Insult to the Crown Prince Outrages the Danish Street

Other headlines from this morning’s newspapers:

Australian Embassy in Copenhagen Torched

Vikings Boycott Foster’s

Danish Mobs Scream “Death to Aussie Wankers!”

The news story:

Bald ArchyCopenhagen (UPI) — Angry mobs of Danes converged on the Australian embassy in Copenhagen this morning and set the building on fire. As the Australian ambassador fled under heavy police escort, his limousine was pelted with Carlsberg bottles and empty licorice packets.

The crowd chanted “Death to Australia! Death to Australia!” as it broke down the embassy gates.

The violence was triggered by the awarding of a prize to an Australian artist for his painting of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in their underwear.

“We Vikings cannot tolerate any insult to the Royal Family,” one demonstrator told a reporter.

“Our Grundlov states that anyone who disrespects the Crown Prince must die, preferably very slowly and painfully,” he added, as he held an Australian flag over a candle and set it alight.

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OK, I admit it: I made the above news story up. But the real story is pretty good.
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The painting was done by an ordinary Australian bloke. The artist was awarded the Bald Archy prize, and gained $5,000 for his efforts.

He depicted the royal couple in an outrageously vulgar manner that is characteristic of Aussies and Danes alike. Are those two countries soul mates, or what?

The artist said, “I think Mary being Australian, she might have a bit of an ocker sense of humour, she might appreciate it.”

For myself, I’d appreciate an explanation of what “ocker” means.

And the best part? The contest was judged by a cockatoo named Maude.

Go read the story yourself at ABC or The Sydney Morning Herald.

Hat tip: JN.

5 thoughts on “Insult to the Crown Prince Outrages the Danish Street

  1. according to goaustralia:


    “Distinctively Australian; also: archetypal uncultivated Australian workingman; boorish, uncouth. “

    I think it refers to the dominant reddish color of their desert rocks

  2. Makes me wonder what would’ve happened if it was English royalty portrayed in that painting. Now I need to get some images out of my head.

  3. his limousine was pelted with Carlsberg bottles and empty licorice packets.

    Salted licorice, beer, more salted licorice, more beer then a good riot. It’s a vicious cycle, I tells ya!

  4. I hope the vikings don’t boycott Fosters, otherwise we’d have to start dumping it in the ocean. I can assure that no Australian beer-lover would touch Fosters with a ten-foot barge-poll.

    On the other hand, a full can of Fosters would probably make an excellent (with added Haram!) anti-jihadist projectile

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