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DoctorsI brought Dymphna home from the hospital last night. She’s in excellent spirits, and will be back here posting before long.

But now it’s my turn: I think I may be suffering from another bout of Lyme disease. I’ve had it before, but this time there are actual symptoms. I waited until my wife was home from the hospital before making my own appointment, but now it’s stethoscope-and-tongue-depressor time for me.

In other words, posting may be light for a while. When I get back from the doctor, normal programming will resume.

Update: The doctor thinks it’s probably viral neuralgia rather than Lyme disease, but they’re going to do the (very expensive) blood tests anyway.

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  1. OT – EU “Post-Democracy”

    PDF here

    I’ve finally decided on how to describe the EU – Post-Modern Totalitarianism. I mean that with complete literalness.

    “‘voluntary empire’ – nation-building but not by
    coercion US style.”

    “iii) The essence of the EU and its post-Cold War raison d’étre is its function as a laboratory in post-democratic legitimacy – governance without government. Unlike representative politics of liberal democracy the EU privileges consensus over confrontation; management over political programmes and policy ends over political processes – this elitist assault on democracy and rejection of politics cannot be lauded domestically. [As Pilate said: “What is Truth?”]”

    “v) Where the essence of the EU – its post-democratic regulatory form – is most clearly projected is in Eastern Europe – through the enlargement process and in its role in nation-building in the protectorates of Bosnia and Kosovo.”

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