Struck Down by Twenty “Youths”

This is breaking news from Sweden. The headline reads “She was struck down — by 20 guys”. It’s the story of a young girl who was set upon by twenty “youths” in a pedestrian tunnel in Södertälje.

I haven’t received an English translation yet, but I ran the Swedish version by Fjordman, and here’s what he had to say about the article:

I don’t have time to translate everything now, but I can give you a summary: This girl in the Swedish town of Södertälje was, along with her friend, brutally assaulted and beaten unconscious (they apparently continued beating her even after she was unconscious) by a group of more than twenty armed young men dressed in black. The attackers were of immigrant background (which the newspaper article actually states; they usually don’t mention this if it’s you-know-who) and screamed “f***ing Swedish whore!” while they beat the girl and her friend and kicked her while she was lying down.

The good part of the story is that another group of six young men (presumably native Swedes) intervened. That took real courage since they were badly outnumbered. They got badly beaten up, but probably saved the girl’s life.

This is all a part of the increasingly extreme sexual and physical violence targeting native white Swedes by immigrant gangs. This is way beyond just “crime,” it can hardly be labeled anything other than ethnic warfare. Södertälje has been in the spotlight several times before:

– – – – – – – –

PM Reinfeldt stated that the original Swedish culture was merely barbarism. “It can sometimes be good to humbly remind of the fact that a great deal of what constitutes Sweden has been created in [a process of] evolution, exactly because we have been open to accept other people and experiences.”

Reinfeldt said this following a visit to an area called Ronna in Södertälje, near Stockholm. One year ago a police station in Södertälje was hit by shots from an automatic weapon following a major confrontation between immigrant youths and police. Apart from police staff, two civilian women were in the police station. They were being questioned about a reported harassment earlier in the day. Three young men who had been identified by the women were suspected of making illegal threats. The three men were released in the evening, but the arrests provoked strong reactions. A group of immigrants advanced on the police and attacked them with stones.

The trouble in Ronna started after a Swedish girl had been called a “whore” and she reacted to this. Ethnologist Maria Bäckman, in her study “Whiteness and gender,” has followed a group of Swedish girls in the suburb of Rinkeby outside Stockholm, where native Swedes have been turned into a tiny minority of the inhabitants due to rapid immigration. The subjects “may encounter prejudices such as the idea that Swedish girls act and dress in a sexually provocative way or that blonde girls are easy.” Bäckman relates that several of the Swedish girls she interviewed stated that they had dyed their hair to avoid sexual harassment. They experienced that being blonde involves old men staring at you, cars honking their horns and boys calling you “whore.” The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in a generation, with men from Muslim countries clearly overrepresented in the statistics.

If I get a full translation of the Aftonbladet article, I’ll post it.

Hat tip: Ted Eckeroth.

22 thoughts on “Struck Down by Twenty “Youths”

  1. This is right out of the Islamic warfare rule book. Muslims are supposed to take Mohammed as their role model in all things and he carved out an empire by invading neighboring peoples, having his men rape the women and kill the men or make them crawl on their bellies as dhimmi.

    Besides terrorizing the women and humiliating any of their men left alive to witness the rapes, this resulted in a crop of Muslim babies being born 9 months later to be raised in the religion that raped their mothers after killing their husbands.

    You’ll note that the modern version of Muslim “warrior” is a snivelling cowardly sort who either bombs innocents or hunts in packs and attacks isolated individuals, taking no risk of fighting an equal number of men.

    That this kind of creature springs from a culture very sensitive about its “honor” is rich. Let the world authorities on Islam explain how exactly 20 Muslim men beating a woman senseless is honorable and how a religion that accepts if not encourages this behavior is not devil worship?

  2. laine,

    You are right on the money! Christ, I am so sick of hearing all that “religion of peace” horsemanure, and for that matter, I wonder how many “moderate Muslims” have come forward to condemn this attack.
    These are not “moderate” members of a “religion of peace.” These are
    Islam is specifically designed to routinely produce what we would consider to be psychopathic personalities, and, it turns out, that MAHOMET’S ULTRA-VIOLENT THUG CULT is very efficient at doing so.

    “The good part if the story is that another group of six young men (presumably native Swedes) intervened. That took real courage since they were badly outnumbered. They got badly beaten up, but probably saved the girl’s life.”

    Well! I confess to astonishment. There actually exist in Sweden young men who have not been neutered?? Hmmm….. hey, why didn’t six young Swedish FEMINISTS intervene?
    All I can say is, I pray these six admirable young gentlemen will not be prosecuted by the Swedish authorities for using force!

  3. It said in the article that the police know or suspect who some of the perpetrators are, but they have not been arrested yet. I think these men should be tried with attempted murder.

    This is just terrible. But the fact that they mentioned the gang members were of “foreign background” is something new (it seems to me). It seems to be a hopeful sign.

    A year or so ago I remember reading a newspaper article about a sharp increase in “honor” murders and violence in Sweden. Nowhere did the article mentioned that the culprits are Muslim men. A naive reader would have concluded that there is a sudden behavioral sea-change among Swedish men: suddenly Swedish men started beating and killing their female relatives for promiscuous behavior. None of my husband’s Swedish relatives thought that article to be dishonest and outrageous. My mother in law said: “but everyone knows who they are.” This reminded me of a Soviet era joke. A man comes to the Red Square and starts hollering: “The fools! The fools” The KGB men swiftly drive up to the scene, pull the man inside the car, and take him to the KGB headquarters. There he is interrogated. He tries to defend himself by saying: “But what did I say? I didn’t name any names. I just said – the fools, the fools!” They answer: “You won’t get out of this too easy, because we all know very well who the fools are!”

  4. “Well! I confess to astonishment. There actually exist in Sweden young men who have not been neutered??”

    You are being sarcastic, but some years ago Swedish police issed an official piece of advice: “if you see someone being beaten up, do not interfere, but call the police.” I kid you not! This was theie official recommendation. At the time (this must have been already a decade ago or more), this pronouncement did cause outrage and public debate. Today it wouldn’t cause anyone to raise an eyebrow, I suppose.

  5. Well done to those men. Any man that will not stand up for a woman is not a man.

    Hopefully this expirance has awakened those six Swedes to the danger of ‘the other Swedes’.

  6. @ czc
    Well, those six (well, eight, if you count in the girl and her boyfriend) most certainly have awoken to the danger, but has the larger public who does not already see the danger? I doubt it.

    What I, or let me generalize a bit, we here often tend to forget that we are pretty much a bit of an elitist club here. As far as information about the ongoing islamization and the counter-jihad are concerned, we at Gates of Vienna and the few other ideological frontrunners are privileged in our access and accumulation of iunformation and connections between the various topics that have brought our civilization so close to the abyss.

    But the public at large, and then even many people we consider intelligent either do not see those connections and problems or even refuse to see them. I am continually astonished and sobered by the lack of understanding my circle of friends shows in these matters – and those are people with university degrees, no less.

    So, yes, those eight have seen the light (even if maybe only that of the ER), but others? I fear not.

  7. I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything, because so many people here are already experts on Södertälje:

    But most likely these are not Muslims, but Christians from Syria and Iraq. Muslims are already the culprits by default in this forum, and people do not want to be confused by facts. But knowing the situation in Södertälje it’s not likely they are Muslims.

    And as someone pointed out in another thread. It’s not Moroccan culture the way Moroccans behave in France. And ultraviolent gang violence is in no way unique to Muslims. It’s Sharia that is unique for Muslims. Brutal gang violence comes from several third-world immigrant groups: Christian Arabs, Caribbeans, etc., etc.

    Södertälje in general is a window into the sort of “paradises” that will be created if the idea would be followed of “saving” the Christians from the Muslim world and let them live among us. Some 90% of the immigrants there are Christian Arabs, Assyrians, etc. And they dominate the outlook of the town. And much of the bad news we get in Sweden, we get from Södertälje.

  8. Solution: rent privately US black soldiers returning back from Iraq. They have experience with arabs/muslims, they speak some arabic, they cannot be called “racist”, just the opposite – they can invite racist remarks from muslims and give additional stuff for legal prosecution.

    Create a Guantánamo in Northern Sweden (better Spitzberg islands – no visa needed, outside Swedish/Norw. jurisdiction), do not worry about jailing them, just move them there with freedom to return to any islamic hell of their choice. Babies, you are free to go – open gate Guantánamo is a dream of every jihadist-trouble maker!

    Those who willingly failed in the integration are themselves to be blamed. You are not responsible for someones free-evil decision making.
    Give them freedom to pay dearly for their acts.

    Meanwhile they can pay for their expenses by breaking some stones in icy and dark climate. If they are scared of going home, let them stay there for ever. It is THEIR choice.
    You are not obliged to practice endless baby-sitting.

    Label them as a threat to the free non-violent Swedish society. Do not mention only white Swedes, I guess they bully also pro-Swedish people like Indians, Persians. Interview them to get a larger picture. You need to identify the non-Swedish pro-Swedish elements in the society. It will give you more power/voices. Never underestimate those who are now only tacitly supporting you. Start talking to the non-muslim immigrants and ex-muslims.

    Enjoy fighting for freedom (no whining or defensive behaviour), you get additional muscles you were missing for decades. It is a good multiple deal.

    Get some people with soviet totalitarian experience to shout down the leftists.

  9. Is it just me or everybody here chosed to ignore the info Conservative Swede provided us?

    Please, be pro something, no anti-muslim. Do not leave place for hatred in your hearts, it’s not (well…) constructive.

  10. Some more information:

    The six young men who intervened are all well-trained, muscular sportsmen. They are all taller than 185 cm, and half of them are heavier than 100 kg.

    They were heaviliy outnumbered.

    Each of them were fighting 3-4 attackers most of whom were armed with sharpened knuckle-dusters.

    Five of the Swedes needed stiches and at least one had his cheek bone broken, nose broken, eardrum shattered, some ribs damaged etc.

    Judging from what is available on the internet only one (1) national newspaper in Sweden had the story (in addition to the local paper).

    The Swedish public service television reported, that the young woman answering back when she was called a “f***ing Swedish whore!” “triggered” (!) the attack on her life.


    BTW Conservative Swede is right. The demography of Södertälje is such, that these violent young men are most likely Christians from Syria and Iraq, who has chosen to relocate to Sweden from the Muslim world.

  11. “Meanwhile they can pay for their expenses by breaking some stones in icy and dark climate. If they are scared of going home, let them stay there for ever. “

    You know, there is quite a lot of uranium in Sweden, and we do need alternative sources of energy.

  12. these violent young men are most likely Christians

    oxymoron alert! Find me the biblical passages that support this behavior.

    They are agnostic at best.

  13. Chalons: They are agnostic at best.

    CS’s point about their being Christian not Muslim is very important. Whether individual thugs believe in God, or whether they’re real Christians isn’t the point. It’s more a cultural issue.

    Many people in western countries want to import Arab or African Christians, because Christians are persecuted in Muslim cultures. They argue that these Christians are already partly assimilated and will behave better.

    This incident in Sweden indicates otherwise. I’ve also noticed this myself, that the African Christians in Northern California are no more assimilated than Muslims, and are very involved in violent crime, fraud and welfare.

    So, to discuss whether these Arab Christian thugs who assaulted the girl are “real” Christians is frivolous, because the issue is whether people from the Islamic Arab or African world who are culturally Christian should be invited here. As this article illustrates, and as I’ve seen in my own neighborhood, the answer is no.

  14. Then we agree. It is not religious issue but rather a cultural one, North Africans and Arabs specifically.

    Was the girl attacked because she was a Christian infidel, or because she was European?

    Now if biblical passages or church sermons were used to justify this violence, you would have a point. But to associate this with a religion without such evidence, you are smearing that religion and therefore alienating potential allies and sympathizers.

    It’s simply not Christian behavior – period.

  15. @Chalons–yes, of course. This type of behavior isn’t typical of people who are sincere Christians and try to live according to Christian morality. But it’s important to point out that Christian heritage per se doesn’t guarantee good behavior or compatibility with the West.

    This religion/culture confusion is actually similar to what some Muslim apologists use, to deny Muslim involvement in terrorism. Oh no, they say…those terrorists couldn’t possibly be Muslims…We don’t believe in murder. The problem is that when people refer to Muslim terrorists, they’re not talking about theology, but cultural identification, which are completely different issues. So these Muslims who deny Muslim involvement in terrorism have actually changed the subject even though they’re using the same word.

    My thuggish “Christian” neighbors who beat their wives and commit welfare fraud aren’t living a Christian lifestyle when they behave that way, but they are culturally identified as Christians, and as such have been sponsored by Christian churches to immigrate here. Smart Christians should realize they’ve been had, and protest the irresponsible behavior of liberal churches.

  16. In Switzerland they had a system (I do not know about now) that refugees got each time just one year stay permit in Swisse which had to be prolonged every year. You could see how those refugees tended not to make troubles being dependent on state benevolence.

    They could not travel outside Switzerland. We need some insiders to explain to us whether those attackers are Christians or not or what kind.

    The Scandinavians are extremely gullible. The refugee smuggling is a mafioso business and it takes just one guy to tell them all the lies in advance, for ex. “say you are persecuted Christians”. Lot of Baathists immigrated to Sweden as well. People who made money by killing Iraqis en mass etc. all this scum you have in Sweden along with highly educated and prowestern secular brilliant guys. Iraq is made up of 200 different tribes.

    The Christians in Iraq recently created militias to protect themselves. Bring some of them (on contract, no azylum) to find more facts. It is in their interest not to get a bad name. They might act much faster than any local officer. And give you knowledge.

    It is lot of work. But one day we can not only protect ourselves but with the same guys (who know just like us what is at stake, even better) influence their countries.

    Remember that all refugees learnt from their agents not to tell you real names and never come with original passports. (They get recycled or sold – anyhow confiscated by their agents.)

    Ask nice refugees – they will tell you lot of details. Or use various non-Swedes, they will know all the tricks or easily find out. What you never hear or read about in your media might be absolute banality for various foreigners living in Sweden. Start digging. Many of them would simply brag about their tricky achievements in front of me, because I am Czech. I know these attitudes from Germany. Lot of foreigners hang in Germany spending their time blaming the Germans and taking all the benefits.

  17. If they are Christian, let it be noted that Christians from countries ruled by Islam frequently take on the unsavory characteristics of Muslims in order to survive. Indeed, despite the discrimination they suffer, paradoxically they are often boosters for Islam.

  18. The term “Ethnic warfare” — or, if you like, “race war” — implies that there are two opposing sides. But this war is almost entirely one-sided. From what we can see, Swedes generally do NOT fight back.

    This is more of a racial and cultural issue, than a religious one.

  19. Conservative Swede wrote:

    “But most likely these are not Muslims, but Christians from Syria and Iraq…….Brutal gang violence comes from several third-world immigrant groups: Christian Arabs, Caribbeans, etc, etc.”

    Indeed, you are right, CS. We simply don’t know the details. It is actually surprising that the news reports even mention that the attackers are immmigrants. Usually that information is (deliberately) withheld. Can anyone find out more?

    randian wrote:

    “If they are Christian, let it be noted that Christians from countries ruled by Islam frequently take on the unsavory characteristics of Muslims in order to survive. Indeed, despite the discrimination they suffer, paradoxically they are often boosters for Islam.”

    Ahem… at the risk of sounding a bit flippant about a very serious matter, yes, it seems that non-Mulims from a Muslim country frequently suffer from a kind of “Stockholm Syndrome.”

    This is yet again more proof that the rates of immigration are much, much too high. The immigrants do not NEED to assimilate. They bring all of their cultural baggage with them. This is why the third world looks like the third world: because its run by third worlders! As Fjordman has pointed out, we in Western Civilization are being rapidly COLONIZED by millions of ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS.

  20. If the perpetrators are in fact Syrian and Iraqi Christians, then it would appear that the Arab trumps the Christian. It also appears that they share with their Muslim brethren racism against whites and a furious lethal hatred toward white women. Surely this makes them an unsuitable group to bring into Western cultures? Swedish Christian churches may have thought they were bringing in lambs but have loosed wolves on the population instead.

    Are African nations importing immigrants from the Ku Klux Klan? And would klansmen go somewhere where they know they’ll be surrounded by the people for whom they have a hate on?

    Finally, the pc refusal of the government and media to give the public all the facts brews false speculation (I assumed wrongly that “immigrant” in Sweden was code for Muslim) and means no one has the ability to make informed decisions about immigration among other issues.

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