Dutch Court Gives Special Privileges to a Muslim Lawyer

Infidel capitulations in Europe are coming thick and fast. First it was the Netherlands, then Sweden, and now the Netherlands again.

From Elsevier, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Muslim lawyer does not have to stand up for judges

An article in NRC Handelsblad newspaper says the Rotterdam court has decided that Enait [notorious for refusing to shake hands with females, but at the same time had a porn-stuffed website] may remain seated while all others rise when the judge walks in the court, because his deep religious beliefs prescribe that he do so.


MP Henk Kamp [VVD, Liberal Party] calls it “the limit of cultural relativism” and wants an end to this “ridiculousness.”

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Enait says does not want to stand up for judges because all people are equal. It is customary for all participants in a courtroom to rise when the judges enter.

The VVD wants to ask the Cabinet questions about the matter this Tuesday.


Enait was earlier in the news when the judge ruled that his was rightly refused a job at the municipality of Rotterdam because being a Muslim he refuses as a standard greeting to shake a hand of a women.

Photo caption:

“Muslim fundamentalist lawyer Enait refuses to stand up for judges because he believes all people are equal.”

8 thoughts on “Dutch Court Gives Special Privileges to a Muslim Lawyer

  1. My bet is still on Britain, or possibly Denmark, as the first Western country to face a civil war due to Muslim immigration, but the Netherlands is certainly a potential candidate as well. I just wonder whether the Dutch are already a broken nation, mentally speaking. Their political elites have chosen formal surrender and will enforce sharia and ban everybody disagreeing with this as “extremists”. Native Dutchmen will either have to fight back or leave their country behind and watch it die, as a number of them have already done.

    Since it’s glaringly obvious in virtually every single Western European country that the authorities no longer can nor want to protect the life and property of average citizens, native Europeans should arm themselves immediately. The welfare state system no longer provides financial or physical security and deserves to collapse. It is a form of disguised jizya, a way of forcing indigenous Europeans to fund their own colonization and eventual displacement.

    We should seriously discuss having “Nuremberg lists” for each and every Western country, with the names of the worst collaborators. When the Soviet Union and the evil ideology it supported collapsed, there was no “Nuremberg trial” as there was after the defeat of Nazism. This was a mistake. When the European Union and the evil ideology it supports collapses, as it inevitably will, we should have public trials.

    We should start preparations for this already now. We need lists of person X who, during a meeting with local Muslims, promised “more fight against Islamophobia,” etc. No threats or anything, just facts, names and dates. If the powers that be know that such lists exist, as well as mounting anger among the natives, they might think twice before doing something. Right now they face only pressure from Muslims and other immigrant groups but can serve any kind of insult or abuse to the natives with impunity. They view us as sheep, cows to be milked for money, nothing more.

    It’s time they fear us, and the consequences of their own betrayal, more than they fear Muslims.

  2. Yeah, he believes everyone is equal alright. Everyone should be equally subjugated to his religious beliefs, or they equally have the right to die.

  3. Here is a test case for Canada. CAIR has made a list of demands formalized in several industries. For example, in the document concerning how health care must accommodate Islam, we Canadians are told that health care workers such as nurses and so on must help wash the feet of Muslims five times a day in preparation for prayer and so on. It should be interesting to watch who responds and how and see whether or not they make the list. I suspect they will even despite a Conservative win (should we get one in October 08) as the bureaucracy is already so entrenched in multiculturalism and appeasement doctrine.
    Here are some links to CAIR demands

    http://tinyurl.com/6gblya on health care. I will assemble them all on a post as I cant figure out how to use the HTML tag thing here

  4. This Einat, maybe a stealthy radical Islamist and jihadist, doesn’t stand up because he just doesn’t want to show any respect to a kuffar-court I think. His fellow travellers will get the message and apreciate it a lot that he pushed the kuffar another inch closer to the cliff.

    @ Charlemagne: Thanks for the link! Excellent idea. Is it possible to organize such side to side with a “Nurnberg” list as Fjordman suggests? To my opinion both proposals are very interesting and can be quite effective in the struggle against further Islamization.

  5. It’s pretty clear who the masters are and who the flunkeys. Even at a small minority of the population, it’s Muslims cracking the whip.

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