Islamic Converts in Mexico

For all practical purposes there is an “open borders” policy in the United States with respect to Mexico, since so much of the southern border is under-fenced and lightly patrolled, while the government declines to enforce our immigration laws. Whether the reason is political correctness, or a fear of being called racist, or a reluctance to engage in “profiling”, or a favor to agribusiness, immigrants can cross the border from Mexico with virtual immunity from federal interference.

It’s encouraging that the number of illegal immigrants is decreasing through attrition as individual states get tougher, resulting in a return migration south. Unfortunately, these actions don’t close the doors to those who want to enter the country, and some of the new arrivals may not be economic migrants. There is increasing evidence that in recent years Al Qaeda and similar terrorist organizations have been infiltrating operatives into the USA through Mexico, using forged identity papers and masquerading as Hispanics.

The chilling Al Jazeera video below will give you an idea of where Islamic radicals might be holing up as they pass through Mexico. Picture these out-of-the-way Muslim villages as staging grounds for honored guests from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.:

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3 thoughts on “Islamic Converts in Mexico

  1. The problem is third-worldism and the preaching against the west by leftist moonbats.

    It is a purely racist thing: just like blacks in the States who came to believe their luck lies with other ‘people of colour’, indians, mexicans and other south-americans (or asians, for that mater) who don’t feel ‘white’ because they are poor and live in backward countries are vulnerable to islamist preaching.

    It will be the Rest against the perfidious West

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