No Terrorism in Denver. Move Along.

In Denver, a man who had been dead several days was discovered to be in the same hotel room as a jar of what appears to be sodium cyanide:

The FBI and local authorities are trying to sort out the mystery of what happened to a man found dead at the Burnsley Hotel in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with a foreign substance that the coroner’s office said might be cyanide.

On Tuesday, the man was identified as Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, a 29-year-old Canadian. Denver police said they believe he had been dead for several days before officers found him Monday morning.

“Because of the suspicious nature of the death and the unidentified substance – it leads to a lot of questions,” Special Agent Kathy Wright, an FBI spokeswoman, said Tuesday.

The coroner’s office said it completed an autopsy Tuesday, but medical examiners can’t determine the manner and cause of death until they have the results of lab tests. Foul play is not suspected.

Well, maybe he didn’t live long enough to indulge in “foul play”.

A commenter on the news story, using the name Marine Grunt, observed:

“Investigators became concerned that they might be dealing with cyanide because the jar contained labeling that suggested it could be the deadly chemical, fire Lt. Philip Champagne said.”

That’s some in depth reporting there, Lou.

I thought the same thing when I read the quote he picked out. While one recognizes the need for caution in reporting these stories, when journalists lean this far backwards to appear calm and objective …well, it seems to make their brains fall out. Perhaps a little more passion and involvement is called for under the circumstances.

The Canadian Press doesn’t seem to have any information on Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, the dead man with what the AP now says was “a pound of cyanide”.

The Rocky Mountain news has a blog “buzz” on the man’s name:
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Bloggers are abuzz today over a threatening posting by a man with nearly the same name as the man found dead in a downtown Denver hotel room next to a jar of suspected cyanide.

The FBI is investigating the death of Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, of Canada, who was living on the fourth floor of the Burnsley Hotel in Denver just two weeks before the start of the Democratic National Convention.

“Having the bible in one hand, and a bread in the other hand, is not a correct thing! Kill Them , Kill them, Kill them, that is my massage,!” read the comment posted by Abdirahman Dirie, on July 11 to a discussion group at

The bloggers had been discussing violence against Somali Christians, and Dirie apparently was taking the side of the Somali Muslims.

It’s unknown whether Abdirahman Dirie and Saleman Abdirahman Dirie are the same person.

Hmm…I wonder if the comment was removed immediately. I’m sure it was. That kind of comment on a blog post would be removed immediately from any blog.

No doubt someone cached it, though.

Just a reminder, folks: at Gates of Vienna, there is “no-kill-them-all” commenting permitted. No matter what the other fellow thinks or believes about politics, religion, race, etc., as long as people remain civil and follow the rules about courteous discourse, freedom reigns.

And by the way, attacks on the message – say, calling someone’s ideas “drivel” – will get a comment deleted. We protect everyone’s constitutional right to be an idiot, including Code Pink and the administrators of this blog.

You will have noticed by now that the Baron is more tolerant about what he will permit to stay up. Being a right-wing fundie racist, I am not so liberal as he.

Now: how long do you think it will take the “officials” to admit this was a case of terrorism in the making, ruined only by someone’s stupidity? Or maybe someone planted ol’ Saleman Abdirahman Dirie with the cyanide after they made him take a big sniff.

Question: he was dead a couple of days before he was found. And no one is saying how he came to be found…how long do hotels honor those “Do Not Disturb” signs? Maybe until things start to decompose?

Another question: how long before Ottawa gives up any information on this guy? Information for the public, I mean.

Sheesh, I feel sorry for anyone attending the Democrat Convention now …they all must be wondering if Dirie was a loner or was part of a larger group. I tend toward the former view, given his comment.

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  1. Unfortunately, this thread was dragged off-topic by the first comment, so I deleted it and the five following comments. I’ve put up a new thread on that topic.

    To anyone whose commment I deleted: please visit the new thread if you wish, and re-post what you had to say.

    Please confine comments here to the post topic, that is the cyanide incident at the hotel.

  2. The greatest danger of Islam is that it inculcates a “can do/should do” attitude in every worshipper by whipping up a frenzy for the DUTY of jihad. (Incidentally, the apologist version of jihad as an inner search for meaning is just so much takiya as a religion with LESS emphasis on introspection and personal accountability has yet to be found. Muslim failure is always someone else’s fault).

    The stress is on serving Allah in exrernal ways that are very bad for infidels.

    Thanks to the teachings of Islam, believers are also programed on a hair trigger to anger as demonstrated in thousands of different ways (nothing is too small or trivial to get them going – teddy bears, cartoons, ice cream swirls, Arabs on car commercials – anything could light the perpetually smouldering fuse).

    The West has some hope of detecting and aborting more elaborate set ups like sleeper cells and graduates of terrorist training camps (if all its tools are not de-activated by western leftists) but there is no way of stopping all the lone wolves, as this case may have been.

    One’s only hope is that the freelancers remain largely clownishly incompetent and that what damage they do is minimal while serving to wake up westerners who are comatose to the Islamic threat but very exercised about the junk science of global warming and its imaginary effects a hundred years from now.

  3. Findalis: I am in shock. A hotel that actually honors the “Do not disturb” sign. Will wonders never cease.

    I’ll venture it would have been an even bigger wonder if anyone had managed to disturb Mr. Dirie. After all:

    A) He was probably pretty disturbed to begin with.

    B) He’s damn hard to disturb now.

    One can only speculate whether this wasn’t an attempt by a “free lancer” to finally avenge Obama’s perceived apostasy. I find it hilarious that no matter how badly Islam may want an appeasing Obama in office, it’s just as likely one of their radical wingnuts may still take it upon himself to “rectify” the situation.

    Sadly, Islam just cannot defeat itself quickly enough. It will require outside intervention to assure that.

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