Text of Geert Wilders’ Speech to Parliament

“I prefer to call them ‘colonists’. Muslim colonists. Because they have not come here to integrate, but to take over the lot, to make us submit.”

Yesterday I posted about Dutch state television pulling the plug on Geert Wilders during live coverage of his speech to Parliament on Wednesday. Several readers have asked for a full transcript of the speech.

The text is available in Dutch at the PVV website, and our Flemish correspondent VH has kindly translated almost all of it into English. You can see why the government media blacked Mr. Wilders out: this is a real fire-breather of a speech. Don’t miss it.

Speech by Geert Wilders during the Parliamentary session
Translated by VH

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Madam President, today we discuss the budget, the budget for 2009, a humbug budget from the worst government ever. But today we also discuss the current state of our country. And whoever takes a close look at that has no reason to be cheerful. What I blame this government the most of is the damage it causes to our society. The Netherlands is no longer the Netherlands we have grown up in. There is also no longer one Netherlands. There are two Netherlands. The Empire of Balkenende [Prime Minister] is a Kingdom of Two Netherlands.

On the one hand our elite, with its so-called ideals. Those from the multicultural society, the mega high taxes, of the frenzied climate hysteria, of the unstoppable Islamization of Brussels’ superstate and the senseless development aid, the piles of money into the bottomless pit called The Antilles [Dutch islands in the Caribbean].

This elite finds everything very well — as long as the subsidy flow continues towards the VPRO [leftist TV broadcaster], Milieudefensie [Environmentalists] and the arts chiefs. They are the followers of Geert Mak [the Dutch Michael Moore], Doekle the dhimmi [Doekle Terpstra, former Christian Democrat, now Unilever officer and a fanatic anti-Wilders opponent], Eveline Herfkens [Socialist employed by the World Bank and the UN, involved in a major fraud] and Al Gore. It is the leftist canal-zone [the expensive property at the Canals in Amsterdam where most leftist celebrities live] and their sticky friends.

But all these so-called ideals of the political elite are minority projects. There is almost no one who still believes in it, except for an ever-smaller gang of leftists hanging on the taxpayers-drip and with permanent jobs for themselves at a subsidy nipple, the government, or a lobby club. Professional Muslims, professional climate fundamentalists, professional chairmen, professional lobbyists.

One of those is Bert Bakker. We still remember him — until recent a parliamentarian for D66 [set up in 1966 to achieve more democracy, but now a leftist appeasers party]. And what tough politically-correct talk he uttered. The PVV party, he said, are all racists, all thugs. He had this written up in the newspaper. But alas — thanks to the action of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs, ms. Koser Kaya took Bert Bakkers’ seat here [after the last elections].

And now Bert tries to scrape some money together as a lobbyist for an aircraft manufacturer. And thus he also visited the PVV. A little bit of licking, a little driveling. Well, we have told Bert Bakker that he can take a hike. Lobbying is ok, but not with us. And then suddenly Bert turned like a leaf on a tree and look what I now found in the post: a real apology. Geert, sorry, you are suddenly not racists anymore.

Look, that is the way of our elite. In public they express politically-correct tough talk. And as soon as they have a little job they send little apology letters. Some people have ideals and are steadfast. Others have a spine full of whipped cream. Bert Bakker is a symbol for the elite. Rather a fat bank account than principles.

But alas, Madam President, there is also another Netherlands. My Netherlands.

The other Netherlands consists of people who have to pay the bills. Literally and metaphorically. They are robbed and threatened. Who sigh under the load of the street terrorists, under high taxes and the desire for a socialist Netherlands. They are the people who do not get anything for nothing. They are the people who have built up our country. They are the people who have never believed in the leftist project of the multi-nonsense or climate rubbish or our donations to the cocktail-mafia on the Antilles.

They are the people who are rarely heard here in the Lower House in The Hague. They are dismissed as trailer park trash and xenophobes, as little provincials.

This government puts down this double Netherlands. This government chooses consistently for the Netherlands of the elite and not for the Netherlands of the ordinary people who have to pay the bill.

Who is wondering why it is that Dutch people are increasingly cynical about politics should look at these two Netherlands. They must wonder how we can achieve ONE Netherlands.

Nowhere the differences between what the Dutch find and what the elites find is sharper than in the case of mass immigration. Nearly sixty percent of the Dutch people see Islam as the biggest threat to our identity and also nearly sixty percent finds mass immigration to be the biggest mistake since the war. But here in the parliament hardly six percent believe the same thing.

This multicultural society is an expensive business. Thanks to a study by the CPB [Government research bureau] from a few years ago, we know that an average non-western immigrant family will cost Dutch taxpayers 230,000 euros. That is more than one hundred billion euros in total. President, one hundred billion! That’s how much we lost to their multicultural project. One hundred billion euros.
– – – – – – – –
Just think of what we could have done with that money. We would have been able to arrange a private room for all the elderly in nursing homes many years ago, each with a private nurse. We would have, so to speak, been able to stop working from our fiftieth birthday. Or give everybody a sailboat for a present. We would have been able to buy another country, just for fun. We could have been swimming in money. Instead, we follow the leftist dream to bring half the Islamic world into the Netherlands. The larger the voting flock for the Leftists Church, the better. I sometimes think that on the plane coming here they are already taught: “you vote for Wouter Bos [Socialist Minister of Finance], he will give you benefits.”

But who pays the bill? Who pays that one hundred billion? Those are the people who have built up Netherlands, the people who work hard, the people who are duly saving and pay taxes. The ordinary Dutchman who gets nothing for nothing. Henk and Ingrid pay for Mohammed and Fatima.

Those one hundred billion euros do not even include the exorbitant Vogelaar neighborhoods [immigrant neighborhoods that will be renovated, an idea of ex-Communist, ex-Unilever official, and now Socialist Minister of Housing], plus the exorbitant cost of additional crime. Nearly one third of all crime is committed by non-Western immigrants. When it comes to robbery with violence our non-western immigrants are scoring even more than sixty percent. Why do I never hear the Prime Minister mention this?

What The Netherlands needs is stricter penalties: minimum sentences. If you give judges their way, they will follow the D66-election program and give them lines for rape and an alternative sanction for a double murder. The Cabinet refuses to do something, therefore, the PVV will propose a bill for minimum sentences. Crime must be addressed and sanctioned much harder. No more “All You Need is Love,” but much more “Jailhouse Rock.”

Madam President, we are losing our country. We are losing our Netherlands. We are losing it to mass immigration. We are losing it to the inflow which is no longer in control. We are losing it to a culture of backwardness and violence. We are losing it to the Moroccan thugs who go though live scoffing and spitting and beating up innocent people. They make the schoolyards and streets unsafe. They stick up their middle finger to funeral processions, threaten and abuse ambulance staff and beat up gay people and hiss ‘whore’ to women. They happily accept our benefits, our homes, our doctors. But not our standards and values.

Madam President, the elite calls these Moroccans, who botch up everything, in a very romantic way “New Netherlanders”. I prefer to call them “colonists”. Muslim colonists. Because they have not come here to integrate, but to take over the lot, to make us submit.

While Germany expels honor-killers, while France refuses the French nationality for those who wear a burqa, this Cabinet only cheers the colonization and Islamization of the Netherlands.

Balkenende IV is not willing to face the problems; he looks the other way and signs the cultural capitulation. On the border of two worlds this government chooses backwardness, this government chooses for the colonists and not for our beloved Netherlands.

You would think that Christians would be an ally in the fight for the preservation of our culture. That they would fight against Islam because they know what the fate of a dhimmi is. Secretary of State Huizinga [Christian Union] can imagine that the Suikerfeest [end of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr] will become a national holiday. Just think of this: a Christian State Secretary of the Christian Union party [ChristenUnie].

That State Secretary is not heard when believers in Gouda at the end of the church service are spit on and besieged by Moroccans. Gouda is Islamizing rapidly.

Crime is exploding, the atmosphere is getting more grim. Moroccans appear five times as often in police statistics as native Dutch do. A Moroccan told a journalist, I quote: “Within ten years we are the boss here. And then we immediately throw that **** Queen of yours out.” End quote. This kind of appalling talk we must never accept.

As always, the Dutch government beats a retreat. Since last Saturday there no more buses driving through parts of the district Oosterwei [Gouda], better known as Little Morocco. Bus drivers are spit on, threatened and robbed.

A bus driver from Gouda wrote me last week: “Mr. Wilders, Moroccans terrorize us. Yesterday, in his first run, a colleague was robbed by a Moroccan with a knife put on his throat while this Moroccan’s friends were sitting outside in a car waiting. They left as cheerfully as if they had been to the cash dispenser of a bank.”

Why is no action taken against this? Where are the police? Where is the PvdA [Socialist party] Mayor of Gouda? Why could he only reply with an additional grant for a Moroccan community center? Where is the Minister of the Internal Affairs, where is the Minister of Justice, where is the Minister of Integration? Why all these cowardly administrators looking the other way? Why do they let the Dutch down? Because it’s not only in Gouda and Amsterdam; in the entire Netherlands street terrorism in increasing. It has been a long time since there were no incidents. It is an Islamic intifada.

Madam President, I have two concrete proposals. Because it can not go on like this any longer.

My first proposal is about policing. The police of Gouda are no longer able to deal with the street terrorists. The colonizers just torch the police cars. Police Officers are told: “we know where your children’s school is”. Madam President, it is now no longer possible that we enable the deployment more than a thousand soldiers to Afghanistan to make it a safer place while the Netherlands itself becomes increasingly insecure. Therefore, bring the soldiers back to the Netherlands and let our boys sweep the area clean here. The safety of the Dutch citizen is priority number one. Oosterwei, Gouda, our cities and our villages are more important than Uruzgan.

My second proposal is to finally get tough on those Moroccan thugs. Enough is enough. Enough terror, enough contempt, enough violence. Out with all those street terrorists… Out with all those molesters guilty of honor killings. Out with all those torturers who circumcise little girls. Out with all those foreigners who misbehave.

I hope the government responds positively to both proposals.

The damage of the multicultural society amounts, as I said earlier, at least one hundred billion euros. Could it be worse? Yes, it may be worse. The Netherlands has since 1960 also thrown more than one hundred billion euros into the bottomless pit called development aid. President, what all that we could have done with all that money the past forty years? Well, I would say: investing in the Netherlands! To begin with health care.

There are far too few people with health care. Secretary of State Bussemaker [Socialist party] knows that. But meanwhile she is waving away all wrongdoing in our nursing homes and homes for the elderly. The 88-year old Mrs. Willemse has been sitting in a dilapidated wheelchair, the wheels tilted, a ramshackle wooden frame and a plate as backrest. She got bedsores sitting in it. And the very elderly gentleman Steller has been waiting more than two years for the care he needs. Mrs. Emons died not in her bed but in the in the cold storage of the morgue due to haste.

Incidents? Unfortunately they are not incidents. Already for a very long time they aren’t. In many of our nursing homes, poverty rules.

This Cabinet leaves our elderly, our disabled and seriously ill as hard as a stone in the lurch. Elderly people just have to wait and see whether they will be reanimated.

[There follows a chapter on care for the elderly, budget change and lower taxes]

President, the PVV stands for a better Netherlands. A Netherlands that is defending our hard-won freedoms. That resists to the ideologies that are not ours and never should become ours.

President, there is some hope in the distance. Not in The Hague. Not in this building. But in the streets, neighborhoods, villages and cities of the Netherlands. There grows the cry for change.

That is what the Party for Freedom stands up for. Denounced in this building, scoffed at by the state broadcasters, spit on by the leftist subsidy slurpers, discredited by the fat and crammed-full left-liberal canal-zone [Amsterdam] elite. But supported by the other Netherlands, that of the ordinary people. The people who do not get everything for nothing. People who desire nothing more than the preservation of their free Netherlands, security, a reasonable salary and a better future for their children. People who have no voice other than the Party for Freedom.

Update: Thanks to Kim Hartveld for supplying the meanings of the untranslated idioms.

11 thoughts on “Text of Geert Wilders’ Speech to Parliament

  1. Geert Wilders is so right. I’m glad that this translation is now out there for everyone to see.
    For all Americans here: forget about tulips and cheese, THIS is the reality of Holland today.
    Wilders gives a very accurate description of the attitude of the government of that sanctimonious scumbag Balkenende.

    Here’s what the untranslated words mean:
    get the rambam = take a hike
    tokkies = trailerpark trash

  2. Wilders is a god!

    In a country like Nederlands, all it takes to be a god is strong common sense and a healthy dose of courage.
    And he has them both, big ammounts

  3. So, when is Little Green Footballs going to declare Wilders a Fascist? He shared the reward named after the Fascist (?) Oriana Fallaci with the Fascist Dewinter. With this speech on top of it, surely Geert Wilders must be a Fascist too, no?

  4. Now there is a man with ‘Thatchers’; thank God they still exist.

    I’m afraid their government members have put the people in this pickle, so it is time to empty out the jar to let them rot in jail for their treacherous ways. The people put them there; they can take them out.

    I hope there is a newspaper that has printed his speech for all to read.

  5. How right he is. With a few names/places /events changed he could be talking about the UK or perhaps most western European countries. Don’t understand why he singled out France and Germany as exceptions – hardly beacons of hope in this quagmire we all find ourselves. God bless him though. Vivre la resistance.

  6. Thank you, Kim for the translation and thus sharing his speech with us, although it deeply saddens me the condition your country is in. However, the description could as well be of my native country Sweden. There must be a hidden globalist agenda behind all this. I simply just cannot believe that the same scenario plays out in dozens of sovereign nations that all have one thing in common, membership of the EU. It can’t be coincidence. Priority one, to keep Turkey out, priority two, dissolving this evil organisation, priority three, expel all muslims from european soil and then bring the traitors to justice. This must be achieved before they regulate the internet and control ALL media.
    Anyway, Wilders is unique in so as much as being a politician with a spine! I hope they don’t have him assasinated. There sure as hell are lot of fanatic scum who would be happy to do him in.

  7. He could also be describing the Left in the US. For the Left the story is always the same; the West is the scourge of the Earth, we cannot oppose 3rd world immigration without being racists and xenophobes, the wealthy and middle class must be taxed at higher and higher rates to support an ever increasing number of “poor”, the State is the solution to all of makind’s problems, etc. It never ends and the crisis grows. The nomination of Gov. Palin has laid bare the gulf between the elitist attitudes of the Left towards average, regular, normal Americans, the people that make this country work. I despise Leftists and hope there is a special place in Hell for them.

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