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Over the last few years it has become evident that radical feminists in the West are in the process of making an accommodation with Islam. As long as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hizb ut-Tahrir, etc. remain the enemy in “George Bush’s war”, they are by definition the friends of the Left, and thus their little ideological quirks must be overlooked.

Dymphna and I have often speculated about how sharia principles will be reconciled with the tenets of feminism. It has to happen someday, because the Muslims will give no ground, and the feminists have declared by their silence that they have no objection to the way Islam treats its women.

So how will this particular frog be boiled? What will be the minute incremental steps between Women’s Lib and Full Sharia?

Presumably the tight control exercised by Muslim men over their women will be seen as “true equality”. After all, Islam recognizes women as persons, and not as objects — that’s why it wants to protect them from men, who are all rapists at heart anyway.

And how about the adoptions of various forms of hijab?

Ah, now that’s already underway. The means for the transformation is the effete and decadent Western fashion industry, and the useful idiots are the fad-hungry designers and their customers. We’ve already discussed the burkini, the ridiculous full-body bathing suit that was covered so eagerly by Sweden’s mainstream media.

Next is the headscarf, as reported by Islam Online:

Headscarf New Fashion Vogue

Big names in the fashion industry are leading the new headscarf fad with their designs.

CAIRO — Headscarves are becoming the new hot trend in Western fashion, with famed designer labels and industry biggest names explaining the appeal of the headwear as a comeback of elegance and chastity to the runways.

“We wanted to revamp the headscarf,” Domenico Dolce, co-founder of the Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabana, told The Telegraph on Wednesday, July 16.

“[We want to] give it a new life and introduce it to a younger generation.”

– – – – – – – –

According to Dennis Nothdruft, curator of London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, the headscarf resurgence is about a new sense of “chastity” in fashion.

He affirms that the trend is not all new after all.

“Women wore headscarves in medieval times to maintain their modesty,” he explains. [italics added]

Modesty? Chastity? Since when has high fashion been interested in those qualities?

Don’t we consider them suffocating restraints on the freedom of women?

Aren’t they the oppressive tools of the patriarchy?

Or has there been a subtle change?

I think there has, and now it has become explicit:

Alexander, of Hermès fashion house, says that a sizable proportion of their customers are Muslims, who wear their products as hijab, Islam’s obligatory code of dress for women.

The Muslim market. Get used to it, Paris.

Hat tip: TB.

17 thoughts on “Hijab Chic

  1. hahahahaha

    Soulless-Capitalism, or, let’s sell people the material necessary to degrade and enslave them, because there’s a huge market for it.

    Combined with Women’s Liberation, or, let’s respect bad boys and do what they say while trampling over any nice guys who are so dumb as to ask FAR LESS of us.

    Mix with Islam and stir.

    And the problem resurfaces, if business, women, immigrants, the socialist media, government, the law, etc are all on One side–who is on the other? And maybe worse, how much evil, how much oppression, how much abuse of these groups, would be necessary to defeat them?

    People who are willing to drive out muslims may shrink at dismantling their economy. Those okay with becoming poor again might not want to get rid of the state. Those willing to do with away the state might not want to do battle with their own wives and daughters short-sighted selfish desires. Those willing to reduce their women to second class might not want to rebel against their Church leaders and their God’s various universalist moral precepts. And those who discard God, the state, women, the economy, and foreigners, finally ready to do what it takes to win the war — are too alienated, too lost, too adrift, too broken hearted to do so.

  2. We get these absurd results because we assume, in my opinion wrongly, that feminism was about women’s rights. It isn’t, it’s about creating a wedge for the expansion of Marxism through exploiting the higher social status and higher presumed moral authority of women. The same strategy is being used by environmental groups, who use claims of environmental catastrophe in order to demand power over the world’s economies. That many of their precepts are plainly false or make no sense is consonant with the Left’s belief that it’s ok to tell a lie in the service of Higher Truth.

  3. Is it any surprise that the mouthwash salesman is giving away free fecal biscuits?

    Get ’em while they’re warm, suckaz!

    Oh…and go bag your head!

  4. True, feminism has never been about women’s rights…..at least not for a long while. If feminists cared about women’s rights, they would be hooping and hollering over the mistreatment of women in Islam – instead, dead silence. Women of Islam will never side with feminists, and feminists know it. It’s hard to work with the brain-washed, and the feminists should know; they’ve been telling themselves for years they’re the man of the household.

    I am such a brat today.

  5. So how will this particular frog be boiled?

    In Oil of Olay?

    Profitsbeard: The headscarf is just a potential gag.

    If not noose.

    It also doubles as a nifty blindfold. Cigarette optional.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hijab as a fashion must on the latest cover of “Cosmopolitan” or “Vogue”, possibly with the headline “10 tips to seduce a sheik and how to live in peace with the other three wives”. After all, we live in the Euromediterranean Union. According to the president of France, we have to learn to love each other.

  7. Diamed said:

    Soulless-Capitalism, or, let’s sell people the material necessary to degrade and enslave them, because there’s a huge market for it.

    Capitalism, soulless or soulful, has nothing to do with it. If there weren’t a bunch of dim bulb fashionistas pushing it and even more dim bulbed women wanting it, it wouldn’t be happening. I blame the silly fashion enslaved women who want it. If they had any brains their reaction would be “keep that symbol of Islamic oppression of women off my hair!”

  8. Very often and with increasing frequency, a woman wearing a hijab would also be sporting a pair of very tight jeans and a thin body-hugging sweater that reveals her curves. You know that in this case this has nothing to do with modesty or chastity. It’s clearly a political statement of mastery and domination. Women who wear the combination of tight clothes and jijab should be called on their hypocricy.

  9. Perhaps when the hijab will be out of fashion, the very next season we will witness another must for fashionistas, decreed from the capital of world chic, Paris: genital mutilation.

  10. queen:

    “Fortunately fashion is a fickle beast. The headscarf will be “out” two seasons from now.”

    I wouldn’t view that possible with too much equanimity.

    You don’t need a headscarf if you don’t have a head, see?

  11. Proud Infidel: Capitalism, soulless or soulful, has nothing to do with it.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Proud Infidel. Sadly, if Artfldgr‘s extensive and thorough reaming of these anti-capitalist maroons had such little effect, neither will yours.

    Bilgeman: You don’t need a headscarf if you don’t have a head, see?

    I can only suppose this rules out all Islamic offers of extended health care for us Infidel swine, no? After all, who of us will even be around to collect on it?

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