The Dutch Saladin

Below is a report from our Flemish correspondent VH about various news items related to Geert Wilders and his movie Fitna.

Salah Edin (who tastefully pictured himself as a twin of the Moroccan terrorist Bouyeri, the murderer of Van Gogh) is a Moroccan living in/from the Netherlands and is known for his anti-kaffir anti-Dutch raps. A very good reason for Wilders to choose the picture of this idiot instead. Two in one go.


He is named after Saladin, the Kurdish muslim warrior who conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders, but he became a mocro-rapper. So much for his mindful parents. This Edin caused a stir by appearing in a video clip in which he can be seen as the father of a mocro-family that lives off food-vouchers. He grows a beard, starts walking around in Guantanamo-orange tracksuits, and later with a bomb belt, when he’s arrested by the police. This clip is popular amongst Moroccans in the Netherlands and subsidized by … hold your breath … the Balkenende Government! Wilders didn’t pick this fellow to star in his film for nothing!

Edin’s rap/clip, “The Land of Ever” (which title he stole from another singer in the Netherlands) was produced by a company (CCCP — what’s in a name?) and subsidized by the TAX-clip-fund from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The NMO, the Muslim Broadcasting Organization (funded by… the Balkenende Government), which recently kicked out its “moderates”, is close to becoming a Brotherhood mouthpiece, and therefore also starred in Fitna. They picked up the Westergaard-copyright claim as an excellent tool to hit back at the kaffir, and now demand that their part be removed within 24 hours.

Underneath this video (on Closer), there is a video of Edin’s pal Appa, the Moroccan rapper who once stated, “If I ever meet Wilders, he’s mine… if someone were to put a bullet in his head, I wouldn’t mind”.

Neither Balkenende, nor the socialists, nor the Queen opposed this threat. Wilders’ feelings as well as the ordinary Dutch citizens’ feelings are seemingly irrelevant to them.
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They also don’t care about the extremely high crime rate amongst Moroccan youth (12-18 years old) that is five times higher than average, and which Edin’s subsidized video won’t help bring that down even one percentage point.

But Edin is in good company: the Dutch extreme left and the leftist “artists” scene protests when a foreign country censors its writers, but supports the censorship of Dutch politicians, and if it is deemed “necessary” even bombs *, burns, or kills them.

Geert MemorialOne such liberal, Jonas Staal, had to appear in court last year for creating Wilders “memorial” sites that could be understood as a death threat. In sixteen locations in Rotterdam he arranged pictures of Wilders accompanied by teddy bears, candles, flowers… the works. The artist even sent out invitations for the court case, as a part of his “art-piece”. The judge didn’t consider it a threat, though, and the case was dismissed.

The Dutch are soaked in leftist propaganda; there is almost no center or center-right MSM anymore. No wonder it will take a while to help them open their eyes. Those who did manage to open them saw Fortuyn being killed and turned their back on politics again, disillusioned. That is why Wilders’ film is brilliant: as Fjordman also comments, it is not aimed at those that already know all, but those who feel something is wrong and have to be mobilized to help make a change.

And a change is needed soon.

— VH

* 1984-1993 Bomb attacks by the Dutch terrorist organization RaRa (Radical Anti-Racist Action):

1984:   Van Heutzsch monument (Van Heutzsch was the Dutch commander during the Aceh War).
1985-1987:   Several bomb attacks on the Makro, which also had a branch in South Africa.
1986:   The burning and blocking of exits of a hotel where the anti-immigrant party Center-Democrats had a meeting, which left one person crippled for life.
1991:   The house of State Secretary of Justice Aad Kosto (then Immigration Minister) was blown up.
1993:   Bomb attack on the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

One of the former terrorist-members of RaRa, Wijnand Duyvendak, is now a member of the Dutch Parliament for the Green Left Party (Groen Links). The same party whose former leader Paul Rosenmöller was a dedicated Pol Pot supporter (and never apologized for it) and is now a respected acquaintance of Princess Maxima, the wife of Crown Prince Willem Alexander.

8 thoughts on “The Dutch Saladin

  1. There is obviously something rotten in the Netherlands, and the putrid decay starts at the very top…

    no wonder its people are fleeing.

    This is sad for those who cannot leave.

  2. They are Manchurian Candidates of liberalism. Truly remarkable.

    They are prepared to defend with the most extreme and illiberal violence the nostrum of moderate Islam and moderate Muslims who are unfairly slandered by the ‘New Nazis‘. Incidently, this also makes them fanatical defenders of the Iraq War, though they don’t know this.

    Also, consider the sheer negativity of the reporting in the Western media of the Maliki surge in Basra. It’s as though they are rooting for Al-Sadr and his militia. This is how liberals behave. They defend liberalisms essential tenets (moderate Islam) whilst hoping for its destruction and failure in Iraq.

    What can I say? Liberalism, by teaching that people are products of society, destroys the soul and turns people into vicious ravening destroyers.

  3. Interesting Dymphna mentions the Dutch fleeing and homphobic horse the ‘vicious ravening destroyers’: here it somewhat comes together:

    Yesterday it became known that the succesful Dutch entrepreneur, venture capitalist and former executive of Compaq and Philips, Roel Pieper, announced his emigration. In 2003 a trespasser appeared on his land, was arrested and quicly released by the police (Because the sign “Forbidden Entry” on Piepers’ land didn’t mention “Art. 461” of the law). Later in 2003 the same guy, a leftist veganist terrorist, appeared again and stabbed his wife screaming: “You and your fucking money”. His wife luckily survived and the veganist this time was arrested ánd convicted.

    Pieper found out this animal-lover and would be murderer had been on unsupervised leave form November last year only after he received a letter about this in March. “I am sick of the clumsyness of the police and judiciary. […] After receiving the letter on March 14, whe left the country on March 30. Family security goes above everything. […] The letter is an idiot piece of writing. We decided quite fast to go, au revoir.” And he advised: “Entrepreneurship, freedom and security; don’t let that slip in the Netherlands.”

    Pieper joined the stream of refugees (almost 50.000 per year) that say Bye Bye to the Netherlands. But indeed, sad for those that really want to leave but are not able to do so yet.

  4. leftist veganist terrorist – eerily similar to Pym Fortuyn’s murder.

    Bert – Do you know what country Pieper emigrated to? I imagine that information – in a sane world – would not be revealed due the circumstances.

  5. “Entrepreneur and IT guru Roel Pieper has moved his family to France”, says Dutch News.

    Oooooooh! I’m sort of flattered he chose my country, but between you and me, this seems a bit like jumping out of boiling water and into the frying pan.

  6. Why is Salah Edin still stealing oxygen from far more deserving life forms like cockroaces, ticks and lice? Aren’t open threats to society like this vicious, belligerent thug supposed to experience odd and unfortunately fatal “accidents”?

    European governments are quickly abdicating all claim to leadership and rule. By turning laws against the rightful citizens of their countries, they void any validity those laws might once have had. The Winter case in Austria is a pluperfect example of this.

    Edin’s pal Appa, the Moroccan rapper who once stated, “If I ever meet Wilders, he’s mine… if someone were to put a bullet in his head, I wouldn’t mind”.

    Wilders is entirely within his rights to take out a contract on Youssef Appa. It is also becoming apparent that targeted killings overseas may need to include these Islamic gangsta rappers due to how they spread violent Muslim doctrine with an efficiency which meets or exceeds that of high-ranking clerics.

    Aside from Islam itself, few other mass marketed entities spread so much misery and corrupt or morally bankrupt concepts as rap music. There is no way to overstate how thoroughly gangsta rap embodies so much of what is fatally wrong with today’s world.

  7. Memories of the Willow Tree: Why is it whenever a non muslim (pbuh) sees a Muslim (pbuh), they instantly think of terrorism.

    My guess is that it’s because over 10,000 acts of Islamic terrorism have occured since the 9-11 atrocity. Perhaps you have a better explanation?

    This is wrong and racist.

    No, your defense of an intolerant and xenophobic political ideology is both morally bankrupt in addition to ignoring the massive crime against humanity that is shari’a law.

    I invite you to refute the foregoing. It would be most interesting to witness the elaborate mental gymnastics needed in order for you to argue that Islam is not one of the most evil entities on earth.

    Go ahead. Make my day.

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