“You Cannot Say Anything These Days”

I was away over the weekend at Fausta’s bloggers’ bash in New Jersey. I’m still going through the three quintillion emails that arrived while I was gone. Be patient — I’ll be a while replying to everybody.

Meanwhile, look at this comment by a Swede on a post at Snaphanen, reproduced below verbatim (the original is in English).

This man’s mind has loosened itself enough from the grip of Sweden’s suffocating politically correct Multiculturalism for him to see through the official lies about the level of immigrant violence against “persons of Swedish background”. But notice that he still swallows the party line about Sverigedemokraterna being a “racist party with proven nazi-relations”.

There’s still a long way to go before most Swedes can even begin to think clearly about what’s going on in their country. But this is a start:

Hi there

Im writing from Sweden. Things are looking really bad here. Well they have been for years actually — I live just outside of Malmö. The incidents that is refered to are all with the involvment of young muslim males.

Here in the surburbs we have young muslim males cruising in their vehicles all the time. Burglaries have gone up explosively — my family and I have had 3 burglaries in under 9 months! There have been 3 recorded rapes in this little surburb of 5000 people, a lot of violence against young swedes and many more incidents. We are actually afraid to go out in the evening. That was not the case just 3-4-5 years ago. People feel unsafe and sometimes I talk to others about moving eventually, maybe Norway or some place else in Sweden.

1-2 months ago I was at the local office in Malmø and a foreigner drew a gun after an argument with a lady. He shortly threatned her with the gun pointing in her face and then ran away. I came just minutes too late and had the whole incident described to me by a shocked witness. For days I waited for the medias to write about it, but I have not seen anything yet. I cannot believe that it was not reported, but I am afraid that the journalists are taking it the next step. That is, simply not to write about the upcoming crime at all!

I think all the people of southern Sweden have a feeling of that something is totally wrong at the moment. So much crime, so much violence. It has become normal like a colleague said to me.

“We better get used to it, it is just a natural development in our modern society with the liberal values. We have to put faith in the politicians, they know about this!” Inside I get angry at this naive and hopeless position. Why does it have to be this way? Are things in Denmark and other parts of Sweden not normal? The experts say that crime is not rising, that it is the same as it has always been, people just record more. It makes me sick to see these experts week after week, month after month.

But since I am from Malmö I cannot remember having experienced things like these ever:

– – – – – – – –

In Malmö, I saw a man, 35-45, attacked by two young males a year ago and decided that I was going to testify, but the man who was attacked did not want to go to court. He lost some of his teeth and I helped him picking them up.

I have seen 3 car accidents the last 2-2½ years and I find this strange, but each time there were young muslim males involved in the car crash. One time the went totally nuts and were about to hit a younger lady who was in the other car and without fault with a bottle. And when the ambulance came they were about to fight them and one of them eventually got arrested when the police showed up.

Every now and then shouting and pushing in the streets when the muslims get into arguments with each other. It’s seems so agressive and swedes get threatned when they dare stop and look at the argument.

Last summer some colleagues of mine had rocks thrown after them by some minor youths (10-11-12-13 years old). One of my colleagues told them to “Beat it” and was hit by a rock in the back when he turned around. He had to go to the hospital and could not work for 3 weeks.

My nephew, 19 years old who lives with my brother and his wife in Malmö, has been attacked 3 times in a short period of time. Each time he was jumped by a gang of 5-10 muslim males — sometimes much younger than he is. There are witnesses, but they are too afraid to step forward and to talk to the police and meeting in court. The second time he was beaten up so severely that he had to go to the hospital for a week. The police arrested some of the attackers the second time, but since there were “no” witnesses they could not go further.

My nephews younger brother, 14, tells tales of frightened swedish teenagers who are terrorized by muslim males in school. Every day some one gets something stolen. They all know who did it, but the teachers shut their eyes and the police won’t do anything about it.

He can tell of calssmates getting robbed when they go shopping in Malmö. Some of the muslim males even bring weapons to school and flash them in the classroom to both impress and schock the other children. The school has been set on fire a few times.

I know that there are many good muslims out there and that it is only a minority of them who are causing all these problems. But you cannot say anything these days — immediately people get suspicious and ask if you vote for SverigeDemokraterne, which I believe is a racist party with proven nazi-relations.


Hat tip: LN.

25 thoughts on ““You Cannot Say Anything These Days”

  1. There are no “good muslims”just those that wait and those that use violence,either strategy has the same result,one just takes a little longer.If the europeans do not resist,the muslim plague will become more emboldened,and we shall witness even worse savagery as thier numbers increase,and all of your precious “ethics” will not be worth diddly,we must fight with every means at our disposal and support your comerades wether they are to your”political” liking or not,the time to be choosey is past,your childrens future depends upon it.

  2. Poor Fredrik. Even after having been witness to the physical violence he is still rendered impotent by the idea that he will be called a name.

  3. Every day I feel sad as I watch western civilization get ripped apart, and even here in the US if you speak about the problem of Muslim radicals you get treated as if you’re a racist. I just hope the west wakes up before it’s too late.

  4. It’s obvious that the politicians are in league with the dark forces. Ethnic Swedes have been targeted for ethnic cleansing. Genocide is too untidy. Leave it to the foreign “youth” to do the dirty work. One day the when the Swedish utopia is finally toppled it will become obvious too late. Your government hates white people and wants them to die. They are prejudiced against Western males and look forward to being gang raped by ethnic swarthy men. It is both a female and a homoerotic fantasy to be manhandled by an invading army. The strong will leave because that is the only option your hateful government will leave you. Fighting is not an option because you, whitey are the problem. Why don’t you just die?

    There are vast areas in the States where crime is not reported to the public. It is bad for business and it is easier to ignore. Los Angeless comes to mind.

  5. Time to lock your doors, Baron and Dymphna (or, since you are married, “door.”). The apocalypse is coming to the U.S.:


    In an unassuming office park in a quiet Chicago suburb, six lawyers are planning a revolution. The six are American women of the Muslim faith, and they have started what they believe is a first-of-its-kind law firm. They hope to change the way others think about their religion and culture, as well as the way law can be practiced. “The pictures you see in the media of Muslim wom­en are of very shrouded, very oppressed women,” says Janaan Hashim. “That is not us … not what our faith advocates. We have a great opportunity to overcome the odds in a very pluralistic, very accepting society.”

    “If clients have the option to do it in a Shariah-compliant manner, they want it,” say Maryam Khan. Shariah combines legal principles derived from the Quran, the teachings of Muhammad and interpretations of those teachings by Islamic jurisprudential scholars. It’s perhaps most recognizable as a factor in financial transactions because Islam prohibits charging interest, but the Amal women apply Shariah more often in family law situations, like drafting estate planning documents recognized under Islamic and Illinois law.

    Sharing a religious connection not only brings in this business but eases workplace pressures. Majdel Musa points out that they can maintain their cultural identity without worrying about drinking alcohol at social events or dressing a certain way. Indeed, four of the six wear traditional Muslim headscarves.

  6. Islamic scholars blame the shortcomings of Islamic utopia on Western civilization. Conveniently, the Western left blames falling short of a utopia on Western males. Muslim youth do not meld into society because their oppressors claim their jobs and persist in not embracing them. Both will work the problem from their own perspective until the Western male submits or is eliminated. This is a desirable outcome and serves those men right for centuries of oppression.

    Meanwhile, Wretchard has an excellent post on the power of tribalism.

  7. “I know that there are many good muslims out there and that it is only a minority of them who are causing all these problems.”

    I wonder how you “know” that? Could it be you’re listening to official media sources who are trying to hide reality?

  8. If the majority of muslims are great, how come majority muslim countries are such s*)#holes?

    Even if 9/10 of all muslims are saints, if 1/10 of them are so devilish as to create complete anarchy and lawlessness wherever they go, terrorizing, stealing, murdering, and raping–then guess what? Muslim neighbors/countrymen are STILL WORSE than run of the mill swedes! The entire ridiculous gimmick that ‘not all muslims are bad’ or ‘most muslims are good people’ can be logically shredded within seconds! “Are they, on average, more or less likely to be better than the current inhabitants? If less, why should we replace the native population with them?” Why then is this ridiculous phrase trotted out every time anything bad happens?? Who are the idiots who keep buying into this feel-good mush? This unprecedented invasion and genocide (the definition of UN genocide is any measure that attempts to drive you from your land or lower the birth rate of a certain group of people, in this case WHITES) of all Europe must be answered with an unprecedented response, from the very roots up. Only something of equal force can renew a rot this severe to the European psyche. The reason this poster was still stuck, as though a car wheel in the mud spinning and spinning but unable to move, is he is resisting Islam with insufficient mental force. It is not enough to know Islam is bad, you must also have the willpower to resist it. A willpower strong enough to do what it takes is going to have to endure a lot more than a charge of ‘racism.’ The fate of hundreds of millions of lives and the future of the whole world is at stake. Are you going to tell your children you could do nothing because people threatened to call you a bad name?

  9. Euroweiner sums it up. The men have been metaphorically castrated by their women, who manage to hate their men more than the invaders.

  10. “The police arrested some of the attackers the second time, but since there were “no” witnesses they could not go further.”

    Evidently, in Sweden, the testimony of a beating victim has no value. Or perhaps this is a Swedish dhimmi variation of Sharia law that requires four males witnesses to testify in a rape case.

  11. I just hope that Sweden and the rest of Europe wake up soon to the Muslim threat from within their borders. I hate to see the US have to rescue Europe a third time from facists.

  12. I’ve got to admit, that I do find this whole “There are no good muslims” thing to be a crock of ####. Unless you really want to get into semantics, you gotta face the facts that in some countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, etc) huge numbers of muslims are purely nominal muslims because that’s the way they’ve grown up and they’ve never really seen a reason to change. It’s the same way as we say there are so many Christians in the US, but how many are actually practicing besides going to church at Christmas and Easter.

    Even in those reports about protests in Indonesia, how many folks do you actually see at most of those. For a country of 200 million people, very few of them actually care about things like that – you’ll see a lot more protests about increases in the costs of public transportation or rice – that’s the kind of thing that gets all the college students out in the middle of the road burning tires.

    I’m not going out of my way to excuse anyone, but lets be realistic here. Environment has a lot to do with things – it’s also a lot easier in some cases to say you’re a muslim (since you gotta have some religion listed on your ID card) than anything else. Hell, in Malaysia, if you’re ethnically malay you’re required by law to be “muslim” – it doesn’t matter if you are or not. Just last year a convert lost a court case requesting to change her ID card – she’s Malay therefore she must be muslim – by default.

  13. @songdongnigh

    He doesn’t say weather the beating victim was willing to testify or not. There is a good chance he refused least he be killed.

    I’ve seen plenty of people who have been horribly beaten yet claim the fell; down the stairs, in the shower, etc…

    A beating that lands someone in the hospital for a week is bound to be as intimidating as hell.

    @Tuan Jim

    There may be plenty of “good” Moslems but if they stand idly by while the faithful define them then they are irrelevant.

  14. To The Swede

    The Leftists and Socialists, always in thrall of violent ideologies and ideologues, as they were of Hitler till he fell out with Stalin, and of Stalin and others since, respect only the violent. So it is not a surprise that they are in thrall of Muslims, and their respect (dhimmification), knows no bounds. They will continue till they are forced to stop.

    However, native rights and self defence trumps all. It is the duty of a man to protect his woman – it is a law of nature. It is the duty of the community of men to protect women, and the community in which they and the family lives. It is the duty of the community of men, i.e., the nation, to protect the nation from invaders. If you dont then you will go the way of the Panda, that is, kept in this world only by artificial methods for a museum piece.

    It is a tragedy that it has come to this, but the laws of nature, and human society since time immemorial, cannot be broken for too long, without something giving way.

    After all the acres of weblogs, philosophical debates about Christianity, Enlightenment, Liberalism etc in the context of the existential threat of Islam, it finally boils down to a very simple dictum, and valid through the ages – defend your territory, and drive out the invaders, or be driven out. Its the same message in all those great BBC nature programs.

  15. People quit reporting crimes when nothing is done about them; then people start taking the law into their own hands…..just a matter of time.

  16. Dan,

    For the sake of argument, I’ll use myself as an example. I sure don’t agree with some nut who blows up an abortion clinic or who blames gays in the military for 9/11 or anything else, but I’ll be frank – I don’t do much more about it than post anonymously on internet message boards or talk to my co-workers. I suppose I could go out and march in protest of such activities with a handful of other folks, but my “time” is more valuable than that. Given that most of the folks I used as an example are considerably worse off than me in every material way, I can’t say that I’m surprised not to hear anything. As for the loud-mouthed imams – I’m not sure you’d expect anything different from them in the same way I wouldn’t expect anything different from Falwell or Phelps. I’d just like to keep some of this in perspective – it’s not as though we’re dealing with people who have access to a free press either.

  17. Tuan,
    Indonesians and Malaysians are not flocking to Europe and the United States and demanding their rights. The fact that jihad is alive and well in Indonesia, a country where you are forced to me Muslim against your will, speaks for the insidiousness of Islam.


    Scroll down and see what a small minority does in the open. If you don’t like seeing the heads of Christians beings made fun of, skip it.

    It is so overwhelmingly obvious that both countries you site are a danger to themselves and all of those around them because of their preaching jihad. They have bad leadership, bad governance, and bad apples running amok, but I will be perfectly happy to leave them out of this fight as long as they stay the hell out of the West.


  18. One thing people need to do is to completely eradicate the power of the word “racism” from their minds. *Anything* that acts to defend our interests will eventually be branded “racist” by the media. If the backlash comes they will scream it more and more loudly to try and stem the tide. Need to mentally prepare yourself to ignore it completely.

    Don’t argue it — just ignore it.


    “Euroweiner sums it up. The men have been metaphorically castrated by their women, who manage to hate their men more than the invaders.”

    No one can metaphorically castrate you. You have to allow it to happen.

    Also, a Viking or somesuch from a previous century might say if the men allow invaders on their terriotory then it’s not surprising if the women lose respect.

    Deep down, people are all still stone age in their thinking.

    Television is mass hypnosis and television is dominated by left-liberals. That’s the root of all this imo. Without televison, no amount of cultural marxists and globalisers could have got us into this mess. Blaming women misses the real culprit, which is western men not defending their terriotory because we allowed ourselves to be brainwashed.

    I grew up in an area that was invaded decades ago. The old people in particular suffered a great deal. We didn’t defend them properly because of the “racist” word. It’s our fault not women’s.

  19. Muslims in Sweden, Mexicans in the USA, blacks in South Africa, etc., etc. I see a pattern here. Third world people abusing and replacing first world people, i.e. whites. The details are the same everywhere. In Northern California, for instance, the newspapers report the rapes, murders, thefts, drunk driving, but they don’t say who’s doing it. Online newspaper commenters say, he’s probably a Mexican, other commenters say, how do you know, you ignorant person, and what does it matter. It’s all the same. Let’s not think America is any different from Sweden, the only difference is the ethnic origin of the bullies. The way out is to tell the truth. I cross the street to avoid non-white youth. Am I a racist? Yes. When non-white people prey on white people, being a racist is being on the side of truth, not to mention survival.

  20. I don’t know why, but General George S. Patton’s comment comes to mind when reading this article. “No one ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for HIS country.”

  21. annoymouse,

    I’m very aware of what goes on/has been going on in different places in Indonesia – I spent the better part of my childhood off and on in South Sulawesi and I still have friends and relatives in that area. I’ve also spent a few years in Malaysia and the Philippines so I don’t believe I’m ignorant about some of those areas either. I’m the first person to bring up the issue of gov’t sponsored jihad in the Malukus and elsewhere as well (I know what’s been going on in C Sulawesi for the past 10 years) – given the army’s prediliction for aligning itself with radicals.

    Now I don’t recall saying anything about being forced to be Muslim against your will in Indonesia (although many people do have to deal with the local/family “effects” of converting). Malaysia is officially an islamic state and has sharia. Certain regions of Indonesia have adopted sharia or some form of it including Aceh, but it is by no means a national policy and the central government is well aware that adopting it nationwide will only cause civil war.

    While there are jihadists on the loose, quite a few have also been captured/punished and others are actively being sought. It’s not as though other countries haven’t had prison breaks or escapes either – look at Singapore, the Philippines or even the US Army in Afghanistan.

    But you’re right – I suppose because muslims in Indonesia aren’t actively immigrating to US/Europe and whatnot that they don’t matter at all. I wouldn’t have brought it up except that everyone seems so fond of these ridiculously blanket statements and when you’re talking about one of the largest countries in the world a little perspective is required.

  22. Sorry Tuan Jim, but the onus is on Muslims to clean up their own act, not for me to have to figure out if every individual Muslim I meet is a good guy or a bad guy or neck deep into taqiyya , duplicity, or mere secular criminal activity. The Koran says what it says. Either a ‘muslim’ believes it or he does not. If he believes it, he stands in opposition to Western values.If he does not believe it, then why does does he call himself a muslim? I read arguments like yours and what I see in them more than anything is a desire to avoid the ugly reality of the situation. I’m sorry, but I cannot help but believe that such apologetics from a Westerner are little more than a mask for a lack of courage to confront evil. It’s either that or a complete lack of moral clarity.

    You talk of Indonesia – that’s where three Christian schoolgirls were beheaded.

    Schoolgirls. Beheaded.

    It would be nice to say that it was a totally bizarre freak occurrence, but it is not. Islam must take responsibility for such actions. It has not. Perspective? We are talking absolutes. The failure to actively and unequivocally reject and denounce islamic barbarism puts one on the side of evil whether they like it or not. Islam breaks down into two components – violent Islam and its enablers. It seems to me that the ‘peaceful’ muslims should be the ones most upset by what is being done to their image. Thay are not innocent. That they are not engaged in reform makes them all guilty by association and accomplices to crimes against humanity. They are enablers.

    It is their religion. They own it. They identify with it. They must take responsibility for it.

    10,864 fatal terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11/2001. That’s 10,864 too many.

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