Gathering of Eagles Denounces the Winter Soldier Conference

I’ve written previously about Gathering of Eagles, the organization that has dedicated itself to guarding America’s war memorials against desecration by anti-war activists and countering the smears against our military by traitors on the Left.

A year ago I attended the Gathering of Eagles rally at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C., and later posted ProFlandria’s report on the follow-up event in September.

The anti-war movement is attempting to recreate their anti-Vietnam glory days by organizing “Winter Soldier Iraq/Afghanistan” this week.

Gathering of Eagles will be counter-protesting the event in Silver Spring, MD. Their mission is to protect the good name of our military.

For more information, go to the Gathering of Eagles site.

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6 thoughts on “Gathering of Eagles Denounces the Winter Soldier Conference

  1. It shames me and brings tears to my eyes seeing these “Americans” about to smear the good name of the military. There were isolated incidents of bad conduct, yes. That is across the whole military and the world. There are wars that are “not right”. There are wars that are “just”. Yes, we protect the rights of the people to say and claim these things. They shouldn’t smear the name of the soldiers though. Wars are fought over petty stuff to noble causes. We just do the fighting. Don’t make our names and those that made the ultimate sacrifice, die in vain. I hope that these “veterans” can get thier head out of thier fourth point of contact. I am a stalwart believer in the soldiers duties. I have seen some $hit and not liked the hairy situations I have been in. I am a staunch believer in the fact that you should be loyal to your country first and foremost. That doesn’t mean to be fooled and go along with bad politics. That last comment was toward you commenters that might talk about my government/it’s curren adminstration. If you believe in your country, that means you can flush out the worthless bodies in government. Now, getting back on track. I wish I can go and protest against the VVAFW and those sorts that are to my eyes non-American, but hey I am a soldier and I defend the right for them to protest in a seriously ignorant cause. I hope that they will find themselves through this time of crisis. They disguise themselves in sheeps clothing by saying they are fighting for Veterans rights. They are only fighting for their own because they feel as if they were cheated out of good health benefits. I assure you, that the military has the best health benifits all around. There was a big overhaul on the VA so they are good to go now. I hope that they can see the truth. WARS ARE UGLY. Like Plato said, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

  2. The American military is the best trained and best disciplined in the world and the only one that can be described as decent under the most hellish conditions.

    The leftist fifth column smears the 99.99% of soldiers who serve honorably with the misdeeds of the 0.01% who are tried and punished for them.

    The American Left has in fact invented a new kind of treason and aid to the enemy. It used to be that soldiers captured by America’s enemies were tortured into recorded (false) admissions of atrocities that were meant to demoralize their fellow soldiers still fighting and citizens at home. Now veteran soldiers with leftist political beliefs are voluntarily denouncing their fellow soldiers who are still in combat, trying to demoralize them and as a result, heartening the enemy.

    I’m no military historian, but I believe such behavior has never been known before in any military in time of active hostilities.

    The Iraq Vets against war and the Vietnam winter soldiers are covering themselves in shame by doing something never done before by any other soldier for the simple reason that it is DISHONORABLE and treasonous. They belong to the 0.01%.

  3. Forgot Canada, also well trained and decent. Britain’s military competence is questionable after the fiasco with Iran seizing their naval crew who acted like a combination of the Keystone cops and deer in headlights.

  4. My oldest son is a USNA grad, currently in flight school at NAS Pensacola. I asked him once how he can put up with all this s**t. He told me he swore an oath to protect those to say any stupid thing they want…
    If our society as a whole could only be half as civil as the military men and women fighting to protect us, things would be quite a bit different.
    Having a son at USNA, I was tasked by the local parent’s club to be the pen pal of Lt. Ron Winchester USMC, USNA class of 02′. I took the job gladly and every Saturday morning would sit down and write him a letter. Many times I would make up a box of goodies, always on the look out in stores for deals on bulk gum, candy, snack foods, etc. for him to share with his men or hand out to the Iraqi children. I would need to get this task done by 11:30 in order to get my letter or box up to the post office in time. EVERY Saturday on the way to the post office I would have to drive by the anti-war picketers at our major intersection. This didn’t bother me too much until the day I got the news that Lt. Winchester had his body blown apart by an IED. He was the first USNA grad to die in Iraq. For many months after his death I had terrible feelings of violence when seeing the picketers on a Saturday morning. I actually had thoughts of plowing my car into them…
    They have pulled every stunt in the book; the orange jumpsuit “Abu Gharib/torture” thing being one. (Do they hold pot luck dinners and brain storm on this stuff? Anyone know where we can score some orange jumpsuits?) But, when they went to the fake flag drapped coffin show, a man stopped his car and attacked them with a snow shovel! He was arrested and it made a big splash in the local paper with the anti-wars wondering why anyone would be so violent as their cause is good and true…
    About 6 months after Lt. Winchester’s death, my husband and I drove by the intersection and a large poster board was up with the pictures of the fallen from our area under the caption “They Died in Vain.” I wanted my husband to stop the car. I wanted to see if they had the nerve to use Lt. Winchester’s image in their sick game. I wanted to beat someone up. My husband refused to stop the car and told me to turn my head away…
    As I am sure you can tell, this situation bothers me to this day and, so many times I have to fight back tears. Because, you see, it could be my own son too. He might fall defending the right of these people to undermine our country and our military.
    I went to Lt. Winchester’s wake and funeral. I watched grown men cry. If you want to ponder a flag draped coffin, go to a military funeral. I guarantee you will never be the same.
    After the falling of Lt Winchester I decided that sending gum and candy to one man in the war zone wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Since then I have been a proud supporter of Operation Gratitude, Since 2004 our organization has sent over 300,000 packages to men and women serving our country.
    So, grab your Starbucks and stand out at the corner in your costumes. I am doing something to make life just a little bit better for the men and women that allow you the right to be a traitor and a fool.

  5. And thank you soldier from a grateful nation…
    Send your name and mailing address through this website of anyone you know is deployed outside the U.S. and Operation Gratitude will send you a package of cheer (generally a $150 value) during our “Patriotic Drive” this summer.

    Apologies to the Baron and company but I am sure you would be willing to send the addresses on…

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