More on the Milik Affair

I’m posting this separately because it’s too long for an update.

JB, one of our Flemish contacts, read my post on Vlaams Belang earlier today and sent me a wealth of additional information:

The far-left blog Yelloman is Charles Johnson’s source. It was his source before, last November. The interesting thing is that as their own source they link to AFF (Anti Fascist Front). The AFF piece, however, says that the meeting where Duke spoke (but not Nick Griffin) had been organized by the organization Eurorus. The founder and president of Eurorus is Kris Roman. Mr. Roman, the AFF article says, was a member of the Vlaams Belang until 1994 “when he was ousted by the VB for his “anti-Semitic and negationist [= holocaust denial] views”.

Roman startte zijn ‘politieke carrière’ in het Vlaams Blok waar hij begin 1994 werd buitengezet wegens té radicaal. In het boek ‘Les Rats Noirs’ (M. Abramowicz, L. Pire — 1996) wordt i.v.m. Roman’s uitsluiting melding gemaakt van antisemitische en negationistische uitlatingen waar de partijtop niet mee kon lachen. In het Belang van Limburg verklaarde hij zelf zijn ontslag als volgt: “de sterk flamingantische vleugel, vooral gesitueerd in Antwerpen heeft de bovenhand gehaald. Deze vleugel wil de zachtere toer opgaan wat het vreemdelingenprobleem betreft”.

The conference where Duke spoke was organized by Eurorus (of Kris Roman), a group with links to NSA (of Eddy Hermy). Hermy is a former Maoist and Roman a former VB member who was ousted in 1994 for anti-Semitism.

– – – – – – – –

Roman’s wife is Russian. Eurorus is close to Russian Neo-Nazi groups. They favor a Russia-dominated Europe as an anti-American bulwark.

I am not sure whether Thierry De Rijcke is Milik’s “boyfriend”. Some other sources tell me that they have married or have an official partnership (this is a Belgian legal construction: You do not have to marry but can formalize your relationship through a registered partnership contract).

This is the NSA website with an ad for the Eurorus conference:

This is the website of the AFF (Anti Fascist Front) with info about Eurorus and its leader Kris Roman.

It is interesting that Yelloman (CJ’s source) links to AFF, hence they know that Roman was ousted from the VB in 1994, but that the Yelloman article does not mention this, and neither does Little Green Footballs.

Their attack on VB is based on the fact that Duke stayed at Milik’s house, which seems to have been true, but I think the woman had been trapped. The news was first published in the Flemish left-wing, anti-VB newspaper De Morgen. How did De Morgen know that Duke was staying at her house, unless someone went to DM with this info? Who? Why?

No one in Flanders knows David Duke. It is unlikely that Milik’s neighbors have ever heard of DD, let alone recognize him when he enters her house.

In a follow-up note, JB also said this:

BTW, Milik’s “husband” (partner?) is not Dewinter’s bodyguard.

I didn’t rely on LGF for the information about Mr. De Rijcke; it came from a machine translation of an article in De Telegraaf:

During his stay in Belgium gave him shelter at the Sint-Niklaas Flemish Milik Belangraadslid Karin and her husband Thierry De Rijcke, who was a bodyguard of Filip Dewinter.

But according to JB:

De Telegraaf (Dutch paper, i.e. from the Netherlands) based its story on the article in De Morgen (socialist Flemish paper). De Morgen wrote that he [Thierry De Rijcke] was (one of) Dewinter’s bodyguards.

The appropriate song for the “Now Playing” selection at Little Green Footballs would be “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who.

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  1. CS —

    Great video!

    I showed it to the Future Baron because he’s a fan of that song, and he asked me to tell you that he has learned to play it on the guitar.

    I only saw the Who live once, at a dance in the Royal Hall in Harrogate in 1966. Cost about 2s to get in, I think.

    That was in their Carnaby Street incarnation, when they were still a regional band. Daltrey threw bananas at the swooning girls in the front row.

    I can’t remember for certain — I was more interested in the dolly-birds in the hall than in the band — but I think they smashed up their equipment even back then.

  2. Say hello to Future Baron from me!

    I will learn to sing the song and we could make a youtube clip together with it.

    Can he do that windmill arm-thing that Townsend is doing?

  3. Charles Johnson is a joke. Who has noticed his recent attack on “creationism” after 7 years of fellatial support for the worst of that vulgar lot: George Bush. Only those who entered CJ’s business website are aware that one of his big internet contracts was with the “Bush Country” blog. And how much does he earn when he posts music videos? He posts same as if he is seeking to entertain his readers. As for his mega item comments pages, 99.99% of same are void of substance. As for his fixation on the once-an-antisemite-always-an-antisemite dogma, clearly he doesn’t even believe that crap. He defames the Euro-right to deflect from his slavish support of Bush’s butt-boy status with Saudi terrorists.

  4. Probably getting OT here…

    Did you notice Keith Moon was wearing headphones? Not because Pete Townsend’s guitar was so loud (which it was…) but because they used a pre-recorded keyboard part with “click” track for Moon to follow.
    If he lost the timing, it was apparently very difficult for them to get back in sync!

    Didn’t look good (or rather sound good) when the keyboards didn’t match all that twirling and thrashing on stage!


  5. I saw The Who and The Clash at Shea stadium in 1982. Changed my life forever. That and Led Zepp 2 of course.

  6. Henrik,

    The version you provided is free of dirt. But that is exactly the problem. The things that made it so alive and such a punch have been filtered away.

    However, the good thing with your version is that there is footage that were not there in the first one (like seeing Keith Moon jump over the drum kit in the end).


    Yeah, so that’s where the keyboard is 🙂

    Considering this, it would be easy to impose a different recording on top of the footage (I was considering whether that had been done for the version Henrik provided, but too lazy to check it in detail).

    And it’s easy to do something like this:
    The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again – Synchronized

    It says in the description of the clip: “I find it astounding that they can play this song nearly identically over a 30 year spread.” Well, considering what we know about the click track, the astounding thing would have been if the two versions hadn’t matched perfectly.

    Probably getting OT here…

    No, it’s definitely on topic. It’s about the conclusion of the article.

  7. Baron-

    “I only saw the Who live once, at a dance in the Royal Hall in Harrogate in 1966. Cost about 2s to get in, I think.”

    Lucky dog! I was a mere glimmer in my fathers eye in ’66. But noooo I had to be a Gen Xer! Sigh. Well at least I can say I saw Nirvana when they were nothing and receive notes of envy when I am an old man like you. : )

  8. Baron: I only saw the Who live once, at a dance in the Royal Hall in Harrogate in 1966. Cost about 2s to get in, I think.

    While not a huge Who fan, I still made a point of seeing them on tour. During their previous appearance in 1973 at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, Keith Moon had passed out onto his drums just a few songs into the first set. Yanked upright by his roadies, he stumbled through the next song or two before passing out cold and refusing to be revived.

    The band called out into the house for a drummer and some astoundingly fortunate chap (Scott Haplin, who died in 2006) got to sit in with the group for what was to be a much abbreviated concert. Most churlish was the way that—as the band was walking off stage—they pointed this poor sod back into the crowd. A tour jacket, at least, was forthcoming I would think.

    Fast forward a few years to 1976. The Who returns to the San Francisco bay area and offers to make up for their previous disappointment. The concert is slated for one of the finest small venues in the region, Winterland.

    Imagine an auditorium whose central seating area is the size of a basketball court. This is surrounded by a slope of floor-level seats and wrap-around balconies above them.

    People I knew had spent 48 hours standing outside and were among the first twenty people in line. Showing up an hour or two before the show, I negotiated the purchase of my ticket somewhere around the $50.00 level and, upon entry, located my group in the balcony with perfect unobstructed 20º angle sight lines to the stage some 50-75 feet distant.

    No opening act, no nothing but the Who taking the stage and blistering through an incredible set. Needless to say (then why say it?), Moon didn’t blink even once as he put on an astounding demonstration of percussive talent. During “See Me”, out from behind the band shot a high wattage krypton laser that tangentally struck the giant overhead mirror ball to produce a continuous necklace of small rainbows strung along a beam of searingly white light that encircled the entire auditorium.

    It was the only time I took my eyes off of the stage.

    Definitely one of the finest rock concerts I have ever seen. On par with Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and any other of the biggest bands I’ve ever seen. Curiously enough, almost directly across from me in the opposing balcony was a woman I would meet three years hence and spend five years of my life with.

  9. Zenster,

    During their previous appearance in 1973 at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, Keith Moon had passed out onto his drums…

    Amazing, but here is actually a video clip of that concert:

    The Who performing at the Cow Palace in 1973

    Description of clip:
    clips from the legendary concert footage of The Who performing at the Cow Palace in 1973. keith moon passes out twice as a result of taking horse tranquilizers and is replaced by an audience member.

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