An Appeal to the Dutch Government

The following petition was sent to us by a reader in the UK and Lugundum in Czechoslovakia. Our UK reader found it in the comments at Jihad Watch.

I strongly urge everyone to sign up.

For those of you with blogs, please consider posting this so they can gather as many signatures as possible.

By the way, in keeping with what appears to be their national character, this project has been initiated by a Dane…or at least someone who has assumed a Danish identity.

I sure hope the Dutch government comes to its senses. I’m going to miss Gouda cheese.

To: The Dutch Government

WHEREAS Geert Wilders has exercised his fundamental human right of freedom of expression and spoken out, with facts and evidence, of the threat posed by radical Islam;

WHEREAS certain elements within Islamic communities have threatened a boycott of Dutch goods if Geert Wilders is not punished by the Dutch government for exercising his freedom of expression; and

WHEREAS certain elements in Dutch industry and the Dutch government are suggesting that Geert Wilders be prosecuted civilly or criminally, in order to prevent such a boycott;

IT IS RESOLVED that, in the event that the Dutch government attempts, in any way, to punish or prosecute Geert Wilders, civilly or criminally, for exercising his freedom of expression, the undersigned will initiate a boycott of any and all Dutch goods.


Hat Tip: Jihad Watch comments and Lugundum

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6 thoughts on “An Appeal to the Dutch Government

  1. I’ve signed the petition and posted a link to this post on my blog. Hopefully, I have a few regular readers.

  2. When I was growing up in California a friend’s mother told of the day she looked up and saw the sky black with German paratroopers over Rotterdam. She was a school girl at the time.

    How many years of war were there, and how many Dutch payed the price of freedom with their blood before the Germans were tossed back out of Holland???

    And now, the Dutch leadership class , children and grandchildren of those who survived those terrible years, throw it all away when loud, menacing Muslim thugs raise their voices and shake their fists.

    The current Dutch leadership is a mob of sniveling cowards. If the Dutch leadership can’t stand up straight when the times demand it, I say, let the little boy pull his finger from the dyke. Is Geert Wilders the only one with any courage?

    We are waiting to see.

    My friend’s mother in California, were she still living today, would grieve to see Dutch leaders cower before murderous and arrogant Muslim barbarians.

    I’m a real fan of Dutch licorice, world famous licorice known around the globe. I hate to boycott Dutch licorice: you Dutch leaders, where are the heroes amoung you???

  3. Signed with comment. I hope hundreds of copies of the petition find their way to every branch of the Dutch Government.

  4. “Ragnar Danneskjold” Hmmm, Ragnar Dane Shield.

    Well, at least someone remembers his Viking heritage. 🙂

    Signed it this morning!

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