Rampage in Norway

The Observer sends us more news about Norway, as a follow-up to Dymphna’s post from yesterday. First, his own commentary on the article:

Here’s another story from wonderful multicultural Norway. A multicultural paradise that our socialists politicians have dreamed about creating in Norway for the last thirty or so years. And guess what? They finally got it. This latest incident involve some Chechen gentlemen/asylum-seekers who decided to settle a minor dispute with some fellow Muslim peace lovers in a very un-Norwegianlike fashion.

As you can see it’s not only the capital, Oslamabad, that is deeply affected by the arrival of these new ‘cultural enrichers’. Vaaler, where this ‘dispute’ took place is a sleepy little one-horse town, and, like a lot of other towns and cities in Norway, it has the misfortune of having an asylum center within its borders.

And now the news story from today’s Norway Post:

Serious attack on Immigration Center — 21 injured

21 persons were injured, several of them seriously, after a group of around 50 persons attacked an immigration reception center in Vaaler in Oestfold county late Thursday evening.

The attackers arrived in cars, armed with iron bars and other weapons, possibly also knives. They entered the buildings, pulled persons from their rooms and beat them up. According to NRK, it appears that the attackers were Czechenians [sic] who attacked Kurdish asylum seekers at the transit camp. It seems a minor conflict earlier Thursday may have been the reason for the attack, according to a witness, quoted by NRK.

– – – – – – – –

“When the police arrived, the attackers had already left, and the camp looked more like a battlefield,” says Alf Solstad of the Oestfold police precinct.

The police cannot confirm the nationality of the attackers, but were Friday morning investigating the incident, trying to find out what actually happened.

Seven of those injured were taken to hospital, while 13 were treated at the Moss casualty clinic.

The attackers also damaged doors and windows at the transit centre.

8 thoughts on “Rampage in Norway

  1. “Vaaler, where this ‘dispute’ took place is a sleepy little one-horse town, and, like a lot of other towns and cities in Norway, it has the misfortune of having an asylum center within its borders.”

    The mere fact that these “centers” are put in pleasant and safe towns is yet more proof that the multicults are actively trying to alter their countries. Much like the the placing of Somalis in Maine and Minnesota (just to name a couple) by the state and the suicidal Christian groups. They are playing a dangerous game. The countryside is the last refuge for people who want to live with their own. It often takes a big sacrifice as the economy in the country or small cities is usually pretty rotten. Take away that last refuge and you have cornered a dangerous animal.

  2. How exotic! How very, very nice! Just cant help loving this new paradise created by all these loving and caring politicians. THANK YOU!
    Now, you have to excuse me: Gotta get out and sing a song. Play my guitar. And hug my local muslima. Oh yeah, do I just feel enriched or what! Happy days.

  3. Be carefull about hugging that muslima, TB. If her family or some muslimo sees you, both of you could wind up dead to cleanse their honor. Ain’t multiculturalism grand?

  4. In 2005 this asylum centre was in the headlines because a group of Chechnyans (the same ones?) decided to enforce sharia there. -Their fellow asylum seekers were not allowed to wear shorts, had to pray five times a day and the chechnyans were to be served first at mealtimes…

    Just how bad things are getting in Norway is best explained by one politician who just said that courses in conflict resolution is what is needed to stop the violence… “If only the foreigners understood that this is not how we resolve conflicts here in Norway.”

    -We’re ruled by retarded people….

  5. Proud Infidel: Be carefull about hugging that muslima, TB.

    Yeah. You are right. And it probably only going to get worse if I hug one of them muslimo. Damn….There goes my multiculti dreams.

  6. Last_Norwegian,

    -We’re ruled by retarded people….

    Hey hey, stop it right there. Our politicians are much more retarded than yours.

    Actually I foresee how the old tradition of exchanging insults between Sweden and Norway with jokes about each other will be reversed. Let me start:

    – How can you know that you got a fax from a Swedish politician?
    – He’s put a postage stamp on it.

    – How do you know that a Swedish journalist has used your computer?
    – There is Tipp-Ex/Wite-Out on the screen.

    Your politicians and journalists cannot possibly be that stupid. Or can they?

  7. Front page in Swedish paper:
    Helicopter crashed in graveyard. 350 dead found so far.

    – What do we call smart people in Sweden?
    – Tourists.

    Also the Swedish criminals are the most stupid in the whole world (yes even more stupid than the ones in Norway). A notable example is Clark Olofsson (the man behind the Stockholm Syndrome) who’s just been arrested again for the umpteenth time.

    Two Swedish bandits driving a lorry comes to a low bridge. The road sign says it’s 2.2 meters high. The height of the lorry is 2.45 meters.
    – Do you see any police?
    – No.
    – Good. Let’s go then!

    Today most crimes here are done by foreign criminals, who know how to do it properly.

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