Fjordman: Is Robert Mugabe a Hero?

Fjordman has posted yet another essay, this one at The Brussels Journal. Here are some excerpts:

The leader of Afrikan Youth in Norway (yes, we have several state-sponsored organizations for Africans in Norway), the Norwegian-Nigerian (at least that’s the official term, he appears to think more as a Nigerian than as a Norwegian) Sam Chimaobi Ahamba suggests that Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is a freedom fighter, and that the Western media focus on him stems from Western (meaning white racist) anger at an African freedom fighter. “Yes, people get beat up and women get raped, but this happens in all countries, not just in Zimbabwe. But only Zimbabwe generates this incredible media attention,” says Ahamba.

“I don’t agree with the idea that just because I support Mugabe, I have to defend the fact that he has killed a lot of people.” No, he supports Mr. Mugabe “from a pan-African principle. He is a leader who really tries to liberate his people from European powers. There must be enough freedom of speech in this country for me to have such a viewpoint,” Ahamba states.

According to Sam Chimaobi Ahamba, “Zimbabwe is a country born on the expulsion and disenfranchisement of whites, which could explain all the attention and media coverage” it receives. Its struggle for independence was a “milestone which symbolized that we no longer needed to be afraid of white power and oppression, or be the slaves of a neo-colonialist economy. It was black power — and it was without apology.” He claims that democracy in Africa has often been obstructed by “white nations” and that they “see through the West’s tactics of humiliating African countries’ right to total and absolute independence from the West’s imperialist and capitalist stranglehold” on the African continent. “As soon as the West doesn’t get things the way it wants, the so-called Third World gets to suffer for this.”

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I would like to ask Mr. Sam Chimaobi Ahamba the following: Since you feel so “oppressed” by evil white people, why did you move to a country and a continent full of them? Isn’t it emotionally challenging for you to see so many of them on a daily basis? I’m also curious about this organization Afrikan Youth in Norway, which Ahamba leads. We are usually told that Europeans now come in all shapes and colors, and that equating “European” with “white” is redundant, racist and evil. Yet when I look at photos from this “African” youth organization, I don’t see many white South Africans or for that matter Asians from East Africa. They all seem to be black. Does that mean that while “Europeans” come in all colors, “Africans” come in just one? How confusing.

Could I move to Nigeria out of my own free will and set up a European Youth in Nigeria organization sponsored by native taxpayers, in the name of “cultural diversity”? I suspect not. What if I publicly supported brutal attacks and ethnic cleansing of people in Europe who happened to have the same skin color as the majority population in the country I lived in? Could I call this “free speech” and get away with it? Again, I suspect not. Only white people are cowed and self-loathing enough to pay for getting insulted in their own countries.

Read the rest at The Brussels Journal.

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  1. Thank you for posting. This essay will be included in the upcoming book Defeating Eurabia. I am completing the essays about the Netherlands and Ten reasons to get rid of the EU right now. I am considering concluding the book with a short chapter suggesting things that need to be done. What do we want to achieve? What would constitute victory, or at least something we could live with?

    As this example shows, there is now a lot of anti-white rhetoric on an international basis. It’s increasingly common and increasingly accepted. It’s not directed at where whites live, in North America, Australia, Europe or elsewhere, but at the fact that we exist at all. It’s not all about Islam and we should reject the notion that just because Muslim immigration is uniquely bad, all other kinds of mass immigration are good. We have to accept the fact that many hate us because of who we are. Is that not reason good enough to stop mass immigration? Do we not have a duty to protect our children from those who hate them and wish to harm them?

  2. Greetings:

    It would be interesting to hear from Fjordman about the effects of tribal-culture immigrants re-locating to urban, nation-state societies.

    I have read some interesting assessments in Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” and in Salzman’s “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East.”

    I think that this is a aspect of immigration that is not addressed very often.

  3. The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but it is still a road to Hell. Mugabe may have the most noble intentions since Sir Lancealot, but his inept, socialist and just plain stupid actions are killing his country, his people, and any possiblity that Africa can move into the 21st century.

  4. This chap apparently gives Mugabe “carte blanche” or should we say “carte noir” including cheating in elections and killing black citizens in Zimbabwe because the old thug is black.

    Whites killing blacks, that would be racist, but blacks killing whites, that’s justifiable anywhere anytime and blacks killing blacks, well, that’s Africa…is that the reasoning, such as it is and whites have no right to criticize?

  5. It would be interesting to hear from Fjordman about the effects of tribal-culture immigrants re-locating to urban, nation-state societies.

    The Hmong in Wisconsin are a great illustration of what happens when civilized people invite savages to live with them. Read this old but classic article, and there’s lots more about these wonderful folks every day in the news.


  6. I fear that South Africa is going down the same road. Time for a European Legion(instead of a Czech one) to march back to Europe.

  7. Excellent piece. Watch what is happening in South Africa. The ruling black regime there is beating the war drums, targeting whites. This is what happens when you hand over power to a race that is intellectually, morally, and emotionally unable to exercise it. It should be a warning to White Americans, as the presidential campaign heats up. Look to Rhodesia and South Africa for a glimpse of what life is like under a black regime.

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