Quo Vadis Gutmensch?

The following article appeared at Het Vrije Volk [The Free People] in the Netherlands and was a free translation from the German original by A. Wappendorf, on August 7 posted at the German edition of “Politically Incorrect”. Below is a translation from the Dutch version by our Flemish correspondent VH.

Note: this is a double translation — German to Dutch to English — so the likelihood of error is magnified. If anyone who has read the German original thinks corrections need to be made, please send them to me.

Quo Vadis Gutmensch?
by A. Wappendorf

Bien-pensantsConcepts such as “multiculture” and “cultural enrichment”, promoted and introduced not so long ago by Gutmenschen [“Goodpeople”, also known as Useful Idiots], are nowadays merely used with an ironic undertone or as an insult in everyday conversations. Even orthodox Gutmenschen hardly use these concepts anymore, since they have lost control of their meaning. That is an indication of that the leftist hegemony is becoming to crumble and the monopoly of “Generation ’68” on the sovereign right to set the meaning of words is starting to fade.

Gradually even Green, Leftist [Liberal] and Social Democrat politicians start to notice that the wind has begun to change direction. It is still a very gentle draft that blows in the face of the green multicultural advocates, but it is just strong enough for many of these people to realize they will have to change their usual strategies in time, that fewer and fewer citizens can be kept quiet with hollow phrases, euphemisms, and slogans in such a hopeless situation.

In addition, from another direction the wind has begun to blow much more severely. The demands of Islamic federations, associations, and groups, as well as politicians with an Islamic background in the ranks of the Green and Left, are increasingly insistent, aggressive and self-assertive. The first examples of such politicians have already settled into managerial positions within these parties. Those who encouraged this development intentionally have come increasingly under pressure from two sides.

Up until now demands, such as the construction of large mosques or restriction of freedom of press (cartoon rows) have been supported without any limits. But it will not end with such demands — and many Gutmenschen know that.
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For example, when representatives of Islamic federations openly demand to limit the rights of homosexuals and/or women, the strategy of concealment and denial no longer works, for the day of truth will have arrived for the supporters of the multicultural ideology. And that day is probably not too far off. In Norway, for example, the Islamic council asked for an Islamic legal opinion, a fatwa, on whether they should kill homosexuals. They are still waiting for the answer. What will Norwegian politicians do once a fatwa for killing homosexuals is issued in their country?

And one thing is clear, the greater the number of Muslims in a population, the more brutal their demands. The history of the once peaceful and prosperous Lebanon is rich didactic material here.

But most politicians and media continue buying time. By bending over backwards they still can try to sell the public the erosion of democratic values. But soon the time will come for the Gutmenschen in Germany to choose sides. And what then?

Many — or even most — will choose the path of the (alleged) least resistance, and side with the Muslims, and discard the few remaining values of the Occident they have professed. Perhaps one or another green or leftist in the future will be honored by the Islamists for the persecution of unbelievers.

The first symptoms of that already exist — when Islam-critics and opponents of the construction of mosques are smeared as Nazis, fascists, enemies of democracy, and racists, then one knows in which direction this road leads. Many Gutmenschen will then above all try to distinguish themselves as particularly diligent and very faithful Muslims. Provided of course that the new-potato Muslims will be accepted by the “born Muslims”.

Whether or not Abdullah Jones or Mustafa Smith will become successful in their new roles is more than questionable. Ethnic and religious tensions and conflicts within Islam are the rule rather than the exception.

A portion of the Gutmenschen and the intellectuals will hopefully also choose the other side and fight for democracy, freedom and human rights. With a little sense, one can be already determine who tends to choose which side. One thing, however: all Gutmenschen will try to escape responsibility as much as possible.

5 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Gutmensch?

  1. “One thing, however: all Gutmenschen will try to escape responsibility as much as possible.”

    Thats why we should never forget who they are/were. As Fjordman wrote the other day. These ‘good’ people should all be charged with treason when the day comes.

    The result of the acts by these self rightous persons will be, that we are all going to fight in the streets in a future not so far away.

    Traitors are what they are, and they should be treated like that.

  2. I was a kind of gutmenschen three years ago…

    The problem with this people is that they are of two kinds: the fooled and the naive.

    The naive can be educated, the fool? It depends on how tenacious he/she is. Or stupid, stupid some times is the word, but we can manipulate stupid people, can we not?

    An injection of reality to some and nobility/respect to others would save a half of them. One of their carachteristics is to change the channel everytime a “reality news” refering to muslim/communism (well, I should have said multiculturalism…) popps in the TV. It usually goes with the words, “I don’t want to see this/think about it” and in the case of Yugoslavia: “I trust our government, even if it is commanded by Sócrates, Sarkozy or George W. Bush.

    Can somebody recommend me a good blog of half the “class(?)” of Gates of Vienna in which I can accompain the U.S. presidential elections?
    Thank you.

  3. The “Gutmenschen” that are really desperate to lose the next elction in Britain are NULabour. They can see the writing on the wall, and are very keen to hand over to the Tories. At the same time, the Conservatives are not too keen to get in power, for they know that they will be blamed, when those proverbial chickens come home.

    Time and again Labour has left an open goal for the Conservatiives to shoot at, but the Conservatives refuse. What can you say.

  4. Where’s the second coming of Winston Churchill when you need him?

    “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…”

    Instead, we get “We shall build footbaths, we shall provide halal meals, we shall promote sharia, we shall censor all criticism of Islam, and maybe they will be good to us (all historic evidence to the contrary) when we give in to them…”

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