The Education of Barry Soetoro

We’re probably past the point where anything can prevent Barack Hussein Obama from being elected President of the United States. The media have anointed him, and the MSM will resolutely refuse to cover anything that might reflect badly on the Chosen One. The Republicans are ferociously incompetent, and show no willingness to grapple with the O-Man at the points where he is vulnerable.

And let’s face it: if B. Hussein were white (or a Republican), he could never get away with a tenth of the things he does. The changed stories, the outright lies, blatantly corrupt associates, a hilarious case of fumblemouth, his non-existent achievements in public service, the Communist Party affiliation… Only affirmative action could bring a man of such diminutive stature to the threshold of the Oval Office.

Our sole consolation is that the campaign season looks to be an entertaining one. This latest tidbit from Israel Insider will probably never escape from the ghettoes of the blogosphere, but you’ve got to admit that the document they feature is more realistic-looking than the Daily Kos birth certificate:

AP Photo of School Register Reveals “Barry Soetoro” as Muslim Indonesian

Barry Soetoro

A 2007 Associated Press photograph, suppressed until now, shows the school register of the child who is today known as Barack Hussein Obama but was officially listed then as Barry Soetoro, whose citizenship was listed as “Indonesian” and whose religion was listed as “Islam.” The visual evidence starkly contradicts the Obama campaign’s claim that he was not a Muslim and confirms that he is a national of at least one other country.

– – – – – – – –

In addition, it raises the highly problematic issue of what is Obama’s official name. If it turns out to be Barry Soetoro [Bari Sutoro in modern Indonesian], and no official change of name was ever made, Obama may face an array of charges of deception and misprision that may throw into doubt, at the very least, his fitness to run.


The evidence of the candidate’s un-American, un-Christian upbringing is nothing new, and has been documented by bloggers as early as 2007 and by Israel Insider in our very first report on this subject in June of this year. But until now the photograph of his school record has been lacking.


Does the candidate protest too much here? Indeed, he is echoing language used in the 1950s by those who denied Communist ties. No one is claiming, here, that Obama is anti-American. But the image of his school registration doesn’t lie, and indicates clearly that he was registered as a Muslim, and thus, despite the claim of his spokesman, he didn’t study the catechism.

Barry Soetoro studied the Koran.

Hat tip: VH.

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  1. quote from

    There are two ways a person can be a Muslim, conversion and through his father, by birth or adoption. We know his father is a Muslim, he admits this and the forged birth certificate states his name, as does the authentic school record from Indonesia, which lists Barack Hussein Obama’s father as Lolo Soetoro, his own name as Barry Soetoro, his nationality as Indonesian, and his religion as Islam. Obama’s birth father was a Muslim, and he was also adopted by a Muslim stepfather. He is twice a Muslim.

    Under Muslim Sharia law if he is a Christian, he is an apostate and must be killed. So why is not the Muslim community not outraged, and why is there no fatwa on his life. How can they ignore such a high profile figure like Barack Hussein Obama?

    There is only one possible answer, he is a Muslim practicing al-Taqiyya, the abdominal doctrine that allows a Muslim to deceive non-Muslims. Muslims practice this in order to strategically regroup, before recommencing hostilities.

    Are the Muslims waiting for Obama to be President, before they make their move to institute Sharia law in America?

  2. ANTI-ISLAMIST: There is only one possible answer, he is a Muslim practicing al-Taqiyya, the [abominable] doctrine that allows a Muslim to deceive non-Muslims.

    Until Obama provides a verified birth certificate and makes an equivalent declaration against Islam, terrorism and communism as a whole, no other conclusion can be reached.

  3. Can dual citizenship affect his presidential bid? Can you be a U.S. president while holding a passport of another country? This strikes me as a conflict of interests.

  4. It’s also plausible that he well knows what is in that book having memorised it in an Indonesian madrasah. He hasn’t yet denounced his opponents as Islamophobic because he knows there is plenty to fear in Islam.

  5. Even though McCain thinks Russia is the Soviet Union nad has thu the potential to do a lot of harm to Europe, Obama will completley destroy Europe’s best friend (is it?) America and its ability to be a world power.

    Vote McCain. Please.

  6. “We’re probably past the point where anything can prevent Barack Hussein Obama from being elected President of the United States.”
    I respectfully disagree with that premise.

    Some linkage:
    “This election has already been decided. It’s over. The winner is John McCain.”
    Why McCain Will Win.

    “Most Americans knew he had little chance of making it to the finish line from the start. Never in history has a less qualified individual sought the highest office in the land with such a blank résumé.”
    I Smell A Clinton Coup Brewing.
    I fear this happening far more than I do B-HO getting elected.

    For some humor, which is not child safe, there are two videos, which take a look at B-HO’s hidden past…and present.
    OBAMAnable Part One and Part Two.

    You can also sign a petition concerning B-HO’s birth certificate.

  7. Those who oppose Obama’s candidacy for President persist in trying to pin the Muslim donkey tail on this Democratic candidate, but it just won’t stick, for the following reasons:

    1. No one (other than a few Muslims) would accept the notion that one’s religion is defined by virture of his or her father’s faith. People chose a religious faith after reaching the “age of reason,” and when Obama reached that age he chose Christianity.

    2. The reason Muslims would never kill Obama for his past connection with Islam, is that their own Sharia law requires that the person who recites the shahada (declaration of faith) must reach the age of discrimination before his oath is considered valid. (See Reliance of the Traveler, k13.) Obama’s involvement with Islam was before that time.

    3. Obama lived his mother through two failed Islamic marriages. As ex-smokers are among the most vocal opponents of smoking, someone who has seen Islam up close and personal (and rejected it) will be much more wary and skeptical of the Muslim agenda than a candidate who doesn’t even know Shiite from Sunni.

    Voters should evaluate the Presidential candidates on their present political platform, their character and integrity, and their vision for the United States, not a forty year old scrap of paper.

  8. While this last friend his right, I think Obama would not have 5% of the votes if we were to play by your rules ChrisLA. 20% because he’s black. Now seriously. If Obama gets more than 35%, I’ll lose some amount of respect towards America.

  9. Trying to pin the “Closet Muslim” tag on Obama is a waste of time.

    It doesn’t matter because he’ll sell out the Muslims too because Obama is a MARXIST.

    Shadowy references to his Muslim parentage are silly when you can simply read the man’s own words and look at his resume and you’ll see he’s a card carrying, Saul Alinsky worshiping disciple of Karl Marx.

    And THAT is reason enough he shouldn’t even be allowed into the Whitehouse on the tour, let alone as President.

    This BHO’s a Muslim crap is a distraction that makes us all look like kooks.

  10. I don’t think BariO believes in anything. But he does carry a few Marxist meme’s, take for instance his reduction of the religiosity of NRA red-necks to economic deprivation and false social consciousness. That’s not the outlook of a true religious believer.

    The Archdhimmi of Canterbury has written a surprisingly good review of The Devils that contains within it a rather good description of the rootless modern man i.e. Obama among others.

    “A novel dealing with terrorism, suicide and child abuse sounds uncomfortably contemporary; and so it is.”

    “Stavrogin attracts all sorts of projections: he is intelligent, wildly independent, mysterious and charismatic, a ‘messianic’ figure. All around him are people who are fascinated by him and would do anything for him. But increasingly we see that there is nothing behind the façade. He is a desperately empty person, paralysed by his own sense of meaninglessness. He cannot take on any role in Pyotr’s conspiracy, nor can he consummate any real relationship. His life has been a series of arbitrary experiments in extreme behaviour to try and force himself to feel that there is a real self there; and it has all failed. He is one of Dostoevsky’s most frightening characters.
    These two diabolical characters don’t come from nowhere. Their parents also figure in the book. Pyotr’s father is a vain and silly old man, who loves to think of himself as a daring revolutionary writer; Nikolai’s mother is an equally silly woman, caught up in a whole complex of self-deceit. For years she has looked after Pyotr’s father (they are both widowed), as if there is a sort of imitation marriage between them, one without either sex or love. The message is clear: the demonic evil of the two younger men comes from this sterile, fantasy-ridden atmosphere, full of large talk about change and progress, but with absolutely no spiritual or moral substance. One generation’s flabby fashions become destructive horrors in the next generation. You can see why Dostoevsky’s novel was so unpopular with progressives in Russia at the time.”


  11. Trying to pin the “Closet Muslim” tag on Obama is a waste of time.

    I agree. He doesn’t have the required skill to pull off that level of deception. My take: Red heering.

    He’s unexperienced, unprincipled, pandering left and right. His connection through 20 years to a rabid anti-American racist preacher should have doomed him, but didn’t. That should continue to bite him, though.

    What bears relevance, however, is how vague and evasive, if not downright lying, Obama has been about this. Not unlike Bill Clinton ‘not inhaling’, just worse.

    BTW, I heard (quoted from a book Obama wrote a few years ago) that he did inhale. And had a little Blow on top.

    Any chance that better candidates will appear out of the blue?

  12. Archonix: Gordon, I’m sure the Baron will be glad to debate any issues, whenever Barry decides to take a stand on one.

    ZING! Score one Grand Slam for Archonix. I just watched some of the Saddleback video and Obama came off as the clueless mumbling pantywaist that he most certainly is.

    It is a withering condemnation of America’s democratic party that such a supremely empty suit could ever have so much power to persuade so many. This sort of blind faith belongs in a revival tent and not in our political institutions.

    I’ll also add that Mc Cain scored ace after ace in his answers on camera. He even managed to alleviate some of the many reservations I have about voting for him.

    Finally, about all the brou-ha-ha over Obama being a stealth Muslim.


    What matters is that Obama clearly will not hesitate to appease perpetually aggrieved Muslim sensibilities and that makes him a de facto Muslim. The very last thing that America needs right now is another Islamic @ss-kissing Commander in Chief.

    Before this matter is finished, Muslims all around the world will need to do some serious suffering. They must be taught to curse Osama bin Laden’s name for all eternity and learn to kill anyone who even whispers about jihad or a global caliphate. Any failure to do so must be understood by all involved as a guarantee of swift and painful death.

  13. Anytime I hear the word “issues” and B-HO’s name mentioned in the same sentence, it is invariably about his personal “issues.”
    What he has proposed as his agenda if he were to be elected, doesn’t get seen by the casual observer, because of his personal issues, and because he is such a flake.
    Which, if his agenda were known more widely, he would be trailing even further than the five points in today’s Zogby poll.

  14. BHO belongs on a psychiatrist’s couch dealing with his deserting daddy and black racism issues rather than in the White House.

  15. Interestingly, the Danish press is in a hasty retreat from the “Obama is sure to win” position. Here’s from Berlingske, where also the hot selling of anti-Obama books is given extensive coverage.

    The Paris Hilton celebrity thing by McCain is quoted as having deep impact. I didn’t think it’d hit home like that.

    (BTW, I agree with Paris that we need to do something for energy independence. Buy Danish windmills!)

    Their gearboxes are of very poor quality – 50% of the Danish windmills lousing down the Swedish landscape are standing idle due to broken down transmissions.

  17. I bet they make great flagpoles…

    Windmills are not the panacea people think they are, in that they don’t produce electricity when you most need it. The better solution? Coal. Oddly enough Denmark, like the UK, is sitting on a huge pile of the stuff and modern power-plant mean that the whole sulphur dioxide problem of the past wouldn’t be an issue. There’s your energy independence. Just one or perhaps two coal fired plants would be able to more than equal the actual power output of your entire wind capacity.

    I look forward to when our own coal mines start up again. We’ve got enough proven coal reserves to power the entire country for over a century, and probably longer. Thatcher had to kill the unions and that meant killing coal production in this country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start mining it again. When this whole global warming finagle is over with we can start being sensible again. Bring back coal!

  18. Coal. Oddly enough Denmark, like the UK, is sitting on a huge pile of the stuff.

    No, we’re not. We mainly have limestone.

    At the moment, wind energy covers some 20-25 % of the Danish electricity consumption. We are hitting a logistical barrier at this point, and it becomes impractical and uneconomic to raise that significantly.

    And sorry for those ball bearings and gearboxes…

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