Motoons for the Pakistanis

SIOE England has an idea for a response to the bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad: make more Motoons and deliver them to the Pakistanis:

Mo JihadSIOE urges all it supporters to either select an existing Motoon (not “Copyright” Kurt Westergaard’s though because he may sue) or better still draw one of your own.

Then send it to as many Pakistani embassies and consulates as you can afford stamps for.

Do this anonymously — obviously — and do not send any accompanying message. Just a Motoon.

Go over to the SIOE site for a list of Pakistani embassies, consulates, and media outlets.

SIOE is offering an incentive:

Send SIOE a copy of your Motoon and we will award a prize of a T-Shirt at 12.00 noon each Friday bearing a print of the one we consider the best for that week.

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5 thoughts on “Motoons for the Pakistanis

  1. I also recommend latex gloves for handling the paper and don’t lick the envelope! 🙂

    Humor will do ’em in! It is mightier than the sword.

  2. Love it! Looooovvvve it!!!

    I want the MME (Muslim Middle East) flooded with so many Motoons that all the overheated jihadi brain aneurysms sounds like a string of firecrackers going off.

    More cartoons! More economy crippling riots! More of Islam being exposed for the bunch of intolerant cretins that it is.

  3. This is a very stupid, silly response to the bombing. It shows how unserious Europeans and Americans are about the Islamic threat.

    When you have a hornet’s nest, you don’t keep poking it with a stick. You use bug spray to eradicate the hornets.

  4. We are deadly serious. There is not one exclusive response to Islamic intimidation, aggression and terrorism, there is a range of responses.
    So what is your bug spray exactly then saharians, I’d like some.

  5. No, I don’t think you are serious. Most Westerners, aside from brave men such as Fjordman and El Ingles, fail to understand fully what it will take to remove the Islamic threat from the West.

    Sending offensive, anonymous cartoons to Pakistani embassies is absurd. It serves no purpose. It resembles the anti-Christian Left who ridicule Christianity and blaspheme against God. What good will it do?

    In my opinion, activites should be directed at the anti-white power elites in Europe and Britain who are faciliating the conquest of the West by Islam and the Multi-Cult.

    We need a civil war. Let’s have an open, honest conflict.

    Bug spray? Stay tuned, we’re working on it. 😉

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