Goodbye to Red Ken

First Italy, now Britain.

Or, more specifically, London: an electoral earthquake has hit the most multicultural city in Europe and dumped “Red Ken” Livingstone as mayor while driving hundreds of Labour Party members off the city council.

Early results are so overwhelming that Mr. Livingstone has conceded to Boris Johnson, the Tory candidate:

Boris is the Mayor

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London, his rivals conceded tonight.

The Tory MP scored a stunning election victory to end Ken Livingstone’s eight-year reign and round off a disastrous 24 hours for the Labour Party.

After a nailbiting count, Mr Johnson was so far ahead on first-preference votes he could not be caught by Mr Livingstone, even after second preferences were taken into account.

Labour officials conceded privately that the Conservative was too far ahead. At 5pm, Mr Livingstone’s campaign chief Tessa Jowell said: “The reports I’m getting suggest Boris Johnson is ahead.


The result in London came on a nightmare day for Gordon Brown, as Labour crashed to its worst town hall results in 40 years and lost more than 300 council seats.

This is a local election with national ramifications for the UK. According to the Times Online:
– – – – – – – –

Meanwhile, Labour backbenchers began to tear into the Prime Minister for being out of touch. One MP described it as Mr Brown’s “John Major moment”, a reference to the drubbing received by the former Tory premier in 1995, two years before he was ejected from Downing Street by Tony Blair.

The deposing of Red Ken is cause for celebration, no matter what. But don’t break into the second case of champagne just yet: Boris Johnson, like John McCain, is preferable only because of the man and the party he is running against.

Not long ago he suggested an amnesty for illegal immigrants, much to the consternation of anti-immigration and Counterjihad sympathizers in London. Check out this blog post, not for the post itself — which is supportive of Boris’ multicultural sympathies — but for the comments from disappointed conservatives who would otherwise have supported Mr. Johnson.

Here’s a typical comment, chosen at random:

Guido, You recently posted how many hits you had, I didn’t realise each one had landed squarely on your bleeding head. Amnesty my arse, come back and live in vibrant multi culti s**t hole that is London why dont you!

So Boris Johnson is no knight in shining armor, but at least he’s not Red Ken. And, for right now, he’s the best that London can hope for.

Hat tips: Aeneas and Gaia.

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    Sorry, couldn’t help myself…..hehehehehee hee….

  2. Red Ken’s depth of treason makes him fortunate not to have left office feet first. “Good riddance of bad rubbish”, does not even begin to cover the ousting of this Muslim-appeasing rutbag tosser.

  3. Boris may not be a knight in shining armor but he doen’t need to be to do a much better job than Red Ken.

  4. “Wasn’t he on TV wearing a red cat suit a couple years ago?”

    No, that was George Galloway.

    Good riddance to Livingstone. Now Boris will have to close down the embassy that Red Ken opened in Cuba – seriously.

  5. Baron – Dymphna:

    And all other contributers to this here site:

    I apologize wholeheartedly if my previous comment was a little terse, but over the last few months the “keyboard warriors” of certain other American based sites: (and I don’t need to name them) have been utterly vitriolic in their outright condemnation of every single last one of us “Brits”, to the point of hatred.

    And if they’re our compatriots in any future struggle ahead….


    It just doesn’t bear thinking about….

    For Months now, we in the U.K. have all been aware of a complete change in the British climate, regarding many of these “sainted” leftist subjects, and when the British press have attacked them with outright relish, over and over again, we’ve tried to explain that the British press are not like their American counterparts, that they have had ulterior motives for their actions and words.

    But to absolutely no avail.

    It was like reciting to a brick wall.

    We were all found guilty of being treacherous “dhimmi” cowards.

    If you find it strange that I should be saying such things, then please go to the those (obvious) sites and read the comments after articles written by the British press – some of the comments are down right ridiculous to say the least.

    Now it surprises me to say, that throughout the last few months the most supportive bloggers to our cause (along with the Aussies) have been European bloggers and sites –

    Hell even the French have come on-side. – and that is just shocking to me – I always thought that the Yanks and the Brits were essentially long lost cousins, but now I wonder.

    The ejection of Red Ken from our very consciousness (along with the hammering that New Labour have taken around both England and Wales) is just the first of many defeats that the left, Islam and their ultra loyal minions are about to taste in the very near future.

    Finally: Please let me stress neither I, nor any of my other Britsh blogging counterparts have anything but kind regards for the Gates of Vienna, or any of it’s readership.

    Thank you…

  6. “Good news from both Italy and Britain. Is this the start of a new trend?”

    Well Fjordman, I am a big fan of yours but I don’t think this victory of the right in Brittain is all that good. What happened in Switzerland and then in Italy yes, it can be seen as the start of a new trend. In Britain, I doubt it.

    “So Boris Johnson is no knight in shining armor, but at least he’s not Red Ken. And, for right now, he’s the best that London can hope for.”

    Yes, and what will happen? London will continue to be an English city for being in England with everytime less and less Englishmen and women there. That’s why I was supporting the Labour in London.

    What will this little boy do? Nothing, rigorously nothing. At least if the Labour continued in power in London, sometime in the near future the English people of London would wake up and elect someone that would do really something about multiculturalism.

    This new guy will seem to “relief the pain” and as so Londoners will be more confortable and when thwy are to be tiredof this new guy they will elect Labour again.

    I fear that this new guy stills to centrist. And I feel sorry for London.

    I am celebrating for Brittain, but not for London.

    Did the BNP or the UKIP won something? And the local nationalists in Scotland and Wales? Where can I find the raw data, preferibly in the form of a map?

  7. Re Afonso;

    The Scottish were not voting yesterday, As they now have their own parliament. Only the English and Welsh gave their damning verdict on Gordon Brown and his government.

    The Welsh voted pretty much in line with the English and against New Labour.

    Most voters switched directly from New Labour to the Tories, in effect squeezing the smaller parties of any large number of “protest votes”, but the B.N.P. did pick up a small number of council seats. U.K.I.P. are to all in tense and purposes on their way out – although they may well still be some loyal supporters that will disagree with me on that…

  8. Good news for England. Let’s hope we hear fewer stories of: “brit stabbed to death in broad daylight waiting for train” or “priest assaulted and nearly killed for wearing frock.” I was so utterly sick of the news coming out of England. But this won’t be enough. Every day the immigrants/births keep growing so it’s like rearranging chairs on the titanic.

  9. All of my mothers family lives in
    England with many of them still in
    the London area.
    This is great news to see they’ve ousted Livingston.
    He is and will be a sour note of history for all Brits.
    I’d love to see the London I remember
    as a girl, returned.

  10. Way to go!

    Maybe the tide in this war has turned a bit and the English have had enough of the multi-cultural nonsense!

    So is that mega-Mosque still going to be built? Can they stop that horror from ruining the city of London?

  11. For the West to survive every last vestige of Islam must be removed and sequestered in the hellholes currently controlled by Islam. This is merely a step in the right direction. But the journey is still a thousand miles.

    We must become energy independent. There is no alternative. Fortunately, that will not require military conquest of the Middle East but rather the will to develop the abundant resources of the free world including exploration and drilling for oil, developing more nuclear facilities and the use of our abundant coal supplies.

    Fjordman, an article on the supplies of oil in the world might be interesting and germane to our war efforts.

    Is Britain gone? Not quite yet, but they’ve a long way to go to salvage their nation. Were I a betting man I would not give them even odds.

  12. RE Findalis:

    Posted on Muslim site: MPACUK a matter of minutes ago:

    Hope this answers your question:

    Boris Johnson called Islam “the problem” and has now been elected Mayor of London. Islam is not the problem. Boris Johnson is not the problem. Our Muslim leaders ARE the problem.

    With nearly 1 million Muslim Londoners our leaders should have mobilised the Muslim vote to stop the rise to power of a Zionist Islamophobe. But they stood back and watched as Ken Livingstone, the most pro-Palestinian and pro-Muslim elected politician we’ve ever had, was hounded from power.

  13. Oh we’ve seen far darker days than this over the course of our history.

    I’ll give you an example of what’s telling tonight. My aunt. My dear, 92 year-old great aunt, labour voter her entire life, has abandoned them in this local election. You do not realise the sea-change that has occurred. Labour heartlands voting tory? It’s like seeing Massachusetts, or perhaps Berkeley City Council, turn a bright, vivid republican red. It’s like seeing the sun go backwards. It’s the first step on the road to reverse this whole mess. Obviously we have a long way to go but now that we’ve taken that first step we’re unstoppable.

  14. RE: Reversepsycology

    He wasn’t hounded from power by the Jews or Zionists, but by the average British citizen who just wants his nation back to the way it was.

    They couldn’t organize 1 million Muslims? Come off of it. They are very organized. But there are more non-Muslims than Muslims and they are not very organized. But they are good voters.

  15. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen in the UK that has happened in the US and Israel.

    The electorate finally gets sick of the Left-wing party.. they overwhelmingly vote in a Right-wing party, which made all kinds of committments about how they were going to lead with certain princples.

    And then when they finally take office.. they totally backtrack on the policy they campaigned with and implement the Left’s agenda for them.

  16. Hey Reverse –

    Bear with me, I’m a Yank trying to figure out your 5:33pm posting.

    First off, let us NOT mention LGF in any way, in any shape, in any form. We’ve all gone thru that wringer, they got their own thing over there, whatever, that’s done.

    With that in mind, what other sites (plural) are you referring to?

    And are you saying that the British press is now attacking leftist (i.e. Muslim) targets with relish? What does “we’ve tried to explain that the British press are not like their American counterparts, that they have had ulterior motives for their actions and words” mean?

    It sounds like Americans are attacking you for “going after those targets” or whatever, but then you say “We were all found guilty of being treacherous “dhimmi” cowards.”

    I’m not setting you up to attack you or anything. I am highly sympathetic to ‘Gates’ and it’s outlook, I’m just trying to figure out what you’re saying.

    Any help?

  17. I agree with Vince P. I have my doubts about Boris Johnson as well as David Cameron — I smell Sarkozy and Merkel here — in other words, fake conservatives who say one thing and do another. However, THIS is excellent news from Great Britain: lawsuit to stop the Lisbon Treaty will be heard:

    All should donate money to Stuart Wheeler’s legal defense fund. I don’t know if non-UK people can donate though, if it is against some kind of law. Maybe some of the Brits here would know.

  18. Enjoy democracy’s random turn of events while you can — because when they eventually out-number you, then you’ll always lose.

  19. I’d say this is worth a 2nd case of champagne, but probably not a third. Boris has said that “Islam is the problem…”, so he’s got that going for him too.

    Boris may be a buffoon, but at least he’s not a communist one.

    Bloody good news! Praise the Lord! Thank God!
    There is hope for Londonistan. What will Red Ken do next?


    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    elect a communist

    someone who will work full-time
    to destroy your country


  20. I am told that the Tory Party in general and Johnson in particular have both anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism as their foundations.

    I hope this is not the case, but it does not fill me with good cheer.

    Moreover, the real fight will be over allocating the budget for either welfare to Muslims and other minority groups, to prevent riots, or keep them minimal, or for lower taxes for the white working/middle classes.

    Hard times are going to stress what had been avoided up to now.

  21. @ Reversepsycology

    I don’t think anyone is calling you “lost.” It’s your political overlords who are lost, not the average bloke on the street.


    The links you provided gave about ten excellent reasons not to vote for Red Ken! Talk about negative campaigning backfiring!

    Just as McCain may not be a new Reagen and Boris may not be another Maggie Thatcher, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

    Congrats to the Londoners, and may this be the final nail in Nu Labour’s coffin!

  22. Afonso,

    UKIP won up to 3 council places and BNP 10, whilst defended 27 others in addtion.

    During the London elections UKIP vote unfortunately collapsed. BNP won one assembly member with 5,4% vote. They are alleging large scale scam: up to 40% of all ballot boxes was found with broken seals. Authorities are saying that it was from “natural” reasons and not because of vote tampering.

    Look at BBC for election coverage

  23. Fjordman:

    The election of Boris the Buffoon is not such good news as it may appear.

    The problem with UK politics is that the three main parties: Labour, Conservative and Liberal are all virtually the same. They all support the EU, they all endorse mass immigration and they all grub for votes from ethnic minorities by pandrering to their whims, especially for the Muslim vote, both Boris and Red Ken made this a focal point of their campaigns.

    They are all involved with identity politics – so long as it doesn’t involve the indiginous British.

    Also, they are all utterly corrupt. From fiddling expenses to playing the London property market with tax-payers money then selling the properties for personal gain without re-imburisng the tax-payer, each of these parties are treating the people who voted for them with contempt and mockery.

    However, there was some good news for the counter-jihad movement and indiginous Brits to celebrate.

    The British National Party have had a candidate, Richard Barnbrook, elected to the Greater London Assembly. A move heralded by the media as their most significant result ever. This after electoral fraud (ballot boxes with seals broken, reported to the Police), and a disgraceful smear campaign in the media and by Anti-fascists sponsored by the – you guessed it – other 3 parties.

    You have written about AFA in Sweden and yes, I’m sad to say, we have similar groups using the same tactics in Britain. Disgraceful.

    But, for the first time in their history, the BNP now hold 100 council seats and slowly but surely, the British people are waking up to the nightmare that has been forced upon them by unscrupulous and corrupt politicians.

    British politics is changing. But it will take a long time before we see in Britain the same events as have happened recently in Italy.

  24. Celebrations at this point would be premature,we have just swaped one unit of scum for another,the tories have not pledged us a referendum or any other say in our future,in fact thier “leader” went so far as to say that the English culture and way of life were a threat to “asian” values and that we should learn to be more like them,unfortunately ,few of us are as skilled at vote rigging,embezelment,murdering our children,bombing innocent citizens,and disgraceful acts of violence as the asians are,mostly because we are not that primitive,but this election may offer us a glimmer of hope ,not because of mr boris kemal,but because the English have at last approached a level of semi-wakefulness.

  25. I am told that the Tory Party in general and Johnson in particular have both anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism as their foundations.

    Depends what you mean by foundations. Anti-americanism has become a bit of a fashionable thing in political circles, but it’s always been more of a left-wing than a right-wing phenomenon. Remember, the tory party has always historically strengthened ties between the US and the UK.

    And anti-semitism? Well. Look up Benjamin Disraeli. 🙂

    The foundations of the conservative party are sound, it’s what’s been uilt on top of them that represents a problem. Right now they have a whole bunch of lefties in positions of power and Cameron the Cypher in the leadership role. The EU prevents the government – any government – from carrying out its duties to the people of the UK. As such it will appear that the tories are implementing the same legislative program as the labour party, but that’ll be largely because neither party had a choice in the matter. The difference, I reckon, is that the tories would be a lot less comfortable with some of the things they’ll have to implement – certain provisions of maastricht are still to be legislated, for example, not to mention the lisbon treaty – whereas Labour loved the whole thing and wanted more of it. That discomfort might be enough to kick the tories out of their rut and force them to start thinking about alternatives, but that can only happen if they[‘re in government and actively implementing these EU directives. Feeling the pain of it, you might say.

    I don’t think anyone here holds illusions about the conservatives but they are a damn sight better than labour. They can’t be worse.

  26. “driving hundreds of Labour Party members off the city council”

    No, Labour lost hundreds of seats nation-wide. The 32 London local councils did not hold elections. In elections for the 25 member London Assembley, Labour had a net loss of 1 seat, winning 8, Conservatives 11 (+2), Lib Dems 3 (-2), Greens held 2, and BNP gained 1, their first. Overall Labour actually did better in London than nationwide – their core vote turned out in London (unlike elsewhere) but was swamped by the anti-Ken vote.

    Boris Johnson like David Cameron is a ‘Liberal Conservative’ aristocrat, in US terms he’s moderately left-wing. It’s a big improvement on Livingstone, a revolutionary Marxist who was supported by George Galloway and the Muslim Brotherhood front organisations.

    Discounting the centrist Conservatives and the crypto-fascist BNP, the non-fascist right-of-centre-conservative vote actually went down in London, with One London (who seem to be UKIP linked) losing their seats on the assembly, although a Christian party did moderately well. Generally speaking, right-of-centre parties suffer from lack of grass roots base; conservative inclined voters vote Conservative, or if they get angry enough they vote BNP; much BNP vote also comes from former Labour voters. I think it’s fair to say that there is no significant traditionalist-conservative party in British politics, that it also true of the USA of course.

  27. The Conservatives are not, as a party, anti-Semitic, Conservative Friends of Israel is the largest grouping of Conservative MPs. There is an anti-Semitic strain in the party but my impression is that it’s much much weaker than in Labour; this is a change from past decades when many aristocratic Tories disliked Jews and many socialists admired Israel.

  28. This election is important as an indication of the British public’s mood but we shouldn’t expect Boris/Tories to actually do anything about the problems that concern them. Do I have it right?

    Please, Brits, keep us posted.

    And Reverse, I don’t follow you. Sorry for being the thickest of brick walls….

  29. Bottom line: British opinion has been so addled by multiculturalism that nothing CAN happen at this point. Britain has a long way to go before it will embrace the solutions necessary to solve this problem.

    Boris will make little or no difference and in fact no one will. Britain must first be shaken to its core. We are a long ways off. We can only hope that when the awakening comes it will not be too late.

  30. Discounting the centrist Conservatives and the crypto-fascist BNP, the non-fascist right-of-centre-conservative vote actually went down in London

    vol-in-law , are you aware of the fact that even you could be labeled (cryptofascist) the same way?

    Please, let us not spread the lies peddled by media. BNP could have crypto-fascist past but thats all. People are changing and so the political parties. And our societies are running out of time.

  31. Despite the problems identified here about the character and qualities of the Tories, I still view this as a very positive development, one that could, and should be built on.
    I have been reading about the grassroots efforts by young Tory activist going through the various communities of London, for some time. I would hope those efforts are a part of this victory, and that they will continue, and get more Brits actively engaged in politics. Politics is self-interest.
    In any event, any time a commie is turned out of political office, such as Ken, or the Italian Parliament, it is a good day for those who believe in democratic principles.
    I do hate the commies, so very much.

  32. Dru 222 – eatyoubeans:

    These here results have been on the cards for only a matter of 5/6 months in the U.K..

    No more than that.

    Before that time, anything reported, or written on the internet about the direction of left wing policies, and where they were taking this Country, were to all intent and purpose, factually true.

    To that point, we in the U.K. would agree and acknowledge anything, that anybody from around the world had to say on our “march” toward the absurd ridiculousness, of both Islam, and Politically correct doctrine.

    However, there’s always a point where ordinary people draw a line and say: “enough is enough”.

    This Country reached that point around the turn of the year, and from then till now a seizmik shift has been taking place, the length and breadth of this Country.

    In that time, and sensing the fundamental change, the British press have gone into overdrive, reporting on every negative situation that could bring this government, and their policies crashing down around their heads.

    As we bare witness today – round one has been highly successful.

    Now to all that do not reside upon these shores, and in this alloted time scale, life in Britain has seemed as if it were becoming progressively more leftist and dhimmified to all that surveyed.

    All British press stories were seized upon with glee, by anti-Islamic, anti-marxist websites, and roundly condemned as “gospel truth”.

    With a large percentage of these stories, there was neither substance or foundation, in fact, no other Countries press, would have bothered to give them “house room” – but when British bloggers tried to point this out at certain U.S. websites – with the line – “this is just propaganda against our government and their leftist/Islamic cohorts. Some, (on certain U.S. based websites) went after anything “British” with a rabid intent. – and a pack mentality, refuting our words, and believing everything that had been posted in their “favorite” domain.

    It is to those individuals, and on those specific websites, (that I will still not name) that my reaction of: “Told you so” was directed.

    Nobody else!!!.

  33. Americans and the like stating Britain is lost is really just to get the Brits to see that the rest of the world is losing hope for her, in the hope that the British will pull up their boot straps, step up, and take back their country.

    Brits should remember that America is in a battle of her own, for her own survival – a Hilldebeast or a Osama Obama elected to be President will be the death of her for sure, and at least half of America knows this to be true.

  34. lugdunum:
    “vol-in-law , are you aware of the fact that even you could be labeled (cryptofascist) the same way?”

    Sure 🙂 – but I call it as I see it, and I’ve looked at the BNP pretty closely. The BNP’s roots are definitely fascist and Nazi (originally two different ideologies); under Nick Griffin they have been moving away from overt fascism and towards traditionalism and ethnocentric nationalism as their ideology, at least publicly, and I’m happy to accept that many current BNP supporters, members, and even politicians are not fascist; from what I know of their new GLA member Richard Barnbrook my impression is that he does appear to be a fascist, though. The BNP only allow whites to join, their racial stance along with some of their socialist policies make it difficult for most conservative Brits to consider supporting them, except when forced to in despair.

  35. vol-in-law, yes they are ethnocentrist nationalists and that explains why they are utilizing that ethnocentrist Labour Party designed tool of allowing ethnic only institutions. But whilst the association of black policemen (whites are prohibited to join) is very welcome BNP is not.

    Black goood!!! White baaaad!!!

    Therefore I would like to ask you to join BNP ;).

  36. Defiant Lion said “The British National Party have had a candidate, Richard Barnbrook, elected to the Greater London Assembly. A move heralded by the media as their most significant result ever. This after electoral fraud (ballot boxes with seals broken, reported to the Police), and a disgraceful smear campaign in the media and by Anti-fascists sponsored by the – you guessed it – other 3 parties.”

    Yes, the so called Anti-facists acted as “brown shirts” for the establishment. What is (not) so curious however is the media coverage. Pre-election media coverage had endless stories of “scandal” about the BNP, however in their post-election coverage, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the BNP didn’t actually exist.

    Well done to the BNP for their very good results.

  37. @Vol-In-Law:

    You are sadly mistaken. There are many ethnic minorities in our party. Interestingly, Radio Africa have also offered the BNP’s legal advisor a weekly spot.

    What you are repeating is media lies and smears. If you want to find fascists, do no more than look at politicians who have started two illegal wars and who are in the process of handing over the sovereignty of their nations without the assent from their people whilst pocketing tax-payer’s money.

    Here is an excellent article from PJC Journal that presents a good picture of politics in the UK:

    EU Lisbon Treaty Means Dictatorship

    See what I meanabout who the fascists are?

  38. Charles Martel: Britain must first be shaken to its core.

    One would think the July 7th atrocity already should have done that. I dread to consider the kind of surpassing mayhem that will be required in its place. What sort of mass slaughter or great landmark’s demolition will it take? The bombing of a packed football stadium? Toppling the Clock Tower? That the British lion continues to slumber amidst this peril is simply incredible.

  39. Zenster:

    The reason why nothing much happened in Britain after the seventh of July bombings, is that in the public eyes, it was really no different to the I.R.A.s bombing campaigns, that had produced many similar outcomes of mass death and destruction in previous years.

    To Londoners, it was seen as, – same old devastation – different enemy.

    And as they had done many times in the past, they just cleaned up the mess, and got on with their lives.

    Sad – but true….

  40. That is a problem. As a nation we’re fairly immune to it, having suffered it since the 70s. Not even an attack on our government would prompt much of a response at the moment – especially now, in fact – though an attack on the royal family might.

    I don’t believe it needs something “big” to wake people up, though. They’re doing that already, in little knots and groups, as news about the behaviour of muslims leaks out. Most people still implicitly trust the BBC, who try and spin and gloss things and pretend that there isn’t a problem so, in the face of that, most people also believe that they must be in a tiny minority with their opinions. Even if everyone they know believes as they do, the television and the print media are generally telling them otherwise. But. It’s starting to filter out now, slowly, and some people are starting to mistrust the idea that the media have it right all the time.

    It won’t take anything big, or even anything small. One day you’ll just wake up to news of rioting and burning mosques across the entire country. It’s the least desirable outcome but what can you expect when the media keeps people in the dark for so long?

  41. (Archonix)

    And all of this now possible through the information highway that is the internet!!

    Have You seen the site “Biased BBC”?

    Or how about “Lone Voice”?

    Attacks on this New Labour machine, and all of their beloved components is now reaching fever pitch..

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