Updated List of “Fitna” Download Sites

Russian and Polish versions have been added. Thanks, Peter.

I also removed a few bad links. Y’all should have told me about those!

AJM (dedicated server — very fast)
avi (Divx 5.0)
Bivouac-ID (French subtitles)
Czech Infidel (Czech subtitles)
Daily Motion (flagged as inappropriate — must register to see it)
Farsi — Google Video
French from Anclaos
Google video
Isohunt (links to torrent sites)
LiveLeak (unofficial)
mp4+iPod (MPEG-4, Perian)
PI — Dutch
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — English
PI — German
PI — German
PI — Google (German)
PI — Viddler
Rapid Share (flv format)
Rapid Share (Russian subtitles — Premium)
Rapid Share (Russian subtitles)
Rapid Share (wmv format)
Spanish from Français de Souche.
The Pirate Bay (bit torrent)
The Pirate Bay (Danish subtitles)
The Pirate Bay (Polish)
The Pirate Bay (Polish)
The Pirate Bay (Russian)
wmv (WMV/A 9 Standart)
YouTube (requires registration)
ZippyShare (Polish)
ZippyShare (Polish)

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12 thoughts on “Updated List of “Fitna” Download Sites

  1. This is a great time to promote GoV:

    Where can I download Fitna?

    GoV keeps track here: [address of the latest post]

    I’ve posted that to several blogs & mailing lists.

    BTW, is there a hi-res version somewhere? So far I’ve seen only the 320 x 240 version.

  2. yes, I would like a hi-res version. This film should be given away on dvd or shown to unenlightened groups. I would do it! I had it on my viddler account and it was linked to from numerous international sites. It was pulled this morning but I have it again on a different viddler account go to CommonSense for the link. You easily download there too PROVIDING you are a member.

  3. I suggest interested members of the resistance (i) download WMF/MP4/AVIs of Fitna, Obsession, and/or the UK Channel 4 Undercover Mosque programme from available sites, (ii) install Limewire peer-to-peer networking software and copy the downloaded films to the \Limewire\Shared directory.

    The more people that do this, the faster and easier it will be for us to ensure these are available.

  4. We have four kids, although I think my wife may practice medicine without a license on me in my sleep if we get pregnant again…

  5. Can anyone tell me which one of these links is DVDish quality and doesn’t have the LiveLeak logo in the upper right hand corner? I haven’t found one yet.

    If anyone can help me get it I’ll gladly host a HQ version on one of my websites. I have unlimited bandwith and unlimited space.

    Please help me find a good version of this film.

    -Jacob Roecker
    jacob (at) roeckerfam (dot) com

  6. Fun fact, this page has been blocked by the UAE web filtering system. The full list of blocked URLs can be seen here.

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