The EU is Relieved: No Ban on the AKP

This article (AKP door oog van de naald ) appeared earlier today on Vlaams Belang’s website, and our Flemish correspondent VH kindly volunteered to translate it for us.

Vlaams Belang is understandably put off by the tender solicitousness shown towards the Turkish AKP party, given that their predecessor party was banned from politics in Belgium.

But there’s no sauce for the gander in Flanders:

Turkish AKP through the eye of the needle

The supporters of political Islam in Turkey today won a battle because the supreme court in the end didn’t dare to ban the Prime Minister Erdogan’s party AKP [on charges of undermining the secular state and striving for the Islamification of Turkey]. Although six of the eleven judges voted for the ban it still was one vote away from the required super-majority.

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Europe reacted with relief on the decision of the Turkish Supreme Court…. Just as on previous occasions, the AKP was openly supported by the ‘European’ political elite. Fervent proponents of Turkish membership to the EU pointed out that it is against all democratic principles if a court bans a political party. A quite reasonable position, of course, but unfortunately we didn’t hear them preach this when the EU member state Belgium banned the Vlaams Blok [the predecessor of the Vlaams Belang]…

The court ruling yesterday though does not at all mean the end of the [political] crisis and to the power struggle between the Kemalistic [secular] political elite and the Islamic [Muslim fundamentalist] AKP, which holds Turkey in a grip already for several years now. Meanwhile this means unmistakably the (continuing) Islamification of the EU candidate member state, which in fact increasingly belongs to the Middle East.