The British teacher who caused two schoolboys to be suspended for failing to pray to Allah has herself been suspended.

According to The Telegraph :

Teacher suspended for ‘punishing children who did not pray to Allah’

A teacher has been suspended amid claims she punished two children who refused to worship Allah during a Religious Education lesson.

Alison Phillips, head of RE at Cheshire’s respected Alsager High School, allegedly disciplined the Year 7 duo claiming they were disrespectful for refusing to kneel down and pray.

After giving the two boys detention the school was believed to have received several complaints from parents about the long-standing teacher.

Today, a school spokesman said she was suspended over the allegations — but also for “ongoing inquiries centred around other practical issues”.

Hmm… I wonder what activities are included in these “practical issues”.

At least one parent was angry enough to break the PC taboos and speak her mind:
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One parent, Karen Williams, said after hearing the claims: “I am absolutely furious my daughter was made to take part in it and I don’t find it acceptable.

“I haven’t got a problem with them teaching my child other religions and a small amount of information doesn’t do any harm.

“But not only did they have to pray, the teacher had gone into the class and made them watch a short film and then said ‘We are now going out to pray to Allah’.

“And then two boys got detention and all the other children missed their refreshments break because of the teacher.”

More details are available here.

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23 thoughts on “Blowback

  1. “..and all the other children missed their refreshments break because of the teacher.”

    God bless the Brits. There are times when they have their priorities in order.

  2. all the other children missed their refreshments break because of the teacher

    Thank goodness they weren’t old enough to be served beer otherwise there might’ve been a riot.

  3. OK, I know we are spending a disproportionate amount of time in making fun of the Brits. But this sentence at the end of the article is so funny:

    “The incident was believed to have taken place during a practical demonstration of how the prophet is worshipped.”

    First of all it’s 100% redundant. But even so it is formulated in that humble understatement sort of way: “was believed to”.

    Very funny!

  4. I think a lot of the shock and horror surrounding this case is a tad artificial to be honest. Did we somehow forget that our schools are packed full of female teachers, forty-and-fifty-something, lefty-leaning, still desperately clinging to all the kumbaya they grew up with? And if we knew that already, why the surprise that some of them will occasionally want to flaunt their oh-so-earnest multi-culti credentials to this extent? It’s very useful propaganda for us of course (BNP and tabloids had a field day, BBC studiously ignored it) but ultimately it doesn’t mean all that much. Silly teachers like this will not destroy our country and culture. Large numbers of Muslims will.

    Con Swede : zip it, we’re very fond of our redundant, humble, understated grammatical formulations I will have you know. That is, as long as you don’t mind, of course.

  5. I disagree with Piggy Infidel’s cavalier dismissal of leftist teachers as “silly” and innocuous.

    They and their ilk dominate the public education system as well as the media and are paving the way for the Muslim hordes who only have to show up. They are teaching general totalitarian group think, squelching all independent critical thought and specifically glorifying Islam while denigrating Christianity. Observe the anger when a rebellious student won’t go down on his knees.

    These bags in pilled sweaters are the Madame Dafarges of the new revolution who mistakenly (but then they are very stupid) think they will receive a promotion in the new order Utopia where they can excercise their control freakiness over much more than a classroom at a time.

    Without these enablers, Muslims would have found it much harder to colonise Britain and spread sharia. From an impressionable age, the natives have been taught that cultural suicide is preferable to being called a racist. In addition, male students have been systematically emasculated.

  6. Britain and its asinine, pederastic genuflection to all things Islamic has made itself the laughing-stock of the Western world. No one really expects the ‘Brits’ to have balls any more. They’re pathetically emasculated, eager to be assimilated by the colonizing Muslims. Even Spain under el Zapatero is less contemptible than the British.

  7. The only good thing to come from UK’s utter cultural surrender is that it has prepared me for the cultural surrender of the US and it serves as a series of benchmarks to watch for here.

    Never in a million freakin years would I have thought that we would fall into the UK policy of not calling Jihad, Jihad.. but there you have it.. we have.

  8. “I disagree with Piggy Infidel’s cavalier dismissal of leftist teachers as “silly” and innocuous.”
    I’m with Laine on this one. The teachers are the “little cat feet” the fog is rolling in on.

  9. Islamism is dangerous enough. However, if the criminal Left did not collaborate with its totalitarian aims, the situation would be vastly different. Having traitors in your midst makes it considerably more difficult to fight the enemy.

  10. Suspended! For what a couple of weeks! She will probably be sent for re-re-sensitivity training where they will whisper in her ear:

    In the voice of Peter Lorre

    Wait. Wait. You are too anxious my pet. The time will come soon enough.

  11. P.I.,

    Con Swede : zip it, we’re very fond of our redundant, humble, understated grammatical formulations I will have you know. That is, as long as you don’t mind, of course.

    So “zip it” is really not the proper way to put it then, how’d that be said in proper British?

    And I’m with Laine.

    And Vince – good point.

  12. Let me bring up fresh news from the most neglected parts of Eastern Europe because it’s delineating the official European stand in regard to authoritarian symbols.

    In Hungary the second generation Communist have the absolute power, that is, the sons and daughters of “Fingernail Jack” ( old Daddy would pull off the fingernails of the “enemies of the People” – the nick refers to that).

    These people are mostly Oxford educated rich capitalists who stole all the money during the privatization because Daddy was the Commie chief so they had access to the goodies.

    They made it in law that displaying Authoritarian symbols such as Red Star, Hammer and Sickle, Swastika are punishable offenses because those symbols denigrate the sufferings of millions of victims.

    The New-Stalinist Party appealed to the European Human Right Court and the verdict is just in:

    Hungary Wrong to Ban Communists` Red Star – Court
    The court said that the Hungarian law on totalitarian symbols was too simplistic as it did not recognize other meanings associated with it.
    It is clear that this star also still symbolizes the international workers’ movement, struggling for a fairer society, as well certain lawful political parties active in different Member States.

    However SWASTIKA and other NAZI symbol must remain banned.

  13. Con Swede : please get yourself a sense of humour – when someone tells you to “zip it” (= shut up) in response to your sneering remarks regarding the typically British humble, self-deprecating rhetorical style, and then adds “if that’s OK with you of course” then obviously it’s a joke.

    laine : thanks for your comments. I agree with everything you said, because none of it contradicts what I said. Dominating the public education system , paving the way for the Muslim hordes, without these enablers, Muslims would have found it much harder to colonise Britain. All agreed.

    My comments were about the mistaken tendency of the people (on our side) who want to attack easy targets as a way of avoiding the real issue we are facing, which is a rapidly rising and aggressive young Muslim population. What a great way of deluding yourself into thinking you are doing something tangible by screaming blue murder about things we are fully aware of already. Schools are full of lefty techers. We know. We knew. We allowed it to happen, It’s our fault it happened. We also know that lefty teachers have a general disdain for western society, and think we deserve to be taken down a peg or two, that we could learn so much from backward cultures and religions. We knew all this before this teacher did what she did. And then (shock horror) a lefty teacher goes ahead and does something lefty! Cue fake outrage.

    In the UK we see an exodus happening right now of British people who have had enough, and of course they are mostly right-of-centre politically, people who are generally on our side. It’s estimated at several hundred per day, maybe 500, and growing. At the same time Muslims (and fellow third world travellers) are arriving in similar huge numbers. It is population replacement, happening here and now. That’s a turnaround of 1000 people per day. That all happened the day before the teacher incident, and nothing has changed now, it’s the same today, and tomorrow, and so on. We are still being colonised. These immigrants, and more importantly their children, are the people who will be taking our country from us by weight of numbers. They are the ones who will form political parties, and vote as a block to put their own people in power. They will then have the backing of the democratic state, and with that comes the backing of the police and the military.

    In spite of all that, what does the British press say? That a line has been crossed, that this is s step too far. So this woman will be reprimanded, suspended, sacked even. Fine, whatever. It is irrelevent. That 1000-people-per-day swap will continue unabated, discussion avoided. Much easier to shriek at middle aged women. Makes us all feel so much better, and so much easier than tackling gangs of aggessive hooded Muslims on street corners. After all, they might fight back.

    Stephen Carter said ….. Britain = laughing-stock ….no balls …..pathetic …..contemptible

    Stephen, many thanks for lending us your support. We promise to give it a good wash before posting it back to you.

    (p.s. pederastic ??)

  14. P.I. , I think what you were search for , in response to Con. Swede was put a sock in it .
    This is not meant as a criticism of any contributor , you are all a good lot .

  15. Piggy,

    please get yourself a sense of humour

    Aren’t we being a tad bit oversensitive now? My remark was obviously humorous. The Doctor got it and suggested “put a sock on it” – that’s more like it!

    your sneering remarks

    My initial remark was not meant as a sneer. It’s something that makes me seriously concerned. The quote I provided was seriously deranged.

  16. Con Swede : sorry if I misunderstood your joke, it looked to me like you simply hadn’t understood what “zip it” meant. We are not really familiar with Swedish humour over here. Unless you include Europe’s “The Final Countdown” which is, of course, a comedy classic.

  17. Unless you include Europe’s “The Final Countdown” which is, of course, a comedy classic.

    I was convinced they were Germans. One can always find out new things on GoV.

  18. P.I.,

    Oh, I got it loud and clear, ha ha.


    We are all Germans, when it comes down to it 🙂

    Btw, Europe’s The Final Countdown: sounds like an essay by El Ingles.

  19. “But not only did they have to pray, the teacher had gone into the class and made them watch a short film and then said ‘We are now going out to pray to Allah’.”

    There have been a couple of similar situations in the US recently where the person brought in to teach about Islam was a Muslim who proselytized during the lesson and showed some sort of film. Somehow this RE (religious education?) teacher had all the necessary Islamic prayer paraphernalia ready to give to the students.

    Here’s a quote from the July 4 item in the Daily Mail

    “Not only was it forced upon them, my daughter was told off for not doing it right.
    They’d never done it before and they were supposed to do it in another language.”

    Evidently the teacher was able to lead them in prayer in Arabic. I have to wonder if the teacher, Ms. Phillips is a Muslim. Is this another step in the Islamic indoctrination of western students?

  20. Suspended? What about cultural sensitivity training by the Church of England? Paging the Royal Protector of the Faith – Her Royal Highness! Paging the head of the Church of England!


    Suspending this teacher is a small start, hardly far sighted. Parents of these students at Alsager High should be researching whether the RE programme was sanctioned by Cheshire County Council . It can be argued that the lesson & materials involved went beyond accepted curriculum based on the following:

    Point #25. Religious Education
    In community and voluntary controlled schools
    religious education is given in accordance with
    the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.
    Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education if they so wish and they may also withdraw their chidlren from the school
    in order to receive, elsewhere, religious
    education of a kind not provided in the school.
    The Council’s approval must be obtained in this
    latter case for such periods as are considered
    reasonable. In aided schools religious education is given in accordance with the school’s Trust Deed.


    Page 13 discusses specific requirements based on type of school funding and states:
    Must make RE syllabus available on request (paragraph 122)

    Point 16 Aims of RE
    Religious education in schools should seek: to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity, as the predominant religion in Great Britain, and the other principal religions represented in the the country; to encourage respect for those holding
    different beliefs; and to help promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development.

    Page 15 of 21


    31. The Education Reform Act 1988 requires that all new syllabuses, ie those adopted on or
    after 29 September 1988, must ‘reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain.’

    32. The law has always stated that agreed syllabuses must be non-denominational. Accordingly, they must not require teaching by
    means of any catechism or formulatory which distinctive of any particular relgious denomination.
    Teaching about a particular catechism or formulary, for example as part of a comparative study, is not prohibited. Syllabuses must not be designed to convert pupils, or to urge a particular religion or geligious belief on pupils.

    33. A syllabus which is to meet the statutory requirements must give sufficient particulars of what is to be taught for it to be clear that the teaching carried out in pursuance of that syllabus would be consistent with the requirement
    given in paragraph 31. It is not enough simply to be able to say that the teaching might be capable of meeting those requirements. It is in this respect that the syllabuses analysed by the NCC were found to have fallen short of what was required. Some syllabuses come with a detailed
    associated handbook or other guidance, which would not normally be considered a mandatroy part of the syllabus unless it had been agreed
    formally by the local conference to constitute part of the syllabus. A syllabus which does not on its own meet the legal requirements cannot be
    made to do so by the addition of a hnadbook which has not been agreed as part of that syllabus by the conference.

    34. The effect of the provision in the 1988 Act is that a syllabus must be based on both Christiantiy and the other principal religions represented in this country, and on their religious traditions, practices and teaching. The
    syllabus should indicate at what ages or stages the particular subject matter in relation to each
    religion should be taught. This does not however mean that all religions have to be taught in equal depth or that all of them have to be taught at each key stage. Indeed, it would not be educationally practicable to do wo, if they are to be studied with appropriate

    Having the students wear the garb, assume the posture and state the prayers in Arabic, particularly the shahada is indoctrination. This MUST NOT be accepted as programme material. These parents have an opportunity to step up to the plate and ensure they clear this up, not just at Alsager High but insist a thorough investigation involves all RE school programming throughout the UK.

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