No Takers for Motoon Crisis Book

The American book-publishing world has shown once again that it will take no risks whatsoever in defense of our First Amendment right to a free press.

Flemming Rose, the Jyllands-Posten editor responsible for publishing the infamous Motoons, is unable to find an American publisher for a book he has written about the Mohammed Cartoon Crisis. According to Berlingske Tidende (my translation):

No Publisher for the Book on the Mohammed Crisis

Boom goes Allah!U.S. publishers declined to publish Flemming Rose’s forthcoming book about the Mohammed Crisis, the limits of free speech, and the Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Mohammed. Rose, who has been on leave from his job as cultural editor for Jyllands-Posten, has been in contact with several major publishers in the United States, but no one wants to publish the book. “They are enthusiastic about the project, but concerned about the consequences that may ensue if they publish the book,” says Flemming Rose to Ritzau. Flemming Rose also referred to Random House’s withdrawal of Sherry Jones’ book [The Jewel of Medina] as self-censorship.

Hat tip: Steen.

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9 thoughts on “No Takers for Motoon Crisis Book

  1. Henrik —

    The link I used has a brief one-paragraph summary of the Flemming Rose story on its right sidebar. That’s what I translated. The full story was too much for my meager abilities.

  2. Here’s hoping that Rose has the sagacity to short-circuit these cowardly publishers and simply post his book on the Internet.

    The American media’s voluntary abdication in defending Freedom of Speech goes well beyond revolting. It is essentially criminal neglect of the Fourth Estate’s sacrosanct entitlement to freedom of expression. This betrayal is rapidly turning the Fouth Estate into a Fifth Column. That our government wilfully participates in this same intellectual abortion is nothing short of treason.

  3. Disappointing. Once again, the Americans seem to be caving in to Muslims faster than Europeans, considering the percentage of Muslims in the general population.

    The Anglosphere is overrated. The English-speaking world may still have the most dynamic military traditions of the Western world, but it is leading the Multicultural ideological disintegration.

  4. Agree with Fjordman. The anglosphere is declining faster and less visibly than Europe. Whose diversity is a great asset, one that needs a little defending from some European Union 🙂

    For the inside story of the decline of Used to be Great Britain, I recommend Dalrymple. He’s sharp and logical, and faces the decay directly from his work in UK prisons.

  5. America is fractured by jews, blacks, hispanics, east asians, southeast asians, catholics, protestants, mormons, muslims, amerindians, indians, armenians, and 500 other groups besides. Out of this heterogeneity comes identity politics and squabbling nationalities all seeking their own self-interest at the cost of the rest of the country. Marxists have also inflated gay-lesbian-transgender-bisexuals to combat heterosexuals, women to combat men, old people to steal the tax money from young people, poor plundering tax money from the rich, unions to combat employers, and environmentalists to combat all humankind. There is no division left unexploited. In 20 years, America will be wiped off the map. Even if it exists in name, it will never again be a world power and will be crushed under the weight of its diversity. Whatever you do, never look to the USA for guidance, never take the American government seriously, never follow our lead. Keep your lands for your people and teach everyone they are one, not individuals, not interest groups, not divisive squabbling antagonistic identities. If south africa teaches us to never try minority rule, America must teach us to never have any minorities at all. The damage is catastrophic, however long delayed, the sword of karma eventually comes slashing down.

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