5 thoughts on “A Room Reserved for Veiled Women

  1. Had the sign in the window been written by a dyslexic, yet honest, shopkeeper, it would have read:

    Salle Réservée

    Pour La

    Femme Violée.

  2. What an excellent photograph, complete with a very pregnant enemy foreigner to dramatize the message. Can anyone read the upper right, where it says Tariff Reduit, etc.? That means discount. Who’s getting the discount, mothers of suicide bombers?

  3. As I recall, Saddam Hussein’s repellent rapist son Qusay (Kusai?) had a special room reserved for veiled women too.

    BTW did you know that in Japanese Kusai means stinky?

    It always added a darkly humorous note to news reports of Kusai Hussein’s bloody antics.

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