to Fjordman, his prescription is useless, its like antibiotics to a dead man. He must be alive first, then he may survive. I believe, the only hope for Europe is that it somehow miraculously reject secular way, and not only to embrace Islam but to honor its native religion.

  19. yyp:

    I do not have “reflexive” or ideology based post on this forum. Before I hit the keyboard I study the subject matter by reading relevant papers and blogs and I can support my argument with hard data and links. I was frequently called RACIST! – even a rude mannered poster but never a liar. I am very circumspect as to what do I post.

    If you follow the news the new Israel gov. intend to invite the extreme Stalinist left, the secular Meretz as coalition partner.
    An ominous sign that portend impending mayhem.
    Please remember my words in due time.

    My impression is that you underestimate the power of the Israeli secular Left which is fully supported financially by these foreign entities:


    This radical left anti Israel anti Zionist organization is financed by :
    British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Christian Aid (UK)
    Commission of the European Communities
    DanChurchAid (Denmark)
    Diakonia (Sweden)
    Development Corporation Ireland
    EED (Church Development Service, Germany)
    Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland
    Ford Foundation (USA)
    Foundation for Middle East Peace
    ICCO (Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation, Netherlands)
    International Commission of Jurists, Swedish Section
    Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
    New Israel Fund (Israel)
    Norwegian Foreign Ministry
    Shefa Fund
    SIVMO (Netherlands)
    Stichting Het Solidariteitsfonds (Netherlands)
    Trócaire (Ireland)

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