The New Version of “Fitna”

Geert Wilders has released a revised version of his movie Fitna, which no longer features Kurt Westergaard’s “turban bomb” cartoon. The video embedded below is the official LiveLeak version:

There is also a Google Video version.

If you know of new versions subtitled in other languages, please send me the links. We should all gradually replace our older versions with the revised video to help Mr. Wilders escape any further copyright problems.

A new Fitna download table is available below the jump, and includes a link to BT Junkie, which is an invaluable resource that links to all the bit torrent versions of Fitna.

A volunteer in Finland has created a Finnish video subtitle file (.srt format). If anyone wants to use it to make a Finnish-subtitled version of the new video, please email me ( and I’ll send you the file. I’ve updated the master list of Fitna translations with the revised Finnish version, which now has comprehensive time stamps.

Here’s the full table of Fitna download links:
– – – – – – – –

ID Language Venue Format Notes
36   AJM   dedicated server – very fast
62   BTJunkie   A bit torrent meta-index, many links.
2   Isohunt   links to torrent sites
7   Linkpin AVI Divx 5.0
5   Linkpin MPEG-4, Perian mp4+iPod
6   Linkpin WMV/A 9 Standart  
46   Viddler FLV easily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48   YouTube    
8 Czech Pravda o Islámu    
27 Danish The Pirate Bay torrent  
39 Dutch JewTube    
38 English Daily Motion   flagged as inappropriate – must register to see it
34 English Google Video    
32 English Google Video    
63 English Google Video   New version, with a different cartoon
24 English Gulli    
25 English Gulli    
40 English JewTube    
64 English LiveLeak   New version, with a different cartoon
43 English LiveLeak   unofficial
44 English LiveLeak   with content warning
14 English Rapid Share AVI  
16 English Rapid Share FLV  
12 English Rapid Share FLV  
11 English Rapid Share FLV  
9 English Rapid Share FLV  
10 English Rapid Share FLV  
21 English Rapid Share FLV  
17 English Rapid Share ZIP  
26 English The Pirate Bay torrent  
55 English Veoh    
47 English YouTube   requires registration
33 Farsi Google Video    
53 Farsi YouTube    
37 French Bivouac-ID    
4 French La Yihad en Eurabia   from Français de Souche
35 German Google Video    
22 German Rapid Share MKV  
45 German SimpleUpload MKV  
61 Greek Google Video   via Ελληνικεσ Γραμμεσ
59 Indonesian Rapid Share AVI  
58 Indonesian The Pirate Bay torrent  
60 Indonesian ZippyShare AVI  
42 Italian Lisistrata WMV  
41 Italian Lisistrata ZIP-WMV  
57 Italian YouTube    
56 Italian YouTube    
30 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
29 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
49 Polish ZippyShare    
50 Polish ZippyShare    
52 Romanian YouTube   Part 1
54 Romanian YouTube   Part 2
19 Russian Rapid Share AVI  
23 Russian RuTube    
28 Russian The Pirate Bay torrent  
3 Spanish La Yihad en Eurabia   from Anclaos
31 Tagalog The Pirate Bay torrent  
51 Tagalog ZippyShare    

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  1. The French subtitled version of the new version has been around for a few days on our website ->

    The avi file (dixV 5.2.1) of the French subtitled new version can also be downloaded from :

    If the links for download were to change, this page would be updated :

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