Standing up for Gregorius Nekschot

Not everyone in the Netherlands is fully dhimmified. Some members of the Dutch Parliament have shown that they’re willing to stand up for free expression and against censorship and intimidation.

According to NIS News Bulletin:

VVD, Wilders Set up Museum for ‘Forbidden Art’

Gregorius Nekschot cartoonThe conservatives (VVD) and Party for Freedom (PVV) are jointly initiating an exhibition space in the Lower House building where art can be exhibited that is ‘forbidden’ by politicians for fear of offending Muslims.

The VVD is making a space in the Lower House building available for the work. This is a room the party itself normally uses for small meetings and receptions. The PVV is supporting the ‘free-thinkers space’.

VVD leader Mark Rutte said he has had contact with cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot. The artist would be prepared to exhibit the eight cartoons in the room that are according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) criminal productions.

The OM had Nekschot arrested by 10 police in his home in Amsterdam two weeks ago on charges of discriminating against Muslims and people of darker skin-colour. This was based on a complaint by a radical Muslim that was made three years ago — in 2005.

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Rutte says the present cabinet, a combination of Christians and socialists, is killing freedom of speech in the Netherlands. The government allowed a painting to be removed from a town hall because two women showed their breasts in it, tried to ban Wilders’ anti-Islam film Fitna and is now encouraging the Amsterdam police to learn the Koran, according to Rutte.

Work of photographer Sooreh Hera is also welcome in the VVD’s room in the Lower House. She is not however taking up the invitation. “I consider it a good stunt by the VVD but I do not want to link myself with a political party that way,” said the artist in De Pers newspaper.

Hera made photos of two homosexual men wearing masks of the Prophet Mohammed and a nephew. Three museums applauded the work and wanted to exhibit it, but changed their minds, allegedly under threats by radical Muslims.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst has shrugged her shoulders on Lower House criticism of the ‘Koran subsidy’ for Amsterdam police officers. They are given a 50 percent discount if they buy writer Kader Abdollah’s translation of the holy book of Islam. The money comes from Ter Horst’s budget, she confirmed in the House.

The Socialist Party (SP) and small Christian parties ChristenUnie and SGP fear that the neutrality of the police is at risk. Ter Horst’s Labour (PvdA) also said via MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem that the Koran project is giving the wrong signal.

But the minister considered that nonsense. Nor is there any question of the principle of separation of church and state being violated, she said. Ter Horst described Abdollah’s book as “professional literature” for the police.

The VVD and PVV decided on the section for free thinkers after they asked their fellow MPs in vain to include such a room in the House of Democracy that the cabinet wants to set up. The two opposition parties received hardly any support for their joint motion.

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6 thoughts on “Standing up for Gregorius Nekschot

  1. That the dutch government feels that it should promote religion on the taxpayers expense, is bad enough.

    Ist even worse that this promotion only concerns one religion and that the religion of choice is Islam which, of all religions, is by far the most agressive and intolerant.

    But that is not the end to the lunacy. Remember that the government justifies this promotion with the argument that it is a good thing for the police to be better informed about Islam.
    So here comes the really crazy bit: This so called koran translation isnt a translation at all!!!

    It has left out or played down a lot of the agrresive and intolerant verses and it messed up the chronology which, as most of you well know, is quit important, for the koran itself states that if verses seem at odds with eachother, only the most recent verse is legitimate.

    So it basically is no more than a koran-lite. And its not even that. Its more like an artist impression of the koran by the “translator”.
    A piece of wishful thinking along the lines of “wouldnt it be nice if the koran was more like this”.
    Therefore it is not taken seriously by the muslims because they know better. In fact, this translation borders on if not indeed is, sheer blasfemie.

    But the really scary part is the way the political correct elite embraces this “translation” as genuine translation and use it as a reference for information about Islam.

    Desperate as they are for anything that resembles a more moderate islam, this “translation” that caters this western need, is just what the doctor ordered.

    All in all it seems more like a massive misinformation campagne in order to convince the population that here is nothing wrong with islam, by twisting and falsifying the facts.

    BTW: im not a native english speaker so do forgive any spelling mistakes or strange expressions.

  2. “Wilders Set up Museum for ‘Forbidden Art’”

    Ohh. I don’t even have to read the rest of the article. Well done Wilders. You have given Nekshots tasteless crap a place in art history alongside all the stuff denounced by Hitler.

    Heil der neu kunst!

  3. randian: That “translation” is really an exercise in whitewashing?

    One would think that Kader Abdollah’s literary mutilation of the Koran would have gotten him a death fatwa faster than the devil can get his shoes on.

    That there has not been one peep out of Dutch Muslims over this doctrinal travesty can only be taken to mean that Abdollah’s bit of fluff is the Siamese twin of taqiyya, kitman (a partial truth that intentionally omits revealing any negative information).

    A prime example of kitman is in how Muslims claim that “jihad is a spiritual quest”, thus leaving out all that scary stuff about putting our entire world to the sword.

  4. Zenster
    What would be REALY nice ,would be to find some minor mistake in the “translation” wich could be used to provoke a condemnation from a real or not-so-real faction aparently belonging among the most extreme fanatics. As soon as one of these had said a bad word about it, others factions might have to follow ,in order not to be “left behind ” in the game , thereby opening themselves up for attack by even more fanatic factions

  5. Works for me, ole. I like the way you think! Internecine bloodshed is one of the few things that Muslims display absolute mastery of.

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