Islamic Slavery in the 21st Century

“Nazis are… the least of our problems. Our problem is… that there has been an unexpected alliance between the far Left — and the Left — and the Muslims. Both of these are ideologies that are based on radical critiques of Western Civilization, both of them are universalist, Islam and the Left, and both of them are anti-national.”

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6 thoughts on “Islamic Slavery in the 21st Century

  1. Actually the Nazis have also teamed up with communists and support Islamists.
    The new totalitarianism is Nazislam.
    Totalitarian control-freakism is expansionist. The operative word in National socialism is not “national” it is “socialism”.

  2. When the german nazi army finally entered Prague (breaking the deal with the West), the CZ communists were exhorted from Moscow not to oppose “the German workers in military uniforms” in any way.

    The same tacit but decisive support
    of nazis from Moscow you can find in Germany before and later in France. The communists were the only militia force to oppose effectively the nazi militias in the streets at that time.

    We are still PC enough not to say that Germany AND Soviet Union started the WWII by attacking Poland simultanously. The Poles are often ridiculed for fighting the Nazis with poor military equipment, but they managed to kill 40 000 German soldiers in spite of the fact that Soviets stabbed them in the back and executed 14 000 Polish officers in Katyn for nothing (nice contribution to “fighting the nazis”) and occupied 1/2 of their territory.

    We could easily claim the same crazed leftists indirectly blocked any effective democratic support against military putches in Spain, Chile, Argentine etc. for fear of indirectly supporting the rabid marxists and Soviet Union.

    After defeating the Nazis the Soviets loved to take over the local nazi secret collaborators and use them as a tool even more reliable than some crazy purged/disciplined marxists.

    The same tactic of supporting a possible hot herd was applied in the islamic world. The Palestinian movement for ex. was a Soviet baby in more than one way.

    Less facts are available of the support of Iranian “revolution” by Soviets and Western commies/leftists. This case is even more related to our present day reality. Should be studied in detail.

    It could be relatively an easy job to find out about the contemporary attitudes of the leftists in Western democracies at the time of creating Palestinian, Iranian troubles. As a result we could create a text book – a reference book of the leftist criminal record. We should know about all historians working directly or indirectly on this field in each and every country.

    “The leftist hopeful attitudes – a source for present day dictatorships”.

    Then we can have a public discussion based on facts finally weakening for ever the leftist feel-good pretensions.

  3. It boggles the mind that any African could/would embrace the slave mentality of arab supremacy via islam.

    While I generally agree, don’t forget that Islam, unlike Christianity, approves of the mass murder of your enemies, and there are plenty of Africans who like the idea of divine approval for doing what they wanted to do anyway. It is rather more disturbing, in my view, why an American black would embrace Islam.

  4. Seven years ago you could easily double your social background in US by accepting islam. Keeping the old and inheriting the new one. Now the times have changed.

    Yesterday I saw an interview on Russia TV showing an elderly Bangladeshi New Yorker taxi driver complaining about the changed attitudes of his customers – no more tips, no more friendliness. The guy was upset, saying for him US is no more a land of free and he was planning going home.

    The black everage guy is not going to ponder about the virtues of Arab/Berber slavery in North or East Africa, but he knows pretty well that by accepting islam he draws attention of some authorities in his neighborhood and
    raises doubts in his somewhat Christian background.

    It is up to you to pay some more attention to the Blacks and involve them in a fine discussion before they get in touch with some islamic “I care for you” types.

    My US jewish friend from Georgia had the best experience with the Blacks at school – protecting him even from some local protestants. He deplored however the fact the Blacks never showed any interest in their African roots…in contrast with many US people in the Czech Rep. who come here to “explore their roots” and stay for years.

    Maybe it is a shortcut and guilty feeling for not showing any interest in Africa – by excepting islam they can “show” it and feel associated? There is no other easily identifiable background back in Africa except “islam”…

  5. @Randian: You are right.
    Islamic antiblack racism is as old as Islam. Ibn Khaldoun (in the 14th century) explained why the Arab Muslims concluced that “Negro Nations are submissive to slavery” and black slaves where different from white slaves (though mistreated the same). Its indeed stunning to see how easily Africans and African Americans admire their racist oppressors’, butchers’ and traders’ ideology (whose core never changes) so easily.

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