Dutch State TV Propagandizes for Muslims

Fjordman wrote while I was away about the lows to which the Netherlands has sunk in political repression and Multicultural dhimmitude. Every day seems to bring a new low point, just when you think the nadir has already been reached. Also while I was away, this little tidbit came in, from NIS:

Public Broadcaster in Feel-Good Show About Muslims

Public broadcaster NPS is producing a new television programme with the objective of giving the Dutch population a positive view of Muslims and other minority groups.

The title of the feel-good show is Dichtbij Nederland (Close to the Netherlands). It will be a light news and infotainment programme aimed at young Moroccans, Turks, Surinamese and Antilleans, which gives a picture of life in their parents’ countries.

The NPS hopes that the programme “will generate more positive ideas about new population groups in the Netherlands and their countries of origin” and “draw more attention to social cohesion and increasing mutual understanding.” The NPS refers to this as a “unique and large-scale media project that aims to create shared experiences”.

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If everything runs according to plan, Dichtbij Nederland will be shown on the Nederland 1 channel from January. It is not yet known who will present the show.

NPS was criticised during the past week because of a live programme about the American elections, in which the presenters praised Barack Obama for four days in an extremely biased manner from the Democratic Convention in Denver. NOS chief editor Hans Laroes lashed out fiercely at the NPS and pointed out that the two public broadcasters should not be confused.

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3 thoughts on “Dutch State TV Propagandizes for Muslims

  1. Funny how much propaganda they need to spew out to favor islam. The heinous acts of muslims themselves speaks loads to appall people and so does both the quran and the hadiths. Not even Goebbels could have saved them had he still been alive. This so called “religion” is doomed to implode sooner or later. The only reason it hasn’t done it earlier is because they didn’t have internet and cell phones. News travels fast these days, much faster than before in history. And it’s not Mo and his followers who are going to gain anything because of this rather the contrary.

  2. The internet and cell phones have been good for Islam. The pervasiveness of modern media allows you to keep up the push for jihad 24/7. It was a lot easier for Muslims to lapse into less zealous religious practice when news took months or years to reach you.

  3. The when-you-wish-upon-a-star crowd makes me sick.

    They keep insisting that if we say that mohammedans are nice then they’ll all become nice.

    Psychologists call this magical thinking. It’s sort of charming in 4 year olds, it’s viscerally repulsive in adults.

    NEWS FLASH for the mediots, most Germans of the nazi years were perfectly likable people, as were the Russians of the Soviet period and the Cambodians of the Pol Pot period.

    It doesn’t matter.

    What would be shocking would be to find a human population that wasn’t full of charming and quaint people and customs.

    You cannot stamp out human goodness altogether — it’s how we’re built — no matter how sick, dangerous and toxic the culture is.

    These people who keep offering us idiotic, irrelevant trivialities when the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, should be dragged out and horse whipped — as they would be in any healthy society. At a minimum they should be fired from their jobs, for mercy’s sake!

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