An Unwelcome Message

The article below was translated by our Flemish correspondent VH from the Vlaams Belang website:

German Juvenile Judge Speaks in Plain Language

Beginning this year a fierce debate raged for several weeks in Germany about the increase in immigrant crime and anti-German racism. Without a doubt the statements made by the police, who have openly admitted certain parts of Berlin are “already lost” and that the security forces there have even been withdrawn, were enlightening.

The Berlin prosecutor Roman Reusch in turn stated that roughly three-quarters of the youths committing hard crimes in the German capital are of non-German origin. Of course, these are truths that some people prefer not to face up to. Therefore a ban was imposed on this courageous prosecutor in order to prevent his further interference in the debate, and later he was even transferred.

The facts remain what they are, as confirmed now by the Berlin juvenile court judge Kirsten Heisig. This week she raised the alarm in the Berliner Kurier and stated that no less than seventy percent of the defendants (up for juvenile violence) have an immigrant background and are from family structures outside the norms of German society.

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Fifty percent of the fathers don’t have regular work; the children grow up uncontrolled and completely abandoned. The fathers do not interfere with their upbringing, while the mothers, because of a lack of knowledge of the German language and large number of offspring, are overworked. They usually stay at home and are not integrated into community social life.

The daughters are kept at home and brought up very strictly. In contrast, the sons do whatever they want and hang around on the street the whole day (…) They attack and rob other young people. The victims are mostly Germans and on top of that are also cursed as “Scheiss-Christian” (or “Scheiss-German”).

It is still a question whether both Roman Reusch and Kirsten Heisig will be made to pay for their frankness. As we said before, even then the facts remain unchanged. Leftist politicians may not want to know them, but the citizens know them only too well.

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  1. We’ve had a recent growth in the immigration of blacks muslims from Africa into our city. In the last month, several black males shot a number of black males – only one in custody, and just the other day, eight black males were seen hanging out behind a local hotel, and shots were heard before four of them, at least one wounded, were seen running through the hotel and taking off in two vehicles – no arrests made. This is shoot ’em up style in our city where a shooting was once unheard of before these immigrants came. They seem to bring what they’ve seen and practiced in Africa to the law-abiding streets here. Do we really need violent males from foreign countries entering our own countries and trafficking drugs to the locals?

    I don’t have a problem with decent law-abiding immigrants of any race, but allowing, keeping, and protecting the rotters that get through is beyond comprehension.

  2. Greetings:

    I think that one of the many problems with our immigration policies is the introduction of people from tribal societies, especially but not only Muslim, into what are national state societies.

    I recently read “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East” by Philip Carl Salzman and it left me convinced that our current immigration policies don’t seem to recognize these aspects and the result is going to be a long, lingering fit of sickness until they do.

  3. Europeans used to attribute racial problems and crime in the U.S. to what they claimed was white Americans’ inherent racism. That was an easy explanation for them as long as Europe was largely homogenous.
    Now that Europe is becoming more diverse, the powers that be seem reluctant to admit–or recognize– those problems are the result of multiculturalism itself, and they are certainly not going to accuse themselves of racism. They are hell-bent on destroying themselves by refusing to acknowledge this.
    Multiculturalism ain’t easy and they don’t have several hundred years worth of experience with it, not on this scale.

  4. Talnik: I see no reason why European natives should have to accept this. This mass immigration has been forced down our throats by lies and deceit, censorship and secret deals done behind our backs. We have every reason to defend ourselves against colonization or annihilation, which is what we are facing now. We have the moral right to expel many of these people.

    I am tired of the social engineers. Why are they treated so differently from physical engineers? Social engineers introduce large numbers of violent and primitive peoples into our societies, and when their experiment ends in disaster, they blame the failure on the guinea pigs and their “racism.” Imagine if an engineer had built an extremely brittle bridge that “looked cool” inside his own head. When the bridge collapses and kills numerous people, he blames this on the “impure” thoughts of those crossing it, and proceeds to build a similar bridge just a few hundred meters down the river. We would never have accepted somebody to do this to our children. So why should we put up with it when the social engineers do this to us?

  5. Just get rid of these violent aggressive people from the western hemisphere and send them back to whereever they came from. Max Publius of Brave News World had a simple and very good idea of how to repatriate these people. Just load them on planes and drop them over the ME in parachutes.

  6. Germany is the heart and center of Eiropa despite Francophone pretensions. Germany is a giant with PC chains …. interesting how the Germans are so bound by the misdeeds of 65-70 years ago, but the multicultural disaster that was the breakup of the quite explicitly multicultural Austro-Hungarian is a mere 90 years in the past, and is still playing out daily in the Balkans. If the civil servants are going public with such taboo topics that is a tremendous source of hope, that soon Germany will become much more like Denmark, but 15-fold larger.

    (And, a mere 5 years before the breakup of Austria-Hungary, the Kaiser’s Germany was much of leading light of Western civilization)

  7. Hmmm.

    Countries which are “immigrant magnets”, which offer those delightfully generous welfare payments, could enact legislation that ANYBODY on the dole MUST be on Norplant or one of the other verifiable long-term methods of birth control.

    The thing is: such mandatory birth control can be defended as practical, cost-saving, and TEMPORARY. And of course, we’re not targeting Muslims here, the rule would apply to any/everybody applying for welfare payments. The “received wisdom” about public welfare is that it’s “only until the newcomers get on their feet” economically. (Whether or not reality bears out that view is up for debate.)

    (I’ve long thought that we in the USA should mandate something like that to break the cycle of multi-generational welfare recipients in the ‘urban ghettos’. We in the US could also offer free tubal ligation or vasectomy, though I’m sure that permanent forms of birth-control would likely not be accepted by the Islamists who show up in Europe to breed as many new little jihadis as possible on the public’s tax money…)

  8. The power of Christ maintained christian civilization.

    Without reconciliation to Christ there is no hope for his society to continue.

    If you cut out the heart, the body dies. It is really that simple.

  9. As most Americans, even highly educated ones, are no longer taught German as they were 100 years ago, you ought to have explained that scheiss means s*** in English. Further showing the contempt that these men have for anything that isn’t generated by their own belief system.

  10. Joanne:
    I don’t know where you live, but if you lived in Los Angeles, CA, you would see the effects of unlimited immigration first hand. They’re not pretty.
    The Europeans don’t laugh anymore. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Importing millions of low-IQ people who can never fit in a modern society is a formula for chaos. Not to understand that requires having a Harvard PhD.
    I suggested forced sterlization for anyone receiving welfare for more than two years about 35 years ago!

  11. IA, it’s important that it’s temporary, not permanent. First, welfare is temporary. Right?

    Second, it’s another incentive to get off the dole and into productive life. It’s not a punishment, and I can’t support your idea.

  12. would be interesting to get a bit more of a breakdown. according to wikipedia, there are a lot of foreign groups in berlin. turks are about 3%. if they’re predominantly responsible for this crime, the disproportionality would be beyond anything i’ve ever seen anywhere.

    are there many arabs in berlin? GoV itself had an article about arabs in germany recently, didn’t it?

  13. Concerning the recent comments about wellfare/temporary sterlisation.

    I don’t know if we (The West) need to implemnt an eugenics program, what I do know is that we are under an experiment of social engeneering that, undoubtedly, touches eugenics.

    This Eugenics is in the sense of lowering the Western Nation’s population and the Western Nation’s population’s character. And this kind of eugenics we do not need.

    Just consider this trends:

    1) The decreasing Western population
    2) The importation of exogenous people who are members of inferior Civilisations who already constitute on average 5 to 10 percent of our Nations.
    3) The “New People”‘s greater birth rates, with their babies being on average 20 to 30 percent of the total;
    4) The genocide and ethnic cleansing in our taditional major centres, our major cities, as Fjordman described in his essay: “Beheading Nations”
    5) The continuous support for this trend to be continued
    6) The recent but ever greater need to “push” White European Women into non European males, whether by making it fashionable or by the support of, at best, “naive” ideologies, at worst, “sick and criminal”.

    This is not social engeneering: Social Engeneering is what happened in Eastern Europe and you know what? The Czech Republic is still Czech, Russia is recovering, Poland now thrives as it had never thrieved and continues with its Polish people and caracther.

    This is not colonisation: My Nation was deeply changed when the Romans colonised this place. And though there was some brutality, it was better, they gave us Civilisation. Colonisation worked well even for Mexicans! Colonisation implies a superior Civilisation to conquer and Civilise others.

    This is eugenics. This is far worst than Communism, social engeneering or colonisation. This is Multiculturaism and its goal is to destroy us, completley and at every level.

    I have to reckon though, that it is a bright and wonderfull strategy that will indeed destroy Europe in less than one century (two at best).

    Sorry for my flawed English.

  14. “interesting how the Germans are so bound by the misdeeds of 65-70 years ago…”

    One of the major reasons why England and Europe have succumbed to the mainstream dominance of PC MC is as a conscious reaction to the catastrophe of Nazi Germany — a reaction with concrete institutional effects as well as more amorphous psycho-sociocultural attitudes.

    What began galvanized by the horror of the Holocaust has become, through a supreme irony, transmogrified into a vast and complex Eurabacization (if I may coin an ugly word for an ugly reality) calculated to protect the anti-Semitic Muslims who have become christened “the new Jews” and who, as such, must be protected from any perceived signs of the “slippery slope” leading to “genocide”.

    As I said at the beginning, this is one of the major reasons. There are other major reasons as part of a constellation that informs the process of PC MC becoming dominant and mainstream throughout the West.

    The Hesperado

  15. @Henrik R Clausen
    I think that temporary sterilization is a great idea for welfare recipients but the policy should go further and be imposed as lifetime punishment for certain violent offenders whom society doesn’t want to procreate for a number of reasons.
    Society should by lawful mandatory sterilization attach a stigma to gang membership thereby making all women aware that dating gang members will not lead to procreation. All gang members should be denied the right to procreate and their names should be listed in local community notification databases accessible to the public. All women can then lookup any name in order to ascertain that he is not in the noprocreation database. The benefit to society is fewer women being willing to date gang members. In Denmark, we all know whom they are.
    Second, all welfare recipients with nonwestern citizenship — mostly Muslim nations — even those with no criminal records should be required to either undergo sterilization or forfeit any claim to social benefits.
    Third, all welfare mums — unemployed women with more than two children — should get a welfare benefit hike if they accept sterilization. Of course, no formal discrimination against Muslim women, but we know who they are.

  16. El, Wikipedia is wrong about the percentage of Turkish-decendant inhabitants in Berlin. I don’t know the exact figure, but I’ve seen Berlin mentioned as the third-largest Turkish city, after Istanbul and Ankara…

    The rest of this thread I prefer not to comment on.

  17. @henrik:

    thank you for that, it did seem very low. if the turkish population of germany is about 3.5% and they are concentrated in the cities, it is hard to see how they could only be 3% in berlin. i will keep looking for the figure.

  18. Total population: 82.5 million Germans, and 3 million Muslims

    Background: The majority of the Muslim population in Germany is Turkish, with many retaining strong links to Turkey. Others arrived from Bosnia and Kosovo during the Balkan wars. Until recently Muslims were considered “guest workers”, who would one day leave the country – a view that is changing.
    according to the BBC-page here

  19. “I am tired of the social engineers. Why are they treated so differently from physical engineers? Social engineers introduce large numbers of violent and primitive peoples into our societies, and when their experiment ends in disaster, they blame the failure on the guinea pigs and their “racism.” Imagine if an engineer had built an extremely brittle bridge that “looked cool” inside his own head. When the bridge collapses and kills numerous people, he blames this on the “impure” thoughts of those crossing it, and proceeds to build a similar bridge just a few hundred meters down the river.”

    I love Fjordman’s analogy which should head every discussion of social engineering. The Left has never worn the abysmal results of its policies, whether it’s the millions dead after the ill-advised precipitate pull out from Vietnam, the millions of African children unnecessarily succumbing to malaria when DDT was banned on the basis of junk science, or the destruction of the black American family by Welfare policies in a way slavery did not achieve. Slavery to the Left’s ideas get one harmed or killed. Yet they never pay for it in lowered world esteem.

    The talk of sterilization of Welfare recipients is just so much hot air in western nations where human rights have been defined to give the most heinous criminals conjugal visits in prison and Welfare recipients have the legal right to FERTILITY treatment if they so desire. The same nations will not even sterilize their convicted pedophiles.

    Even a hard core conservative like me balks at forced sterilization of anyone but pedophiles which is a tactic that is found in totalitarian quivers. I prefer that Workfare be substituted for Welfare (including women with children – it is ludicrous that taxpaying families can’t afford stay at home mothers while welfare recipients are given this privilege) and an immigration moratorium imposed until unemployment is below a certain level. That would be sufficient to decrease the parasite load. Add on witholding of citizenship (including voting rights) unless the applicant achieves economic self-sufficiency.

    Multiculturalism has wrought a Tower of Babel and potpourri of crime. White resentment at having to deal with the dysfunctionality of imported cultures is unfairly called racism. In my city, if black Jamaicans were repatriated to Jamaica, (or more realistically, if further immigration from there were blocked) the crime rate would drop precipitously. Sure there are some very decent Jamaicans. Does their home country not need them to fix it up? Let all tribes live apart as much as possible and deal with their own problems. On the one hand, these problems are made the “white man’s burden” by bringing them to his table, while on the other hand he is called racist when he tries to address them.

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